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  • sista_alia 30w


    When people ask me how would I describe myself

    I am an average diamond
    That has been encased in coal
    Flawed to some and perfect for the rest

    I am an illusion
    A figment of some men's imagination
    For when I leave their presence
    They can't find a replacement of my caliber

    I am a lioness
    I will silently stalk my prey
    Waiting for the right moment
    Just to pounce and devour those tiny morsels

    I am a visionary
    I see things before they happen
    I work to create and bring to fruition
    I never take no for an answer

    I am a woman
    Full of joy unless angered
    Full of sadness until I find peace


  • sista_alia 30w

    Being AFRAID

    When I met you
    I knew there was something special about you
    The way I felt while in your arms
    The look of desire in your eyes
    I became afraid of my own heart
    Was it betraying me
    Was it lying to me
    Because in that moment I knew it didn't beat for me
    I knew the extra beat came when you came near me
    When you simply asked how I was
    It skipped a beat when you touched me
    Your hand on my skin fit like a glove
    Oh the thoughts that would run through my mind
    The elation that would come about my face
    For in that simple moment in time
    I knew I was at peace at home with you.

  • sista_alia 30w

    Some Days

    Some days it is best just to walk away
    Walk away from all the drama
    Walk away from the hatred
    Walk away from the pain

    Somedays it is best to say nothing
    Nothing to the argument
    Nothing to the unwanted advice
    Nothing to the voices that want to give their opinions

    Oh some days!

    Some days we have to deal with the fight
    Some days we have to face our fears
    Some days we have to root for a team we don't like

    Oh some days!

    Some days we want to dress up pretty
    Some days we want to lay in the bed
    Some days we want to be left to the silence
    And some days we want to hear our phones

    Oh for those some days

    Some days we want to bark out orders
    Some days we want to hear a command
    Some days we want to sit by a fire
    And some days we want to lay by a pool

    We all have days when we want to explore life
    Days we want to cherish the ups and downs
    Days we learn to live without borders
    Days we just want to lay down our crowns

    Oh some days!

  • sista_alia 34w

    I am

    From the root I am woman
    A lioness you might say
    Oh you know her the hunter of the prey
    You may sometimes hear me roar
    Fearing my prowess you often run
    Never knowing I can be your strength
    Oh you foolish man
    Supposed king of the jungle
    As I hunt I often have to remind myself of the power I hold inside
    And yet .....
    Nobody sees my pain as I hold myself tight
    Sees my tears that I quickly wipe from my eyes
    Nobody hears the groans that come from turmoil
    Nor hears the sighs of a hard day
    It is only when the supply is low that you know my name
    When the food is few that you notice I have significant impacted the circle of our life
    The balance of life or death
    Oh you mighty protector
    Show forth more than your great mane
    Know to who you have to depend on for as your lioness
    I am your root