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  • smi_vaid 6w

    No it's over
    I comforted my heart
    this will never beat for anyone
    It's tired to take a saddened burden
    This will not play a muse to a love
    Which sometimes blindly pull and never back it shoves
    This life will never dream of one
    Alone it will burn like a silent sun
    This will not match the romantic beats
    It's more happy being away than to meet
    Cravings are like nerve knot
    It kills you in without a note
    Why to lament on the mismatched stars
    Sun and moon are still lovable afar

  • smi_vaid 25w

    In a wild dream
    I saw myself sitting over a rock
    breathing air that filled my lungs afresh
    Happy white clouds with no patches black
    A soil adorned with green carpet without a crack ( erosion)
    All creatures living in harmony
    Both humans and animals satisfied and without any clash
    Tear rolling down my eyes not from the smoke
    But because of the love the earth wore
    The streams gushed in with pride
    Without any tags of recognition for states to collide
    I saw myself sitting over a rock
    But when I opened my eyes
    It was in a wild dream

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts

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    In a wild dream

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    Happy Environmental Day

  • smi_vaid 26w

    The Dawn Again

    The orange ball rises again
    Happily squeezing out the pain
    The earth awaits to raise higher
    To bring back the rain

    The birds fly around to bring home the grain
    And feeds her beings without any strain
    Swirling around the breeze
    The greens welcomes the masses swaying, in lane

    The brain dilutes the behaviour insane
    The heart forgetting the brutal slane
    The lips promises to forever smile
    As keeping it partly curved in distress is always a vain

  • smi_vaid 33w

    Who am I to him
    The heart silently questions to the soul
    The soul stay bewildered
    Says I am unknown to the same
    But there is a feeling of connection
    Somewhere I am unable to express
    When his lips presses on mine
    Even the wild mind calms
    When the arms embrace
    And when he places his kiss on the forehead
    A feel of protect, when he scolds
    And when we together our dream share
    An acceptance in a non acceptance
    A love in a no fairy tale romance
    A bond without a knot
    We are but not to be gesture
    With this burden , the soul sits without any answer
    No one to play a specific role in each's life
    Can't imagine a life without too
    We are together but not too
    All I am but still I am unaware
    Whom I am to him.

  • smi_vaid 47w

    #mirakee #writerstolli #writersnetwork

    Wish you all my buddies a very happy new year.

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    Happy New year

    Years passing by
    Again it's time to bid you bye
    Along with true wishes , hope you won't send a lie
    Bleeding with the cut wings, I still dream to fly high

    Would like to make days and nights to one
    And burn as a red hot sun
    Alone spin the life undone
    And keep in mind that we are born to please none.

    It's time to wipe the tears and swipe the fate
    Let's not my emotions be my own bait
    With more love stuffed in my heart crest
    I start my new time to recreate.

  • smi_vaid 48w

    Mould the clay of love
    Essemble in your heart
    Bath it by pouring affection above
    And with a smile, this day you start

    Let the energy flow through your soul
    And to the skin it absorb
    Spread and swim as a shoal
    To the Conciousness , the life, you rob

    The eyes gleaming bright
    And the lips speaking peace
    Igniting the inner light
    Bring the ego in ease

    Pushed by some one else
    You never should fall
    Believe in your only self
    Have faith in your inner call

  • smi_vaid 50w

    Faded lamp with a faded light

    A faded lamp with a faded light
    Fingers guarding to burn it bright
    The shine reflecting onto the eyes
    Penetrates inside to inflict the hope demised
    Conveys the thoughts in whisper
    Shed the old and wear the new glitter
    Give the way to a clear vision
    That rides past even a galaxial expedition
    Where there is no boundaries to restrict
    And you rewrite your own script

  • smi_vaid 54w

    The freckles of you are in me
    As a hope for a new life to see
    The moments stings inside my lonely soul
    As the feel never departs me whole
    Death too does not haunt me so close
    Like the memories in the mind when pose
    Connect is eternal and so deep
    The love drops out as tears when I weep
    Calmly and softly I hide u deep inside
    My dreams hit yours , and together it rides
    It interwines, as one divinity it holds
    And my life floats safe as you behold.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    You in Me


  • smi_vaid 65w

    Rab ke damaan mein aashiyana hai mera
    Chanda apni roshni se badan seke mera
    Ulji ulji tandi hawa jaise suljaye meri zulfe
    Sajilen nazaraton se , jhilmilaye meri nazarein
    Raat ka andhera bhi surili mahsoos hue
    Khamosh dil bhi chale kuch naye geet likhne

    My home is in the foothills of the divinity
    Even the moon basks me with its light bright
    The tangled breeze too eases my entangled hair knots
    The scenic beauty soothes my hazy eye spots
    The dark night sings beautifully along
    My silent heart now is ready to write a new song


    #mirakee #writerstolli #writersnetwork

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    Rab ke damaan mein aashiyana hai mera
    Chanda apni roshni se badan seke mera
    Ulji ulji tandi hawa jaise suljaye meri zulfe
    Sajilen nazaraton se , jhilmilaye meri nazarein
    Raat ka andhera bhi surili mahsoos hue
    Khamosh dil bhi chale kuch naye geet likhne


  • smi_vaid 67w

    Let us celebrate Independence by thinking freely, bring new positive thoughts, imbibing new energy in and freeing our own self from the bonded world.

    Baadalon ke peeche se Sooraj jhakka
    Kaalen ghane andhiyara hatakar
    Pulkit sa ujwal
    Nazar aayi usko sab nayee sajal
    Kahta , mein toh beethe kal ko na bhayaan karu
    Bas humse hain hoti shuruwat din ki nayi
    Hamari kiranen jaha tak pahuche, utna vistar hamara
    Naye sapnon se jage har din, sansar Sara
    Raat ke aahat mein bhi hamari deep jale dheemi
    Hamari raahen takke alingan ko Yeh aasman neeli
    Sametkar baahon ko, meri kiranon ko lapet le
    Dukh bari gaatha ko muskurahat se sekh le
    Jal itna ki dhuaan bhi ute oocha itna
    Ki farsh ki naap bhi Nazar na aaye jitna

    The sun peeked behind the black clouds
    Removing the darkness
    Rising bright with a smile
    It witnessed a new beautiful sight
    Says, I never depict the past days
    But my days start with every new rays
    The reign of mine is till my rays extend
    The world rises with new dreams blend
    It glazes even in the dim night
    The blue sky waits often to meet in delight
    Extend your arms and embrace my rays
    The sad story with a smile, let us erase
    Burn as a phoenix in the universe
    Let the stars write your new verse

    #mirakee #writerstolli #writersnetwork #hindi #independence #freedom

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