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  • smartsam 13h

    Your Beauty!

    Who cares for your looks?
    All Beauty is not outside!



  • smartsam 2d

    Love Divine Bloom!

    Trigger hot
    flashy eyes spark!
    Be incessant in dawn
    or vigorous in night dark!

    White ink
    juicy lips!
    So soft bare young &
    Ouch! sense click deep!

    Soft eyes closed hmmm
    & loud unbearable Ahhh!
    Phases many so darl
    of exited amour & love!

    Smooth than silk
    soft than velvet!
    Cushions of your soul
    night whole my
    head on it rest!

    The want the need
    thurst & speed!
    Shy all cast away
    kinky, perverse, depraved we
    love amalgamates love
    lust throbs lewd!

    So aromatic the feel darling
    vibes hot in bedroom!
    Silent sleeps the world
    while we two in
    love divine bloom!



  • smartsam 4d

    Dead Me.

    I'm happy for my end is close
    thus hurt conspire me they
    won't I suppose!

    This breathe will halt
    I will be ground!
    No pain more any
    no fear tense me surround!

    Satan clouded me
    demons in god worshippers form!
    Stabbed me & my love innocent
    long ago from!

    It was his preset
    or it was incident!
    My feelings, love, life
    everyday preset brutal accident!

    I wont just be dead
    rather I shall be relieved!
    So better if I was dead
    before I was lived!


  • smartsam 1w

    Be My Wife!

    I already fire
    darling be my ice!
    You too arson honey then
    there's no other choice!

    I love sweet &
    You my icecream so!
    Devour each other we
    although begin bit slow!

    I am sleepy
    you're my bed!
    Don't ask how unceasing
    I pillow my kiss!
    Come on!

    I love trees
    you are my green!
    Your fruits bounteous
    I greedily eat!
    In your bosom bough
    I lay aflame!

    I love river secluded
    & be it you!
    Let me dive in deep
    moist warm love
    wet we obviously due!

    You so emotional,
    talented woman!
    And I need eager in life
    Wait no more beloved
    be my soul honey
    you be my wife!


  • smartsam 1w

    World Mental Day!

    Accept or not
    I'm one mad you other one!
    What a coincidence though
    in various stream all
    confess but none!

    This world is crazy
    it's just different labels!
    Nutty, flappy, mad
    name each other they
    easy & interchangeable!

    Some love money for it
    they desert health & wives!
    Other mad of man & women
    nay bear these other choice!

    Sadly few are
    mad of multi fear!
    In past what occurred
    or what will happen never!

    Psycho to cranky
    clumsy if not weird!
    Back behind or upfront
    label & name each other
    real & or to hide own fear!

    This world is sadly slipped
    of love, trust & kindness!
    What more you call it than
    a world of mental sickness?!


    World Mental Day
    10th October 21

  • smartsam 1w

    We Two!

    Is it really you
    or just my infatuation?
    Are you true dear
    or my dreams only broken?

    Will you be true
    of my heartbeat & soul?
    Love me until love
    I'm buried in soil?

    Can we be one
    they says it's made in heaven!
    Whatever but I take step forward
    & from you expect even!

    Will I feel calm force
    as you hand on my shoulder?
    Will I be at peace
    when you find my ties, wallet
    other & folder?

    Will your word be
    my other oxygen!
    Will breathe to my soul you be
    when go in depression?

    Can both alone sober matter
    sit and talk?
    Problems mutually we two
    sit together & sought!

    Can we be really love one
    & better half?
    No need to explain beloved
    life is so hard!

    Can you cook my
    favourite dishes!
    Night & again
    Unhesitatingly I
    shower you with kisses!

    If not more
    kids we two!
    Tell me my dear
    Marry me will you?

    From me too
    & just we too.
    Let us be honey
    forever we two!

    Marry me will you
    Tell me dear
    Will be my dear,
    love me truly you?


  • smartsam 1w

    My Weakdays!

    People have Sunday to Saturday.

    I have:



  • smartsam 1w

    एक हम और..!

    एक तड़प
    एक धड़कन!
    एक जलन
    अनोखी चाहत!

    एक हम, एक तुम!

    और बस ये दायरा!


  • smartsam 1w

    Love Justified!

    Lust is must
    stroke & those thurst!
    That jerks & eager more
    deep core so much
    none last none first!

    Daily a routine
    mode new & pattern!
    Love deep love
    lust hot lust in!

    Eating those soft
    lips a moist pink!
    Deep down we both
    mouth or sink.

    Eating mad brown tips
    throw away bra & gown!
    Hot lust sport we both
    while sleeping rest all town!

    Silent night we moan fun
    even after rise the sun!
    Love knows no end darl
    lust is far unknown some!

    Lust a book we read
    flesh hot on hot flesh!
    Everything possible just
    peaceful lone the place!

    Love is justified much
    lust is want hidden as much!
    Tips to toe & amour
    no words to measure
    erotic full love-lust!


  • smartsam 1w

    When Beauty Blooms!

    When the bud blooms
    Oh! It's so beautiful!
    Step ahead of college
    & or school!

    Ripen those lips
    & soft so cutis!
    Life in phase youthful
    only you then beauteous!

    Charm of age
    vigor & eager spirit!
    Heart & mind so eager
    but fear many if I love it!

    The warmth the smile
    cute looks so docile!
    It's not only cute looks
    your voice your own style!

    Eyes docile yet no relay
    what the heart really say!
    Meet me Oh! my cherished
    as soon as you may!