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  • solu_golu 124w

    True love

    I don't want to mount upon you to slake my lust.
    I rather want to immerse my soul in your naked hazy eyes.
    Like when it emerges, every ounce of it experience an undescribable beatitude.

  • solu_golu 124w


    I know I faltered.
    I know you've been hurt.
    But then it's not all my fault.
    You are to be blamed equally.

    Had it not been of your inept handling of the situation that was so tenuously anchored,
    We'd still have been in touch.
    Much like we've always been.

    Oh! You think I'm bereft of all emotions that pertain to love or somewhat similar arena.
    But a big NO.
    Your supposition is utterly misplaced.
    I'm as much an emotional person as anyone of you out there claims to be.
    It's just that I prefer to keep matters close to my heart and endeavor to stay a low key.
    Nevertheless I'm very much into this game called life!

    And I'm not all to be blamed.
    You're very much complicit in our partition.

  • solu_golu 124w

    By unknown writer

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    The conjurer.....

    Oh! With that enchanting eyes she entered my life.
    And there I was, taken aback by her spell bounding beauty.
    she was just a conjurer or I should say a dignified sorcerer.
    For her refined feature remind me of a fairy from some far off world.

  • solu_golu 124w

    ये हवा जो बहती है, कुछ कहती है।
    कुछ ऐसा जो पहले कभी सुना नहीं।
    तारों से ढकी रात में भी,
    ऐसे सपने बुना नहीं।
    लेकिन आसमां के निचे हिलते पत्ते,
    कुछ तो बयां करती है।
    ये हवा जो बहती है, कुछ तो कहती है।

  • solu_golu 124w

    She smiled the most graceful smile some eternity ago.

    And the countenance of her patched, scarlet, exotically nuanced lips still lingers on my mind and rule my heart.

  • solu_golu 124w

    Walk away from people who turn you down no matter how intimately connected you are to them.

  • solu_golu 124w

    Her Eyes

    Tempted by the bewitching scintillating color of her deep cavernous resplendent eyes,
    I surrendered my heart unconditionally to her.

  • solu_golu 124w

    Her eyes!

    Oh! Nothing less than a shot of soporific drug.
    One look from her and I'm bereft of my guarded consciousness.

  • solu_golu 125w

    उलझी हुई राह पर बढ़ाते चल सुलझे कदम,
    फिर मन दिवाली तेरी,
    ख़ुशी, रमज़ान तेरा है।
    खुला आसमान तेरा है।
    ये प्रमाण मेरा है।।

    डट के कर सामना दर्द-ए-ज़िन्दगी का।
    तो रण तेरा, रणभूमि तेरी,
    कर-कमान तेरा है।
    खुला आसमान तेरा है।
    ये प्रमाण मेरा है।।

  • solu_golu 125w

    वो लड़की जिसकी मुस्कान मेरे बेइंतेहा इश्क़ की पहचान थी,
    आज आशिक़ों की भीड़ में कहीं खो सी गयी है।।।