unfit in a world full of fit people.

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  • solitude_bliss_forever 3d

    The biggest illusion we have in life is that we can make it perfect
    It is simply made up for each moment, defined by their amalgamation

  • solitude_bliss_forever 1w

    We can't truly appreciate the sun,
    Without a little rain!

  • solitude_bliss_forever 2w

    By unknown writer

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    The charm of a beautiful beginning is mostly overshadowed by an uncertain how it ends...
    Try staying in present, it works better!!


  • solitude_bliss_forever 2w

    एक बार ही आई वो..
    और ज़िंदगी बदल गई..
    सिर्फ तुझसे ही नहीं..
    मुझे खुद से भी मोहब्बत करा गई..
    कुछ शामें ऐसी भी..
    कुछ तारीखे़ं ऐसी भी..

  • solitude_bliss_forever 2w

    दिल मैं रहने वालों की अहमियत जिंदगी में रहने वालों से कम नहीं होती

  • solitude_bliss_forever 3w

    Wine ...
    Because no great story started with a bowl of salad

  • solitude_bliss_forever 3w

    thankful for the dreams we weaved
    grateful for the jingles in my ears
    cherish the moments spent in arms

    thy precious care, beyond speech
    those listening ears where stories flew
    we were full of flaws, who cared

    forever will be missed those mornings
    with the aroma of us spread on sheets
    those magical nights, unlike on earth

    seasons come and seasons part
    your long lost memory, soaked in
    will forever beat in my heart

  • solitude_bliss_forever 3w

    Meeting some people is like home coming... there is a sense of calm and we are at ease.

    Nevertheless, wait begins again from the moment we depart

  • solitude_bliss_forever 4w

    They may have come from mum, but certainly have everyone's heart!
    She's dad's priority and grandparents heartbeat
    She's the one enthuses life into living timeline
    The day begins with her tantrums and ends with her jingles.
    She is our daughter, our niece or sister who stays apart but is always in heart

    Happy Daughters Day !!

  • solitude_bliss_forever 4w

    Few things could never make us strong...

    Holding tears when sad
    Hiding emotions when intense
    Saying yes when exhausted
    taking disrespect to win over love