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  • skitext__ 3d

    We all go through a lot for reasons we have always wanted to understand.
    For reasons we all wish to understand.
    On some sad times, our sad moments. . we lock up ourselves running aimlessly from the things tomorrow might still present to us.
    Shouldn't we all be learning?
    Preparing ourselves,
    Accepting what's before us,
    Believing there's a cause for it.
    A cause for every challenge we encounter.
    Shouldn't we all be learning?
    Writing might not be enough,
    Love might not,
    Your tears won't do.
    Learning that everything becomes a part of you when you accept to let go.


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    Learning will it be.

  • skitext__ 5w

    If I could give it all, I wouldn't have spent forever writing this same piece.
    The time isn't here yet,
    But here I am writing my last piece.
    Unfolding our memories;
    Weaving it into poetry.
    I'm a scar on every page; torn in between the night that listens to my wishes.

    I'm my own poem.

    I'm poetry.
    You'd only find me in pages ....


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    If you could end it all in poetry..

  • skitext__ 5w

    Don't stop wishing for the stars to fall;
    'Cause the night might never end.

  • skitext__ 7w

    There are no memories left to weave;

    Just you and I behind our regrets.

  • skitext__ 12w

    I write to you even when you're not there.

    These pages don't even hold my emotions; even tho you're oblivious to my tears.

    I'd smile and still wait for a reason to do it again.

  • skitext__ 13w

    If there weren't any pictures to see, would you still read my words?

    Aren't they comforting?
    They're not healing words neither are they encouraging..

  • skitext__ 15w

    Why does my tears taste like the regrets we'd both have if we dared to love?

    The south wind knows, that these emotions will find its way to the grave;

  • skitext__ 15w

    Let's not fall;
    Or we might just wither away..

  • skitext__ 16w

    Your love became a scar in between the time you left and the moment we never had;
    Did you remember when kisses were stolen from the cracks we both left on the wall?
    Our past would've been a happy ending; if only time waited for us.
    Was it love?
    Or we were just somewhere closer to it?

  • skitext__ 17w

    If I sail, how do I become a prayer you've to tell every night?

    If I sail; how do I remain regrets that needs to be forgotten?