I'm a slave to the voices of my aching soul

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  • solace 2d

    Holy spirit who solve all problems who light all road so I can attain my goal. You who gave me the divine gift to forgive and forget all evil against me and that in all instances of my life you are with me. I want in this short prayer to thank you for all things and to confirm once again that I never want to be separated from you, even and in spite of all material illusion. I want to be with you in eternal glory. Thank you for your mercy towards me and mine.

  • solace 3w

    Dearest light
    You said your heart belongs to God
    So I offered my heart and soul to him
    For a little portion of yours

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    I went down on my knees to pray
    My heart was heavy with supplications
    But when I tried to open my mouth
    An image of you clouded me
    I said dear lord, and I see your smile
    I tried to ask for him forgiveness
    The feeling of your kisses possesses me
    I said amen, so I can enjoy the memories your memories
    But then, it disappeared like it never came

  • solace 4w

    I'm not back

    Don't look for me

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    Dearest reader

    A time will come
    When I'll hold my pen again
    I won't scribe fictions,
    It will be my aches, I'd gift you


  • solace 4w

    Help me save this here
    I'll edit later

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    When I tell them I am not fine

    They looked at me like
    A vision without a mission
    A dream without a plan
    A purpose without goal

    Their eyes are filled with pity
    Like I'm a lost girl in the forest
    A soul seeking for its lost body
    A heart broken without repair

    She'll want to hold to hold me
    But she remember she's not my mother
    Her eyes will be filled with tears
    Her face moody, like the night she lost her husband
    She'd force a little smile,
    as much as her old bone will permit
    Hoping it will cheer me up

    He'd looked at me with weary eyes
    Waiting for me to explain my pains
    He'd tell me he'll understand
    But I know he won't, he hasn't, he'll never
    Love hurts, I'd utter to him,
    True, he'd reply while looking at the bird on the next swing

    This bird always return his smiles
    This bird gifts me jealous looks
    This bird wants him as much as I do
    But this bird is lucky, it's all he'd talk about

    When I sad I'm not fine
    The world judges me
    Reprimand me of depending my happiness on things
    Yet when I said I'm fine, they disagree

  • solace 5w

    If I could change the hands of time
    I'll change nothing,
    Rather I'll watch myself
    And learn from all the mistakes I made

  • solace 8w


    I don't think I deserve a good woman like you
    You're perfect in every ways
    You deserve someone appreciate you more

  • solace 8w

    I love you
    I was never in love with you

  • solace 9w

    I told her I had no feelings
    But she's in love with my words
    Like most readers she thought that
    My words are a reflection of my being
    Nothing I said dissuaded her
    Until she kissed me


  • solace 10w

    My heart is still yours

    #raindrop #mirakee

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    My Dearest scientist

    If you understand the volume of rain
    By collecting few raindrops

    Why can't you understand my aches in my heart
    By the drops which spring from my eyes


  • solace 10w

    Time after time, night after night
    He waited, for your rainbow
    To clear the clouds in his eyes
    But you never came
    Like an avalanche
    He cascaded with his demons