Lost in my own mess, I make fantastical issues which I struggle to address The plain ground of journals gives me an anchor to design My very own sea

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  • solivagant2 10w

    The sun is setting and the scenery makes me think
    The clouds in my mind fade away as the thoughts compose themselves
    Right now the palatte is all the shades of blue
    The mountains are slowly tapering into darkness
    As the curtain of the sky falls, the stars begins its nightly performance
    A scenery set for two
    Or someone weary of a long hard journey taken with a long lost friend
    Except me because I am sitting here all alone

    People pass by in groups and crowds
    Laughing and chattering with their cameras
    The scenery never appease their eyes but should always be in their instagram
    Holding hands the couples do all the cheesy things
    The ones that make me quiver with longing
    The lakeside cafes and restros are lit
    Music seeps slowly in the air as if it never left
    And yet with gaiety all around me
    I feel a sad longingness whirling inside me

    Today I am relying on this scenic generosity
    So many things go through my mind
    I want to say all those things to someone who'd understand
    How important this peace is and why this crosses my mind
    That sometimes life just goes on rewind
    But most importantly I want to tell someone that I am making through
    I am crawling through life as slow as a turtle
    And moments like these fleetingly, give strength to these crooked thoughts
    But I am sitting here all by myself
    Like a rusting boat tied to the dock
    I wish someone called my name and I join this jovial celebration
    But the sky goes dark and everything shuts down
    And I sit here, awaiting the dawn


  • solivagant2 28w

    Scared girl

    There is a girl afraid of the world
    She sits in her own little hut
    Waiting for the world to come
    Why won't it arrive?
    Because it doesn't know that a lonely girl awaits in her hut

    There is a girl I have seen rarely around
    I find her ripped by the twigs staring through the window
    Once I talked to her about her life
    That was the first time she saw me alive
    She wears air as if it will hide her
    And shuffles on the road like a mouse
    All her life she has lived behind
    The four walls of her own mind
    She expects the world is magical
    But it's not palpable enough
    So she takes her letters through tiny compartment
    And call the mailman her friends

    I want to tell her that the world isn't so bad
    It is full of beauty hidden to be felt
    The world has many strangers dealt
    She won't be a bad addition
    Maybe if she step out and see
    And let her eyes be free
    She may find that it is not so difficult
    To leave that comfort behind

  • solivagant2 28w


    I sometimes wonder
    If I should love you freely
    Or think about all the categories you belong
    Society is but a municipal corporation
    Written rules but no communication
    I wish I can love you like I am a bird that flies
    Freely, ardently without any lies
    But these inconveniences make me cry
    Is it even worth the try?
    If I do decide, that you will be the one by my side
    Do I have the patience and willingness to war
    With people who live so far
    Far in their own world
    I want to love you like I want to watch a starry night
    But at some point it will get light
    So I must ask you this question even though I don't believe in it
    What is your label, what is your category??

  • solivagant2 44w

    Happy people

    Today I saw many happy people
    I saw them clenching their fists on the edge of a knife
    Their mouths wheedling spittle
    As they lead ecstacy and carve it forever in their lives
    Their mouths mutter of a darkness unknown
    Inside their minds they smoke and indulge
    Often in their locked homes
    I have seen this epidemic surge
    Like exuberance in peoples creased carcass
    That empty bin where somewhere inside
    The air seems cold and ominous
    When I look into their eyes
    They use their pendulum clocks
    Their tongue swing and hiss
    There sweet words are waves that crushes the rocks
    With that soft lusty kiss
    They have a secret deep in their chest
    Perhaps a needle and a thread
    Or maybe their soul craving some rest
    Somewhere deep inside the ocean bed
    I saw them hoarding boards of laughter
    I wonder who died
    For these frauds and tricksters
    To me have lied
    Happy people everywhere diffused
    I wonder if I am one of them
    And then I see blood in my hand
    And the other clutching a blade under the hem
    - Solivagant

  • solivagant2 45w


    I believe in true love
    I believe in movie romances
    Not the stories but the affections
    It makes my world a little better
    If love is to be stripped in aspects
    In polygamy and monogamy
    In friendship and marriage
    Then the love is but just an experience
    I want ecstacy
    I want addiction with conversations
    I want comfort in silences
    I want to rhyme when we are at our best
    But when we are at our worst
    I want us to look in each other's eyes
    For there somewhere in the depths we may find
    A solace in each other
    - Solivagant

  • solivagant2 45w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word one-liner on Crystal

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    My tears, crystals break the depth of oceans

  • solivagant2 45w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short tale on Intense

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    His eyes intense wrote a 1000 verses blank

  • solivagant2 46w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word one-liner on Pity

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    Pity me, I have lost soul

  • solivagant2 46w

    The trail

    Ah, gleaming somewhere between the bustling leaves, is that the end?
    Or another round of bend
    Trees follow me and I'll follow you
    Wherever there is life, I'll go too
    Birds, chatter me up, it can get lonely
    And whenever I am the only
    One I may speculate on your pristine form
    And my own jagged thoughts
    May find solace in your ponds and streams
    I have lived a life as a masquerade
    In your arms I may finally tear myself apart
    And sing aloud in your name
    Walking miles deep I try to reach your heart
    You have hidden your pieces everywhere
    You are truly an art
    Let me walk in your shade a little more
    Bend for me a little more
    And maybe I'll live a complete life
    And rhyme this memory as a lullaby
    When I'll sleep at night


  • solivagant2 47w

    The walk

    The walk is long and tiresome
    Sometime an escapade sometime a penitence
    But alone it is perilous
    Death is far but life is ubiquitous

    What are you searching for?
    A bench to sit or somewhere ashore?
    What do you want to look at?
    Maybe life setting while we chat

    Some peace wouldn't be much to ask
    Could you take off your mask
    The ravelled mysteries that are so enticing
    Are out everywhere like stars shining

    Sit with me on the bench and talk to me for a while
    I know peace is not your style
    But I like you very much when you talk
    Especially when there no burden while you walk

    Why do you resist for a marathon that I cannot even see
    From what do you need to flee
    What monster is chasing you
    You look pallid as if you had the flu

    Good, unload your back and sigh all you want
    Do unload that smug tied with the vaunt
    The sun is setting, the moon has come out
    Talk what really matters, what it is all about

    Ah but Look! The night is upon us and we have to part
    And I'll be alone on this path
    If forever we meet again, maybe somewhere ahead
    We will surely have a chat before we go abed