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  • somanynames 22w

    I Write Entirely For You

    Half drink coffee placed on the table,
    The sun almost setting and the sky dusk making its move.
    John with his scribble words of poetries
    Jenny asked, "Why so much parodoxical writings?"
    Silence intervened for a minute
    John replied, "I write entirely for you."
    Silence continued.


  • somanynames 48w

    The After You

    I watch the sun as I sit at the edge of the road,
    My heart aches, birds chirping
    Dew drops from last night still hangs on the bamboo fence as if not wanting to fall
    I think, I am not alone.
    My mind still takes me places, I least wish to visit
    My heart beat fast but my feet can't seem to take the fall
    The After you.

    Societal knots and family struggle
    Watch us cry, watch us bleed
    It's beautiful
    It's beautiful, for we have seen the nakedness of depression and anxiety
    It's beautiful, for we still smile and laugh hard
    It's beautiful, for we cry together and still strong
    It's beautiful, for we think there is still hope.
    The After You.

    Medications and prayers and support, I live for
    But a constant battle with myself
    Longing for love, the love so strong
    Emotional attachment, Ah!My knees gets weak.
    The After You
    The After You.


  • somanynames 48w

    The Naked Girl

    Don't be an ugly crier,
    You don't want to feel like an apple waiting to get rotten in a brown paper bag.
    So, I clothed with gleams and blings,
    Walked the street of fanciful quixotic
    illusionary town.
    But filled with zero transparency, this town was a camp for the unrest soul.
    Their half shut eyes that hold tears were blankets of dreams and untold stories.
    I found my people, who found solace amidst their chaos.

    Laughing Jackal, they do not play the game.
    Like your untamed eyes, waiting to get a taste of euphoric feeling beneath my skin, they do not run out of breath
    And give compliments.
    Yes, they may run their cups dry but their cups still holds the sweetness, I want.
    With our last cigarette, collage memories stored in the cortex of my brain turns into a motion picture.
    With Aurora lights shining bright like a diamond.

  • somanynames 65w

    The Edge

    We are just humans with bodily machines and tired soul. We are dying. Why suffer?

  • somanynames 84w


    The rustling of leaves
    Shook the souls of despair hope
    Nature on its way.

  • somanynames 89w


    Just 'Yous' and 'I' can we put an end ?
    And make it 'we'?
    These souls just don't want to admit how much Love they hold.
    She cries every night with fear building around her room how distance will once again test their Love.
    He puffed his cigarette with one deep sigh; a sign of comfort to himself,patting his chest 'You are gonna be Okay'.
    The universe patiently ticking the clock with suspense filling the atmosphere.
    Mothers praying to their almighty God how these two bodies can either bring so much pain or love to them selves.
    You told me, you change ...
    I searched for the Old you.
    You said u had forgiven but not forgotten.
    You said the scar has healed but not the pain because it still lingers your thoughts like a lightning bolt.
    But towards the end of the day we constantly remind ourselves till dead keep us apart because at some point,Love was all we had, is and will tie our knot together, reconcile our mishaps and take us to the future we once wish to hold.

  • somanynames 107w

    I put an end to my eight months of unrelenting hope .A hope, a future,a new beginning,a new chapter to my burning soul.I tried to relish every struggle for a new start but the universe failed to notice

  • somanynames 110w

    Just Blues and Greys

    Just blues and greys
    We never opted for
    Why not pastel colours and warm hugs ?
    But like the colour of your sheets u faded.
    I recount,
    How carried away by path itself
    I wrecked u up
    Your mama red listed my name
    Calls, a venom to my son
    But u said, our bodily presence is a house of candy
    Diving into nostalgia, your room fills with memories and gasp breath
    Testing our faith everytime
    We resist, we fail, we smile
    Like coloured building blocks
    We break, we fix ,we live
    But this time it was different
    Steps were counted not as numbers
    But a leap, away from my vision
    As I choose to stay
    You took your voyage to your new love


  • somanynames 120w

    The Call

    Little do i know how Heart became so sensitive to the vibration of ringtone .Heart triggers as you call .Little did Heart knew all it got to do is just wait for that one call and hear thou voice for the day .

  • somanynames 136w

    # Nature has it's own kind to show it's existence. Unlike Man, Nature is not cruel and not proud.

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    For Sun and Moon

    Shading out it's luminous deep orange colour, Sun sinks taking her leave but wanting to stop.The Moon, in her presence look cold and calm with it's silvery looking skin but both do not stop to embrace and caress each other's beauty for the roaring of the sea and the echoing of the wind constantly reminds them of their role to play as Nature, but both shares a moment of intimacy in a different way.
    For Sun and Moon, it is the constant trust of 365 days and more.Yes, many have left unseen but for both it is a feeling of satisfaction and quench of thirst that renews and builds their love.