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  • snehawrites 45w

    The feeling of being wanting not to beleive,now i have aged....
    Not tempting like when iam young...


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  • snehawrites 67w

    Welcome 2020

    Looking back 2019 ❤ with nothing but sheer gratitude...

    Ohh what a year...

    As I'm writing this I realise I have changed so much in the past 12months...

    I think this was my 2nd year in MIRAKE
    Some of the highlights of my year I'm jotting down because they feel good and motivate me even more for 2020....

    Started scribbling something and earned many good souls.... Forever...

    Many inspiring souls I had met and connected with them personally also...

    Building out a beautiful community of 1239 followers as well...

    Gave lots of values to many beautiful writers also..

    Constantly learning from my mentors and still getting some sort of knowledge as well...

    Improved my knowledge and have learned a lot from many writers....

    Constantly invested my time and gained a lot more...

    ✨ I choose to be happier in 2020 and inculcate more self love along with growth, family and friends happiness too...

    A big huge thank you to all the people who made this year special,
    I have been extremely fortunate to have the most loving, affectionate and supportive people in the form of my family...

    ✨ Had a tonne of lows too guys, but I guess to look at the highs is what keeps us going even in the lows...
    Life is a journey of both... So never lose hope and carry on your own way...


  • snehawrites 69w

    @veenakathera ��������❤❤������������✨����������✨
    ��Happy birthday��

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    Happy born Day Heroine...
    May God bless you with lots of happiness my cute little siss❤❤

    Let every sunrise from this day
    Brings you happiness, peace, love, health
    And all you wish for...
    Keep smiling and stay happy forever
    My love


  • snehawrites 70w

    A Day in The life

    Toss and turn
    Hope and yearn
    Soft and stern
    Work and earn
    Depart and return
    Accept and spurn
    Crash and burn
    Mix and churn
    Think and discern
    Care and consern
    Live and learn


  • snehawrites 70w

    Untold love story ❤��❤️
    Just thought ������

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    I visit places you could have been to
    Try to see them through your eyes
    Attempt to gather moments there
    Merge it up in dream
    And this is how I
    finally live a life with you...


  • snehawrites 74w

    I was searching for a word,
    And all I ever found was your name....

    Love doesn't die, it just waits to present
    Itself in a form that would make us complete...

  • snehawrites 74w

    Hey broken heart
    The world loves you a lot
    For you know the pain of breaking
    And never will be the reason
    Yet for another breakage
    My love when you feel broken
    And start hating yourself
    Think about the kaleidoscope!!!!!!!

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    When you feel broken
    Think about kaleidoscope
    Broken things when seen
    Properly is an art!
    A really beautiful art...


  • snehawrites 74w

    Even teenagers, parents, grandparents etc...
    Everyone has experienced those childhood chapters
    And still they can't forget those moments
    So happy wishes to everyone...

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    Children's day

    The two questions
    Pricks my mind
    On this day...
    Why did I grow up
    And why can't I go back
    To the childhood....
    Sometimes I take a deep
    Day dream about the time machine...
    Just a feel from the chronicle of happiness
    It's time to rewind back everything
    Which gives you more happiness

  • snehawrites 74w

    Forgetten love

    When we become well known strangers,
    I wish you think about me while it rain,
    Wink me a hii through the moon
    Send kisses, the wind will
    bring that safe to me
    Or at least hate me real....
    The bond, let this not be forgetten
    In this society feared world...
    Not please