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  • smartsam 1d

    ��Our Love Forever!��

    Eyes yours
    vision mine!

    Being you
    soul me!

    Body yours
    baby my!
    You my love
    we like earth mates sky!

    Thoughts your
    my concept!
    Speak thy
    words my own!

    Family is life
    lots of fun!
    A daughter cute we have
    and also one son!

    Two souls although
    we different!
    Day & night unite
    two bodies our soul one!

    I'm your chilly
    you my spice!
    Everything we knit in
    all our life!

    Two our minds
    dream but one!
    You my wife loving
    me your cherished husband!


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    Our Love Forever!


  • smartsam 4d

    Poem Alive!

    Poem is love
    not just lines.
    Poems render message
    when voice not shine!

    Poem is love
    poem is art.
    Poesy great skill
    poem a gem hidden in dark!

    Poem is depth
    inculcated nay kept!
    Laughs giggles poesy
    poesy black & white wept!

    Poems metaphor,
    words its feather
    words its spear!
    In way different perceived rather!

    For many hobbies
    others butter & bread!
    If not read & liked
    poem is dead!


    #arspoetica #wod #mirakee

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    Poem Alive!


  • smartsam 5d

    Love you my Queen!

    Me composing a poem
    hmm! feel ain't really dude!
    Look at scene I
    but pondering over you!

    Me reading a book
    really not so!
    Your memories keep
    crossing my mind to & fro!

    I'm I waiting for a bus.
    Well not fully right.
    For you eagerly love
    waiting my sight!

    With my friends
    am I really laughing?
    Not really oh dove!
    I endeavour you impressing!

    What I really got to do
    strolling by your college?
    Just you I want to meet
    praise & acknowledge!

    Oh this panorama!
    Exploring me this
    beautiful natural scene!
    Yet everything empty darling
    if you ain't my queen!


    #mirakee @mirakee
    #poem #ode #pod #writersbay
    @writersbay @writersnetwork
    #writersnetwork #writingcontest
    #creativearena #love #lovebirds

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    My Queen!


  • smartsam 1w

    Love & Vow!

    Ye my glory
    ye my drop due!
    You only best dame
    hardly any like you!

    Amidst thy gender
    hardly woman sweet any!
    So pristine thy soul
    rarely found honey!

    Weather is fair &
    our hearts in love!
    Now's the time
    exchange love rings,
    & marriage vows!

    The days are bright!
    Night teasing I wonder
    for what reason?
    Take deep in heart my love
    fullfledged now wedding season!


    #wod #pod #love @love @mirakee #mirakee #mirakeewriters @mirakeewriters @writersnetwork #writersnetwork #wedding @wedding

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    Love & Vow!


  • smartsam 1w

    Love Recipe!

    You in my mind
    in poem for good time!
    Adding verbs & adjectives
    cook with good rhymes!

    My words are spicy
    and you so sexy!
    These lines like noodles
    plus words hot juicy!

    On the portal bed
    in heart you I laid!
    Silently in you smile
    & yes excitedly said!

    I'm lines you got space.
    A beautiful delicious
    darling love
    cake we make!

    Nothing in my mind only
    smack you & love you!
    So this recipe of love amor
    sweety I make for you!


  • smartsam 1w

    Unrhymed Poesy!

    Dear poet/ writer.

    This is all about writing better.
    Well writing is slow than what we think
    And thoughts are not before we see that particular object, topic, fact or thought.

    Its not needed to continuously write. Just chill take a break just as long driver travellers do.
    Its refreshes. Invigorate may be too. Take a new fresh breath and unknowingly new words lyrics and thoughts pop up in mind.

    Basically keep in good words. Imagine them mentally.
    This help you not forget it.

    Then to beautify the poetic garland consider other flowers or aspects of poem too.

    That is rhyme, figures of speech, also tallying & soft hints arouse the hearts of readers!

    Imagine is the beginning.
    So never under estimate that.

    Now with this pictures in your mind configure the interesting topic out of it. Further dress up this poesy forming in beautiful adjectives & good words.
    All the while do not forget best implications of simplicity. Yes keep things simple too. After all thats what general people like
    also many others!

    Give good rhymes, so a good font & picture as it boost your hardwork!

    Not always write/talk directly. Compose maybe little thought provoking to the reader. This gives depth & high value to your poesy or work!

    The start & end should leave forceful, soft & thoughtful effect as per the topic leaving the reader to ponder more about your deep beautiful thoughts encrafted in poetic words!

    Figures of speech adds various colour to the poem. So use it too!

    And be certain the universe too is a poem! A poem of our loving creator JEHOVAH GOD!
    He will surely help you.
    So keep writing & be happy!

    Hope you like it.

    Revert please.



  • smartsam 2w


    Life is all but hopes.
    Between expectation
    till desire until u can't cope.

    Desire plays important role!
    Wishes and wants
    we call it then goal.

    The desires of eyes
    the complexity of make.
    Intention in heart
    makes the desire up wake!

    Wants and desires
    choices and likes.
    In shape different
    and unique size!

    The image built in heart
    of the things desired.
    Often but prove
    Results are totally
    apart than what was desired !


    #mirakee @mirakee

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  • smartsam 2w

    Hmmm! ❤️ Ahhhh!!

    The release the quick
    ecstatic the tick.
    The benovelent the peace
    the ufff the relief!

    Mountains loaded
    boom eased
    The sum final of love
    lovegum released!

    Your queen to be
    love had seized
    Again & again I want
    this my love prince!

    The bloom if heart
    the blowing apart!
    Helpless my soul
    in craze of love sport!

    The soul is high-tide
    the feeling unknown rise!
    No matter how much ye try
    love can't be hide!

    Oh come quick beloved
    pluck the bloom apples!
    Eat it all my love
    Hard & soft love
    redden all the nipples!

    My face is pink bloomed
    ignite fire I plead!
    Devour me please
    lustburn this fleshwood!

    Suck it, snack it
    until all it leak!
    I won't shall agitate honey
    For I'm so love sick!

    Come to me in night
    not in day!
    Devour me in love
    make me your lust prey!

    Love had many
    modes and way!
    Every love act ye fullfill
    I shall hint you the way!

    Make sure you
    grip me tight!
    Let me weaken & loose
    in thy embrace full night!

    Soul bloomed also shy
    lust me kiss me
    all night you love me hard
    stroke me thrust me!

    Kiss me, love me
    grip me, smooch me!
    Ease the sweet secret pain
    unceasing darling till dawn
    our love game!

    Hmmm! Ahhhh!!

    #mirakee @mirakee

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    Hmmm! Ahhhh!!


  • smartsam 2w

    Come in!

    Kiss for kiss
    lips for lips!
    Close thy eyes
    smooch excited deep!

    Feel you smooth
    sway your palms!
    Eat the chocolate
    grip tight- soft
    in your palms.

    Squeeze thy bounteous two
    sip, eat, lust all through!
    Cute your figure
    eager you too!

    Touch soft & deep
    moist thy clit!
    Tip to deep in
    Excite untill ye moist
    lick & I eat.

    We do excess & no break
    day & night we darling
    love & deep sex!

    Mate we all-time
    my abode & camp!
    I'm your love
    you my nymph!

    Come in!


  • smartsam 2w

    Cool Conversation!

    Approach with smile
    may be some cool style.

    Don't be too wordy
    listen her some while!
    Be little comely
    let's things be fair on both side!

    Say simple hello
    and expect same!
    Interrupt not please
    it spoils the aim!

    Do give thanks
    and appreciate!
    If he wants to say
    it ok little wait!

    Nod thy head, and
    in hmm agree
    be mild and bit slowly
    if you disagree!

    Respect the speaker
    value the listener.
    Simple you be not
    words juggler!

    Important have the
    topic meaningful !
    Never slander nor gossip
    that proves one fool!

    Use exclamation, and smile in between.
    Appreciate your speaker
    be him baby, kid, old or sixteen!

    This world is grim
    people pet beast!
    No human to listen
    forget care heart &
    soul in drought ill!

    Show manners & simplicity
    yes be cool.
    A good conversation is like
    A flower bloomed
    in dry parched hill!


    #writingcontest #creativearena #mirakee #wod @mirakee

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