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  • sliceofrainbow 81w

    You are the fire to my dynamite

  • sliceofrainbow 82w

    That's the beauty about love
    when your at the edge of loosing it
    you just value it more than your life itself

  • sliceofrainbow 108w

    I may not be the theme to all your Dreams
    But baby i have saved you on 'mine'.

  • sliceofrainbow 117w

    Refuse to settle for anything less than the best

  • sliceofrainbow 118w


    Getting done what you could
    in just a try is as simple as it is
    Getting done something which nobody
    believed in you, is an inavitable moment
    And this fullfillment is unexplainable

  • sliceofrainbow 120w

    Your not just a star
    But the whole constellation
    That reach upto the ends of my world

  • sliceofrainbow 127w


    Reading over those conversations
    that made me change my mind
    which won over my stubborness
    You seem like that hot cup of coffee
    on those longing long nights
    cold in those shimmer cloths
    You were right I already want more of you.

  • sliceofrainbow 131w


    You be the shooter,
    Let me be there somewhere in the field passing you the ball and iel be there amoung the Crowd to cheer you to"every step you take"

  • sliceofrainbow 137w

    At first I thought life is constantly hitting on me ,then I see the shield I was born gifted with
    " the mind".

  • sliceofrainbow 138w

    Your the Sun of my Tropic Summer and
    Iam your moon to your Coldest Nights