Few names open heart chakra Like they are cabin for soul

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  • sksfantasy_girl 2w

    Bye bye

  • sksfantasy_girl 4w

    #life #lotus
    Lotus know how to suppress darkness and burn it into passion holding self with compassion.
    Teaches patience and working on seeking light,following truth even in darkness and obscured planes(stem is that pull,thread,connection pulled up by invisible power for divine reunion known as destiny)

    Smiles are in florets nature,its the joy and sense of accomplishing purpose of life.Silent and powerful in own grace,standing alone elegantly in praise of his lover.The love of life is the story of divine union.

    We are here to find core existence not make any place in the world or reach somewhere cause this world is mere a shadow total a spellbound illusion
    gleaming like moon from original fire keepers elixers.
    Love yourself!

    No one should be above our existence otherwise real yearning will not survive to blossom as faith and awakening.How will we go back to home without making an original key?
    Its a separation phase that's why its painful because real joy is embodying wholeness.None different from other stars,plants,animals of the creation.All are one, to treat same with equal rights.Hurting them is killing one part of soul healed during process.The life is not as it seems to be.Only self-love,not ruling above anything or anyone but becoming that pure vessel so that white light can flow through the vessel to ripples curves of new era and culture.

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    I love light which make even mud beautiful
    I love this lotus crown wearing enlightenment on head
    Life is the name of broken pieces,this place is an abyss
    We are blooming lotus floating in the pond
    Came here to polish those tiny fragments left with tiny spark
    To join with kintsugi and seed a new lotus seed
    In that darkness like a firefly so that
    one day it will illuminate as an opening of a new bloom
    leaving this world behind
    Freeing self from the chains of overwhelming demons
    Becoming whole making path for the lost one's
    To know how to climb up?
    By looking up!

  • sksfantasy_girl 4w

    Everyone has different fascination
    So i am not criminal if i don't get excited over the things you get just like you make fun of my likes in undercover smile.

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    I don't know why but i am not interested in the famous painting mona lisa.

  • sksfantasy_girl 12w

    Pepper Bird-"Always wanted to live a different life!
    Out of mould but it needs patience,faith and self-love cause a different life is created from within if we use our imaginations than chase....."

    Kettle-"Good people only gives you smile.Stories live in hearts.Stories gives reason to live,because of them heart beats.That's what dreams are for to keep you awake in the sleeping world."

    Knife-"Dreams are messages from the invisible guides; helping us to walk in true direction to create a new fairytale,telling us this is the possibility of our future.Have faith and keep on dreaming like chopping vegetable and slicing fruits.
    Continue following and loving your dream one day it will become your reality.Till then it is reaching towards optimum contidions so that this gift of life can be opened which is going through the process means a struggle.Dreams are awareness;path to enlightment i.e.freedom."

    Glass-"A drunk sleep in this sleeping world with walking sleepers.Dreams carry your archetype,waking up alarm,are peace,passion within.An invisible communication from eternal till eternity.Dreams are sweet drinks of kindness pouring out from you cause dreamers are always kind.
    You should be aware about the difference between dream and mirage created by mind.The last battle to win before it comes true as a test.
    It is possible or not is an another thing but if you don't want it saying it is impossible due to certain reasons is the biggest sin;an irresponsible behaviour.This unconcious choice is a framework ,represents its already in yours existence.You are running away from commitment!"

    Coffee Mug-"Dreaming is a potential work.It needs concentration and passion to awake with wide eyes open.Its like being a magnet and opening various mysteries in a single moment and creating a personal library.
    It is like meditating to get answers and reach new standards.Most paperwork is directly done in imaginations.Data gets safely stored without any risk of virus .Hence final draft comes out in physical parameters.Imaginations are alive only because of daydreaming."

    Kitchen girl-"Its foolish to live in this world for world!!!
    Living for Fantasy is what gives life a meaning and many beautiful turns.Dreams are reason of existence.Dream is a Gift!"

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    I am grateful for having painless body, mind which can focus wherever i want to and breaths heightening in imaginations.
    Happy ingredients to cook bowl of a magic everyday in an ordinary life!

  • sksfantasy_girl 14w


    Hey mirakeeans this is "Love frequency 528hz"
    I am your host mush_room,gonna have some talks about mysterious key of hearts that is love.

    Love is that frequency in which everything becomes clear.I can sense the freshness of morning and birds piping increases my seretonin level.

    Love is that tear which changes orbits of planets,wash away dirt of misfortunes and curse of death. Intution guides my way,rational thoughts tootles as perfect company and gives me goosebumps to reach at the correct door.
    Monsoon celebrates harmony with me.

    Love is that quest which gives courage in fear,faith to hold on(feels like ease at home),hope in despair(memories to laugh),reason to wake up and an energy to jump out of bed.The sighs of peaceful breathes mutters that i am in concious flow.

    Love is that longing which listens beats when heart beats,that focus which never goes astray, finds a loud rythm in silence beyond others reach known as daydreaming and indulges us in curiosity.

    Love is telepathy,no need of any network
    Still total information accurately exchanges between two hearts
    Everything is made of love but it looks different.That's why we should do what we love because to create something we need base of true love,only then it survives all battles.


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    Mirakeefm 528Hz

    Love is the key to success,answer in every quest,power to win which rules in pure heart.

  • sksfantasy_girl 14w

    When we want something we become hollow but when we play dance moves we become full.
    Never want,be that love
    else leave;don't get stuck
    Especially mid of outer stances and dark forces,dare to find solution and speak truth of you
    Wanting is a force drags downwards,cause it make you feel unworthy and helpless
    When we leave,its an uplifting force,like its
    yours and it pulls back everything yours
    When you get busy in other soul work
    When we are in joy,its calling from the source

  • sksfantasy_girl 14w


    We are passed with a very wrong concept that success is reaching somewhere or getting this or that but its opposite of that.Success is an inward journey,its a virtue of soul to find purpose and give it away to this world by walking in and living it.It is not what its look like.Its like paving a very new road with the help of intution while fighting alone and opening a new portal or vision which changes the dynamics of old parameters.

    For me success is courage to live life an original.The world you live in reveries strengthened in faith to create here in limited resources.Let no one can break your willpower by rouge words to leave yourself.
    Success is finding different techniques to do same tasks more creatively.Success is being curious,how more good things we can do everyday than what achieved yet.Ability to observe circumstances in unique way is a treasure;No complaining,blaming, but alway ready to look up after despair,finding a path to an impossible opportunity is what makes man a human.

    Making a move though scared and after failing again and again not loosing personal values.In those failure the extraordinary patterns of life lead a massive blast of happiness.Caue failure is another name of going through the process and it should be enjoyed,taken as improving and sharpening focus to cultivate focus,patience to be able to give best when higher responsibilities encounters in life so that we may not fall in regrets of damage due to recklessness.

    Yes,but when we compare,copy than trying to live life in our own messy way,we loose our power to be different and thats severe loss.May be dismantled mindset never let rise.

    Success is breaking limits for truth.Its search of own soul,so yes we need a special move and it can be found within not outside.A very personal way of living with gratitude is success.Happy in what you have is ladder to abundant but being sad and running away from present is damaging base of growth which is failure.A rough base of imperfect you and your life can only be finished in a big success but if you are not you then this will not create a good life because everything is in you.We only need a boat to float on water but how we repair and transform into luxury till we live is our responsibility and here our capibility emerges,a loyal heart to keep and cherish a flawed boat.

    Success is creating with passion and pure heart,serving like we raise a child and not expecting because power to create distorts.Its a transformation not a trophy which gives happiness and change is always beautiful.Goodness always return into goodness.So keep giving heart in everything because a loyal heart is what is the love of universe.A big empire stands over strong base which is always invisible and it is built over each moment of love.Its about sowing seeds when no one appreciated and supported not the time of plucking fruits.It is believing in a new way of thinking and a fight for truth than loosing confidence in seeking approvals.It is self-love!

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    Success is cultivating loyal,brave,truth every momen than owing anything else.
    One day we all vanishe like ghost in silence!

  • sksfantasy_girl 15w


    Universe falls for you
    In daydreams
    Spiritual downloads
    A secret fight for love

    Cognitive minds against shallow
    Awareness is a gift!
    Be courage to live it!
    Not everybody had access to
    Higher dimensional light and understanding

    Faith is key
    To protect,cherish this magic
    Faith is surrender
    Giving life to serve vision
    Evolve as adventure

    It doesn't live old ways
    Continuously expands
    You are also one
    Why to breathe fossils?

    Cause it will birth from you.
    If there is no courage to endure
    criticism of being different then
    here no life will be possible
    to survive in you as magic.

  • sksfantasy_girl 15w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short tale on Seaside
    But poetry peeps from corners like chicks

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    Mermaid cool hide

  • sksfantasy_girl 15w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short write-up on Annoying

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    Those words;cubes of sugar,annoying my limbs!