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  • sinister_sage 56w

    You entered my life without any permission
    Yet here I am, counting blessings every passing season
    Few friends had warned of all the unanticipated love I'd receive
    Never did I imagine, you'd teach me selfless love, a motherly instinct I believe
    We may teach you tricks and actions of sit, stay, up, down, wave & fetch
    But the life lessons you imparted are so fundamental, the simplicity is unmatched.
    Be it the joy of greeting your loved ones or even strangers & acquaintances
    You are never partial, the happy tail wags knows no human set boundaries
    To wait for your human, and dance with joy when they return home
    Your sloppy kisses on the face can make a heart melt out of stone
    The way you learn so quick when offered a piece of cheese
    I realise through small delights like these, what gratefulness is
    How you try so hard to get toys at height and never easily give up
    Social butterfly you'd be, the way you interact with other pups
    I knew how to love, perhaps I did lack the flair for sharing & receiving warmth
    But you my honey pie, led my love to transcend & empathize through all lifeforms

    #dog #petlove #doglove

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    I knew how to love, perhaps I did lack the flair for sharing & receiving warmth

    But you my honey pie, led my love to transcend & empathize through all lifeforms

  • sinister_sage 59w

    A Reminder

    I agree, the entire world is in the midst of chaos & unbecoming,
    That the times are tough & the government's callousness is worth condemning
    Few words could never sum up the suffering
    Of folks of deceased, struck with grief, rage, dread & helplessness
    Nor would some words do justice
    To the benevolence of warriors of frontline health, logistics, transport & cleanliness.

    But these words are for the likes of you & me
    who mask the faces, but may fail to mask our anxious, feared emotions,
    It's okay, talk it out, stop feeding your thoughts with headless notions

    I agree it feels like life has sent us on a stormy voyage,
    But I also believe, mankind would return bruised, yet with enhanced courage.
    As the saying goes, where there's life, there's hope,
    Joy, empathy & faith are indispensable, hold on tight to that rope.
    And once this situation ceases to exist
    Let this poem be a reminder,
    To hold onto your loved ones a little tighter.

    - Rishika


  • sinister_sage 88w

    Devouring Authority


    Most men can withstand adversity with grace
    but if you want to test a man's character,
    give him power.

  • sinister_sage 100w

    The pair of black eyes begin the day
    Not to the piercing blues of 6" tech
    But to the soothing hues of dawn break
    They gaze through the breezy haze
    Of flying flocks of larks, who start early
    Chirping, making perfect arcs
    Between the valleys of far-off hills
    Whose peaks are veiled under cottony fluffs
    To which her heartbeat fluently speaks
    Cuz they shape in shape of her tiny dreams
    Bringing little daily joys when they are filled
    With hues of sharp whites, which
    Unlike portraits, do not shy away,
    They pose, splendidly for her 3rd eye view
    Teesri aankh, she calls it fondly
    Capturing brightest stars & planets
    And appreciating their presence
    She sometimes gazes hard at the yellow ball
    with her tinted glasses on
    Not realising the intensity
    with which it gazes back
    But that doesn't stop her,
    Nothin could,
    except the Windows on her laptop
    Which holds her mind, fastens belt tight
    She catches glimpses of now precious freedom,
    Free floating wings, flying through the purest blue
    contrasting against the bricks red hued
    Aah, there she finds peace
    For she is the Tottochan of real world
    Spotting rainbows, hearts & stars
    A perfect recipe to the Unicorn that her life is

    As the dusk approaches, sharp rays
    breach through the clouds
    like love drips out her heart
    The chroma adds to the drama
    That although her favourite time of the day
    slips through & creeps in the kohl night,
    It's in those phases of the white pearl in the calm sky that her warm soul resides in
    And so she yearns for her space & Time,
    For the crater-filled gleaming stone
    That only comes to her window only for few nights
    Like Krishna visits Meera to address her longing
    & during those times, her bliss knows no bounds
    For she feels all the phases - full, amavas, crescent, wolf or supermoon
    Like they have been her soul's own dramatic phases
    Visibile only through the

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    Window to her soul

  • sinister_sage 107w

    I wrote this long back & posted it earlier too. Today, it stands apt when I heard about Sushant Singh Rajput's demise. It ain't just right, some actors go through physical pain and yet don't lose their will to live while some go through mental pain & take their own lives.
    Let's not succumb to those fleeting moments that lead to such dire consequences

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    But now the chaos has got her addicted to the pain, the stress, the drama..
    'Ain't gotta pause', 'keep up with the world', suppress your trauma..
    A white flag lays on her conscience's doors, can't battle nor accept her greys..
    Chaos ain't no ladder, depression is a pit; a hand in need, it's not just a phase..
    A demurral to let out the exasperation, her patience wears thin..
    Battling through the morass, she succumbs to the demon within..

  • sinister_sage 110w


    What amuses me
    is how people tell you
    to go live your dreams.
    To achieve them,
    make goals.

    Yet never really realising,
    it's all being fed to your mind.
    Right from your birth
    or even before it.

    All those stories
    we've heard
    or were passed on to us
    by generations,
    is hardly our own mind talking
    but somebody else's
    who fed his concepts to us
    Tweaked through ages.

    A big cave, to a grand mansion
    A humble bullock cart
    To a sleek limousine

    We dream through our mind
    That feeds on thoughts,
    thoughts which were
    a part of someone else's story

    So all media
    asking me
    to live my dream,
    I've got mine figured out.
    I'd erase all my memory,
    live in Arctic
    & let my own thoughts
    build my dreams.

    you can go live
    & muddle with else's dreams.

  • sinister_sage 112w


    Bachpan me nibandh likhne ki baari aati
    Toh aksar mai ek gulabi ki Kali ban jati

    Jab kisi ne pucha tumhari kya hai kahani
    Mai muskura ke yaad karti apni manmani

    Kaise geeli dharti maa ki god me pali badi
    Kabhi pucha nahi ki ye kya hai meri unse kadi

    Jis maali ne mujhe bade pyar se pala posa
    Thi mai unki aankhon mein kosa

    Khush thi zindagi se, kuch gulabiyon ki bani dost
    Top of the world feeling aane lagi sochkar ye duniya is my host

    Ab Zindagi mili hai toh bina maksad bhi kya jeena
    Iccha thi maa ki, haar ki bhagidar banu, jud jau to ishwar ka seena

    Jaha se pyar mila, unhen dhoka kaise dijiye
    Toh khile hum aise, ki maali humko haar wale ko bech diye

    Baawre ho gaye soch ke ki haar me hi jeet hai
    Par bhaiyya Mandir me jake samjhe ki jivan ki alag reet hai.

    Ek kshan bhi gale lage nahi aur moorat se alag kiya pandit ne
    Kya ye thi meri kahani? Bitane the pal ranjish me

    Sochne lagi ki kya hoti burai agar kisine ye keh diya hota
    Ki Tumhe kya paana hai is zindagi se, iska hisab kitab hi nahi hota

    Toh mai har ek baar suraj ki roshni zyada utsah se leti
    Maa ke thande aanchal me roz sir rakh kar soti

    Dridh tehni aur patton se yadi seekhti uttarjeeivita
    Toh shayad aaj hoti unn panno k beech jispar likhi hoti kavita

    Bas chalta toh maali ke hathon ko kaanto se gehra ghav deti
    Kash mai apne keemti pal poori tarah jee leti.

  • sinister_sage 138w

    चाँदनी रात
    बड़ी देर के बाद आई है

    ना खुले आँख
    अगर ख़्वाब है तो ख़्वाब सही

    ये मुलाकात
    बड़ी देर के बाद आई है

    - Saifuddin Saif

  • sinister_sage 143w

    Wo bole Qayamat ki raat
    Mai bolu bin badal barsaat

    Wo bole You cannot live in Rome and fight with the Pope.
    Mai bolu when in Rome, do as Romans do

    Wo bole aasman se gira khajur me atka
    Mai bolu aage kuaan peeche khai

    Wo bole a drop in the ocean
    Mai bolu ocean within the drop

    Fir wo bole ocean & drop both tend to infinity
    Mai fir kya bolu...


    Baat toh wohi hai na
    Fir toh koi baat nahi

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  • sinister_sage 143w

    They say you are a tinsel speck, your contribution matters nothing to the vastness that the Universe is..

    Do you even know who you are?
    Where have you come from?
    Who existed before you were born?
    What bigger picture are you a part of?
    Would any action of yours make a difference to the bigger picture which in turn, you think is appropriate or disproportionate according to your perspective?
    If your actions are miniscule, a teeny tiny speck in the fathomless ocean of the Universe, would it matter if you put in your entire energy and yet make no sense?
    Or if you do not move at all and let the world run its course?

    Do you think you can answer all of these to full satisfaction of your conscience?
    What if the answers you thought made sense are not even remotely correct and not based on a bias that you were brought up with?

    Don't you think these thoughts can put your life on hold?
    What if you could not connect the dots on the map?
    It has already been confirmed that people could fall into a sense of despair and meaninglessness so profound, it might drive them to suicide.

    There's an answer to this, my friend

    It is the gift of our evolution, the conscious mind. It has the power of imagination & memories which in time were narrated as stories.

    Stories have great power because they are trusted. They feel true because they are based on the best knowledge passed down by ancestors over many generations. They have been checked and rechecked for accuracy, plausibility, and coherence using the rich knowledge of people, of stars, of landscapes, of plants and animals.

    And that's what past is, a story we tell ourselves.

    How compelling is History or herstory? Does it move you? Does it fuel your purpose?

    Maybe. Or not.

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