I love writing as part of my hobby and hope to meet other writers to connect with each other.

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  • smileyme 12w

    Do I feel sorry for not being able to change? Yup I am sorry I can’t change myself, no matter how many years I tried. And I’m sorry for being cold, I was cold not because I didn’t care, but because I knew you’ll one day walk away first. Like this. And I’ll be the one going down into the drain, once again. I wished I didn’t talk to you first then, I shouldn’t have. Cause I am the one who brought myself into the drain.

  • smileyme 16w

    It was dim without you
    I saw only a tunnel of darkness
    The moment you told me
    I hurt you
    And wasn’t worthy to stay
    The broken lines you uttered
    Entered deep into the creak
    I thought was already closed
    I am afraid
    Of the tunnel
    Because I thought
    I came out of it
    But it seems
    I never did

  • smileyme 17w

    You shouldn’t have hurt me, I wasn’t strong enough anymore. If I were still strong, I could have blocked your fiery darts. But now even my heart is ready to be shot by you and it doesn’t matter anymore.

  • smileyme 19w

    I am sorry I didn’t know it hurt that much for you till the day I realised I was hurt because of the same reason. And I guess it’s because we all needed to be loved

  • smileyme 20w

    I wished I loved someone other than you, cause it hurts to love you over and over again so much knowing that it’ll always be just me loving you

  • smileyme 20w

    I hope you find someone who loves you more than I love you, reaches out their hand to you more than my hands could ever reach, who hugs you like tomorrow is their last day, who watches you the way they watch the brightest sparkling star, who cherishes you the way no one ever could. Please be happy because I love you more than I could ever say.

  • smileyme 29w

    I love you
    Was always easy
    Till I met you
    I love you
    Could never be mentioned
    Easily again

  • smileyme 29w

    Charcoal burnt it was
    When you let the lava
    In my heart flow
    You said you loved me
    When you didn’t
    Not once
    You did
    Everything was a lie
    This charcoal burnt heart

  • smileyme 29w

    One day when you turn back and don’t find me there anymore, don’t be sad cause you never cherished me when I was around

  • smileyme 29w

    I found a bridge
    To the map of life
    That was you
    Your bridge sank
    And left me with broken memories
    But I still love you
    Cause I would
    Never have dared to cross
    To the other side
    If not for you