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  • sindhuramrutha 7w

    In search for Joy

    Savoury dishes turned out stale later,
    People's company was short lived.
    Pride of achievement diluted with time.!
    Marking the arrival of the day,
    when you stop drinking milk
    and no longer sing in the bathroom.!

    What else could give you Joy?

    Many mouths to mock, but
    never a shoulder to lean on.!
    It's the end of trust and
    the beginning of courage.

    So, let the light show you the way
    and the way lead you to say that...
    To live is to Learn,
    To learn is to Love and
    To love is to Liberate.

    Thus, you are what you fight for!
    A fight for something Big,
    something Better and
    something Great!

    May be, no definitely
    this alone could give
    all the Joy you'd ever ask for!

    © Sindhuramrutha

  • sindhuramrutha 16w

    You Only Live Once

    It's said You Only Live Once. Yeah, may be!

    You see hunger on roads but burger on boards, never in sync!
    Chasing the 6th, 7th and 8th senses,
    common sense just droppped out of pockets!

    We talk against nepotism, racism even terrorism,
    But still stand far away from Humanism.
    Fighting the false made us tired to search for truth!

    We run away from noise failing to hear the voice.
    But reminding a fact,
    Silence doesn't solve problems, just escapes them!

    Thus Life is not just Struggle for Survival,
    But a Fight for Revival, and You Only Live Once!


  • sindhuramrutha 29w

    "Balance in Chaos"

    On a misty gusty day...
    far was land, barely visible.

    I remember many ways,
    To choose one, I took days.
    But no,
    Neither of curiosity nor passion.
    Yet yes,
    Either of society or convention.

    With the folks side my way,
    never I chose the bay.
    Of course not of a surprise,
    we all longed for appraise.

    There was sun and it was fun.
    Other wise,
    There was rain and it was pain.
    There was snow and it was slow.

    On one clueless day,
    the road diverted paths.

    It all taught to be -
    Subtle yet gentle
    Greasy but easy.
    And also, to look at
    The stars and down at the stones.
    That made a difference!

    I started moving and kept on going.
    There's never an end, just stories to remind.


  • sindhuramrutha 50w

    Tides beyond Time

    Why do you have to wait
    Till their words go dumb, and touch goes numb?

    Why do you have to wait
    Till all their moments would remain adamant?

    Why do you have to wait
    Till you get that heaviest tear at their funeral?

    Why do you have to wait
    Till your hands tremble to shower flowers on their portrait?

    Why do you have to wait
    Till every trigger would leave you speechless?

    Why do you have to stop waiting?
    We are mortal after all!


  • sindhuramrutha 50w

    Letter to the Lone

    Hey you... Yes, It’s you.!

    Stay with me right here,
    I’m always there to cheer!
    Leave away the Shadows,
    Let us run into the meadows!

    It is not just you.
    It was never only you.

    What makes you feel uncared?
    Are your moments unshared?
    Now c’mon,
    Believe in me and look at the world.
    Beautifully filled with Hope,
    Always to make you Cope.

    What makes you feel sore?
    Are you afraid of ignore?
    Now Get up,
    Hold my hand and come out of the cage.
    Let the love reach out to you,
    It’s shouting out for you.

    It is all around you.
    It was always for you.

    Stand by my side and walk with me.
    Though some don’t bother your essence,
    Many things await your presence.

    The world gives you a call.
    We are humans after all.

    Now, Hold On!
    It’s your turn to choose,
    Whether to cry in the eye
    Or to fly in the sky.

    You are not alone.
    The world is never a stone.


  • sindhuramrutha 50w

    For Once

    For once, Just for once
    Give yourself the freedom
    To silence all the other voices,
    and lend your ears to yourself.

    It's the fight, the fight of your life!

    But for once
    Believe in the screams of your heart,
    The only truth you'll ever know.

    And then you'll always find
    A way back to yourself,
    and never be lost again.!


  • sindhuramrutha 50w

    If so it is, then so it be.

    Wandering in search for the way,
    To nowhere but to find the bay,

    I was taught,
    Not to chase the star.
    Only to taste the war!

    If so it is, then so it be.