Nothing changes in Life, its we who grow ❤️

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  • sohita 2d

    Over and Over again.....

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    The Alchemist and the Boat

    Sometime it's all about reading those few highlighted lines and listening Prateek Kuhad ; in a loop

  • sohita 2d

    Don't loose what You have to
    what You have lost.

  • sohita 1w

    A Teacher's Prayer

    The online paradigm of teaching learning has already made our children sedentary and has weakened their vision.

    Let them breathe for a while, play some soil ,and make some handwritten cards for you.
    Do not make them code now. If you have time, teach them the Mathematics of Life ; rather.

  • sohita 1w

    Not a Disorder anymore ❣️��

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    Untouchable Memorabilia

    I don't need to keep things to remember someone.
    I actually don't need.
    Things perish with time. Memories don't.
    Care and keep the good ones.

    - Sohita

  • sohita 1w

    Can You ?

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    Hey , I know You've got an attitude
    just like Prateek Gandhi in the Scam .
    But can You be sweet for a moment
    and listen Prateek Kuhad ; Please !
    - Sohita

  • sohita 1w


    Sometimes life really brings us
    in a state of pause.
    Sad part ! When there's no one
    to switch the play button.

  • sohita 2w

    Adieu !

    We always do not say Goodbye
    to someone who leave us and go.
    Sometimes ,
    Goodbyes are also for someone
    or something
    which is beyond our understanding.

  • sohita 2w

    Wake up!!!!

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    There was nothing got foretime,
    so that to give up today.
    What was it, was only a mirage.
    I'd whelved you in my eyes,
    And look! That made me a noceur.
    Every morn I roll out with a flabbergast,
    of loosing you.
    And then pondering for hours,
    that I also didn't get you .
    But It's good that I m awake today,
    I m reposing in peace.
    - Sohita

  • sohita 2w


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    " Jouska "

    (Irascible Me) : " I'll kill you. You inanimate piece of shit!
    (Garboiled Me) : No but ! Without you, How will my life fit?
    (Insecure Me) : I can't think of it ; without You, even for a bit.
    (Miffed Me) : Hell ! Why am I so peckish. Should I be hardly hit ? "

    My life has only Monologues.
    As there's no one so special to complete the Dialogues.
    A usual day starts with the quoted aforesaid.
    And the melancholic ones, with the words I left , unsaid.
    I am a messy , bizarre, with tonnes of phobias.
    The most troublemaker of all : Pistanthrophobia.
    I talk a lot to people. More than that, I love doing that to me.
    And I damn to people who observe me with a fie.
    "Broken once never shatter twice"
    Life! I thank you everyday , for giving this advice.
    - Sohita

  • sohita 2w

    Break Stereotypes and fly with your wings open.
    If someone really loves you, they will find you in this sky full of dreams❤️

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    I may not like Pink and still be a Girl

    I may not like Pink and still be a Girl
    Could it be ?
    I may not want to sit behind you in your
    Chestnut Enfield,
    instead own myself a Redditch Red shade of it and We could go for some intrepid Himalayan treks.
    I may have never want to apply myrtle paste on my hands and write your name on it, No! This I definitely can't.
    I may not understand the difference between Pumps and Stilletos ,
    as both for me are just tormenting high heels.
    I may be exasperated to be called 'Baby'!
    For God!!! I can't overlook that I am no more a 5 year old.
    I may not like when you stand up only for Me in an overladden Monday bus and let me sit,
    when hundred like me and you still stand ; famished and worn out.
    I may not tongue twistingly name all the sweet 16 shades of a Red lipstick,
    But can tell you the names of all the 16 Mahajanapadas; alphabetically.
    I may feel suffocating vaunting my wardrobe and bore you with my best friend's flumadiddle and go for cute coffee dates,
    instead We could just sit on the terrace with lavender candles and read Rumi's poetry and watch the stars.

    I may not consecutively remember the special dates of February,
    But You can note it for life , I will always be your first midnight wisher, foreverly.
    I might not be your best fit nor am I any pro or a lit.
    I may neither love Pink nor know the 20 shades of it.
    But can still be your favourite forever.
    Because , Blue can match with any colours,
    Yellow , black or White ..... Right ?
    © Sohita