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  • smily_aina 11w

    Man is by nature, a social animal. But where there are people who love to socialise, there are people who crave peace and solitude more than anything. Yet we can’t deny the fact that we still need a support system.

    We all need people in our life we can rely on. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your other half. It can be your parents, siblings, friends or just anyone you think you can put in your trust. They are the pillars you built over time, by nature, to support you.

    But what happens when they leave you (or you leave them). What happens when they break your trust? One after another, each pillar begins to perish until maybe just one or two is left. You still stand, but you know you have already lost so much.

    You don’t feel the same. It’s different now. You want to cherish the ones you can still hold onto. ‘Cause you are scared - scared of losing everything. But the inevitable occurs. You FALL and you FAIL. Fail at keeping them close. Fail at standing up for yourself. Fail at keeping everyone happy.

    This is when the thorns start piercing the one they were supposed to protect. You withdraw yourself from everything you were part of. You want to be left alone. For at least then, you might find peace.

    Then one day, a thought strikes your overly tired mind. What if you were the reason they all were gone? What if it was you who pushed them away? What if it was something you said. It was you all along. You were at fault - Self Destruction - this is where it begins.

    You want to end it all. Leave everything. But there’s still that flame inside you that didn’t die - Compassion - and you live. You live but you aren’t alive. You live because you have to. ‘Cause you also are that pillar to someone. A part of someone else’s support system. And you don’t want them to be the next you. So you live on as the sun, to bring light to someone else’s darkness. As a candle - sacrificing yourself, until there’s nothing left to give.



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  • smily_aina 13w

    Lifeless, un-alive
    Livin' in dread
    Describes me well
    Adorned in red
    // I might've withered but
    My thorns aren't dead //

    A gleam of hope
    I stare in trance
    A mistaken belief
    But I take this chance
    // I lean on you
    And soften my stance //

    For you I sail
    A million miles
    For you I trade
    A thousand smiles
    // I persevere with you
    In deserted isles //

    I'd die for you
    And my love, it's true
    Would you love me back
    The way I do
    // I feel thy pain
    Can you feel it too? //


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  • smily_aina 15w

    // There are some people in our life who are so special that wherever they are, that place becomes closest to our heart. So this letter, is not to a specific place, but to the person who makes any and every place home. //

    Someone Special,

    You know how some people feel the connection at first meet, it was the same. It started with the feeling "I am so happy I could die" for a compliment, to now feeling like "we be together forever". We are so far away and yet whenever we talk I feel like we're much closer than I have been with anyone else. You somehow seemed to bring out the chirpy me that was lost somewhere, and all I can say is I am this "Me" now because I met you. You also brought out the teasing side of me which I never knew existed until that day. Was it love at first sight? Who knows.

    You are so stubborn when it comes to taking compliments. That one time when I said you are pretty, you were so adamant to prove me wrong. Even with the mask covering half your face and with a look that you are ready to kill someone, you were the same pretty I knew you to be. I am exceptionally bad at remembering faces, but I could recognise you out of a group when we barely knew each other.
    Did yours imprint on me?

    Hours passed like seconds and time just flew when we're together. And then, I wanted to be with you in all your firsts so much so that I was jealous of everyone else close to you. And although you rejected me, I am still happy that I was the first to propose to you. Just like how you are special to me, I wanted to be someone special to you too.
    A dream, maybe?

    I never liked the idea of people having their favourite colour as blue, not that I hated it but it looked too mainstream. So I stayed away from it. I still admire the sky and the seas, nothing can beat nature. But then, you came and introduced all shades of it into my life and I don't dislike it as much now.

    Remember the time you were gone because you wanted to stay away from the world? I was just happy to see you safe, so much so that I wasn't bothered by the fact that you ignored me for some time. Or perhaps you did not, because you were still there, silent as ever, just peeping out and showing your presence.
    And then when you returned, seemed like the happiest moment I had in days unknown. It was just the night before that I missed your presence more than ever.
    Was it the universe wanting us to meet?

    The wallpaper on my screen keeps reminding me of you and I can't help but check my clock and think whether you have eaten or not? Did you sleep on time? I now stopped nagging you at your food and sleep habits, not because I stopped caring, but because I know you are taking good care of yourself now.

    I feel like a child with you, when you are the one who's younger. I like how you don't hesitate to try new things. Your actions always have a deep impact on me.
    I want to-
    Read the books you read
    Use the words you use
    Play the games you play
    (But I don't want to play with worms)
    I am afraid of all movable beings living on earth, yet I want to try playing with your pets some day.

    Deep inside, I am still looking forward to the day we get to be together and do all the fun things we talked about - go shooting, horse riding, fishing and (although you don't like it….) dress up for the halloween - or just a stroll in a nearby park, holding hands talking about the afterlife.
    Let me remind you again -
    You are beautiful
    You have a pretty smile
    You are kind
    You have the best voice in the world
    And more importantly,
    You are still my motivation
    I know you hate cheesy, so I am gonna say the cheesiest thing that'll surely make you cringe. "You are one of the nicest person I've met and I love you "

    Someone who wants to be your Special.
    Entry to truth or dare challenge by @cyan_rose
    Dare by @ablaze_writer: Write a letter to a place close to my heart.
    Dare by @bluepuppy01: Write something based on our special moments.

    #lanturnepoem #prettypic273 #writersnetwork

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  • smily_aina 15w

    A pinch of stimulus and my eyes well up;
    tears flow down before I know it
    and I don't know what to do, to stop them.
    How I wish 
    that I had a switch to turn it off.
    I'd rather be emotionless,
    have a facial paralysis
    or much better be alexithymic -
    be cold and insensitive.

    // If you think those seemingly unstoppable waterfalls hold no value to them -  t u r n  a w a y - for it'll drown you too; and I might not be able to save you as I am already knocked over by fate's tide into this sea full of heart broken tribe. //

    Corner of my lips curl up, in a smile
    over a wee bit of joy. I can't help
    but cherish those simple moments
    that people tend to ignore.
    I do hate myself when I get happy
    over no reason, right after I was broken;
    How I mingle with people
    as though nothing happened
    because it wasn't their fault.
    Why should I let shards of mine
    hurt them, isn't it better to just hide it.
    But I still hate it. I do.
    'cause it feels like I am living a lie.

    // If you think my jovialness is a farce, if you somehow feel that you are being mocked (maybe you could have done a better job at breaking me), then it's you being insecure and self-centred - l o o k  a w a y - before you furrow your brows 'cause I am now worn out trying to calm those ripples that has no end. //

    My voice shrieks up
    wanting to be heard
    This song only wants to a listener.
    You don't need to dance to its rhythm,
    it's your choice if you don't want to memorise it,
    but if you ignore it, it'll die down
    for there'd be no reason for it to exist.

    // If you think those silent cries are for no reasonable reason, that what lies in them are not feelings of my bruised emotions, and if they cannot make your heart turn back to me - w a l k  a w a y - before your ignorance pierces through your selfdom, and murmurs of your lonely self surfaces up revealing your long lost ego. //

    My fingers press against your skin
    wanting to feel your warmth
    Touch your lips
    to be rewarded by the little peck
    Entwine with yours
    as the lines on our palms
    align themselves
    To be together, forever.

    // If you think I am not the one for you, that your iced heart cannot be melted by the yearning fire in my heart - p u l l  a w a y - for my fingernails are not tamed enough to resist leaving a mark on you, to make you mine, that you never let yourself be. //

    My heart leaps out for you,
    beats matching your rhythm
    If you think they don't sync
    And you cannot retain it,
    Throw it away,
    But if you ever decide to turn back, you'll see that it still beats for you, getting back up breaking through the repercussions of it's delusion. And even though you left me, I know, it was definitely worth a try.


  • smily_aina 16w

    // I wish we be together always, the happy family we are //
    P.s. I realised after writing how childish this was, simple things yet difficult to carry out.
    I might not keep this on my wall for long.

    Wish u guys a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year ��

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    This new year
    I resolve to shed
    No drop of tear

    This new year
    I swear, anymore
    I won't fear

    This new year
    I won't let go
    All my dear

    This new year
    You will speak
    And I'll hear

    This new year
    To the tune of peace
    I'll sing, you cheer

    // And this new year
    I send you all
    From the bottom of heart
    My regards, sincere //


  • smily_aina 16w

    Aaj woh din hai jab hum sab ki dulari Ink urf Moonie urf Zaynah chand ki god se utar kar, chandni par chalte hue is dharti par aayi thi.

    Jaiye aur apne nazdiki store se "moon-glasses" lekar taiyar rahiye kyunki aaj Mirakee bas chand ki chandni ke noor me doobne wala hai.

    Let's "bye-bye" 2020 on this auspicious day and forget this year like it never existed ��

    Aye chand teri ruswai ko bhul jaun
    Jab jab tere is azeez se nazrein milaun
    Ruthe to hum ab bhi hain tumse
    Par uski yaad me har gham bhul jaun

    As the end of the year nears,
    And you embark on a new journey
    I wish you a bunch of rose-tinted parchments
    (For the blank page you are to someone)
    That absorbs all the worries you ink,
    My "Ink".

    "And tonight,
    The moon wanes a little more
    And dims a bit of its white
    As it passes on its glow
    To the moonchild,
    The Princess of this night."



    A person with true beauty
    Wittiness, unrivalled
    Wisdom, unparalleled
    That's our selenophile
    Her love, unmatched

    Her smile elates the gairish day
    Her words enlightens the mystical orb
    Her presence comforts the stars around
    Her kindness warms the cloudy minds

    Like a silver crescent, over the twilight wood,
    She fills up the stygian sky with her glimmering light
    Swooning moon, her soul so pure
    A special flower grows a year more

    Wishing you a very happy birthday.


    [31 Dec 2020]
    #DarlingDecember (using ur hashtagag without permission...bura mat maanna ��)
    @mooniememer @inked_selenophile


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  • smily_aina 16w

    #flowerhaiku #fragment #lighthousec
    #seed #blue_island

    #bluechal #popsec_n

    Island of Blooming Ardour

    Holding hands we fly
    A fragment of our love, falls
    Down the azure sky

    As a seed it sows
    In the island bed below
    Fervently it grows

    Dressed in purple hue
    Like my love, the orchids bloom
    Swaying blues adieu

    Sojourner's abode
    For astray, as lighthouse serves
    Emblem of our ode

    And I heave a sigh
    As still holding our hands
    We live on, and fly


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  • smily_aina 17w

    I am glad to have meet my cute little family here...
    love you all ����. I just felt like saying this :)

    Will(/t)ing Wishes

    Endless stream of incomplete wishes
    Lurk around me stealing kisses
    I gaze at them lost in thought
    Etched will they be in my heart
    Even if one day,
    they'll all be gone
    For they'll lead the path,
    for others to be born

    Gliding through the crest and trough
    And at times when things go rough
    There'll always be a helping hand
    How much ever alone you stand
    Aiding you to fulfill your desire
    Lifting you up higher and higher
    Giving you strength, zeal and fire
    So give your best down to the wire

    26 Dec 2020
    03.33 AM

    #wishc #writersbay #writersnetwork #Joy

    (Thanks @joybirdpoetry your heart is just like what ur name says.)

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  • smily_aina 18w

    Affirmations don't work on me anymore;
    'Cause all it has, are sighs and lies.



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    I had no idea I was walking on scattered pieces of broken hope. They were shiny, enchanting, captivating. Just a look at them and you get sucked in their allure.

    They gently seep inside me, piercing through my defense. Capturing me
    tying me in strings -
    a marionette in making.

    I struggle to free away from it's clutches, but all in vain. At each rebuff, like a quicksand, the failure slowly starts consuming me - inch by inch - as I start to perish away from existence.

    "Freedom" - what's that now?


  • smily_aina 18w

    I am no longer me,
    just a corroded residue
    of what I used to be.



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    All my life I've looked at words as though I was looking at you - fascinating but difficult to comprehend.

    And when I thought I was finally starting to understand you, turned out that you had many but three meanings to you; You didn't mean trust, compassion and regret.

    Not long before, I carved your name on all that was there to me. Each one of them infused with a different meaning of yours. But now they bleed with contempt and remorse, leaving scars and burns everywhere it touches.

    "Smile" - what's that now?

    Dec 13, 2020