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  • sinegakhetzia 36w

    The Best remedy

    Heal Pain through Passion

  • sinegakhetzia 58w


    Every one sails in the
    ship of mystery!
    Some sunks in misery
    Others sails till victory!


  • sinegakhetzia 62w

    Passing clouds

    Its Okay
    To be a passing cloud

    It thunders, it passes
    It lightens, it passes
    It rains, it passes
    It shines, it passes

    It passes
    Doesn't lapses
    Its Okay
    To be a passing Cloud!


  • sinegakhetzia 62w


    Its in vain to the world,
    Its in vein to the one who hold!

  • sinegakhetzia 63w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Galaxy

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    A mom carries womb in her body,
    Galaxy carries Earth.

  • sinegakhetzia 63w


    Dig with struggle,
    Hold the spade of hard work,
    Go through the rock of experience,
    Achieve the treasure of SUCCESS!

    Not as a digger,
    But as an Achiever!


  • sinegakhetzia 63w

    Faded memories

    Hey silly heart, "why are you still biased to the folks called by his name?"
    "Because memories are faded, not expired" replied my heart beat!

  • sinegakhetzia 64w


    A caterpillar's destiny is accomplished by becoming a butterfly,
    A seed's destiny is
    accomplished by bearing fruit,
    A Man's destiny is accomplished by living a loving life!
    Live your destiny...!

  • sinegakhetzia 64w


    It takes a big courage for a girl to carry his passion amidst crowd that pulls her down!