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  • simranbawa 4w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork
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    Amusing how you loathe the sun that shines bright and write poems about the moon that is a mere reflection of all that brightness.

  • simranbawa 5w

    Thank you for the love this community has shown to me ♡
    @miraquill @writersnetwork
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    Beauty is upon you who walks with valour to lead the tide but is timid deep inside.
    Beauty is upon you who sings her son to sleep but blank walls know how thou weep.
    Beauty is upon you who earns the bread to feed thy family but sleeps empty stomach happily.
    Beauty is upon you who is a friendly shoulder to cry but wipe his own tears dry.
    Beauty is upon you who made the nation proud but couldn't afford his mother's shroud.
    Beauty is upon you who knows no affection but even adore thy reflection.
    Beauty is upon you who reads and in one of these lines, your story breeds.
    Beauty is upon me who writes and with every word a name strikes.

  • simranbawa 7w

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    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Their eyes bleeding green is what enraptures me the most.

  • simranbawa 8w

    Posted this again because I love this piece so much <3 @writersnetwork @miraquill
    Guys please repost this if you like it :3

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    If Only

    If only I was a sun
    I'd burn a little a less.
    If only I was a son
    I'd cry a little less.

    If only I was a sole
    I'd chafe a little less.
    If only I was a soul
    I'd grieve a little less.

    If only I was a chord
    I'd throb a little less.
    If only I was in accord
    I'd hurt a little less.

    If only I was a bear
    I'd grunt a little less.
    If only I could bare
    I'd die a little less.

  • simranbawa 9w

    Hey there beautiful! Hope you're having a great day. Please remember to take care of yourself :D

    Thank you for the like @writersnetwork <3
    @writersnetwork @miraquill @quotes_miraquill

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    Do you see the city bleeding or it's just me welling up with bloody tears?

  • simranbawa 9w

    Just a small piece I wrote for a special person hope you like it.
    @miraquill @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    #pod #wod #love #soulmate #freestyle #poetry #prose #special #life #friendship #trending

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    My idea of utopia you ask?
    It's the word itself,
    All, but the last five letters.
    You, who flew across webpages
    Just to crash into mine;
    You, who completed my puzzle
    With your last piece;
    You, who filled my sentences
    And sang my melodies;
    It was you giving
    Volume to my hollow,
    Joy to my sorrow and
    Hope for a better morrow.
    A dream, too vivid to be true
    A fantasy, so lucid, full of you.
    A casket full of memories,
    A basket of expertise.
    A mate to my soul,
    My soulmate as a whole.
    Just like water, you mould
    To fill the morphing shapes
    Of my old vessel;
    I fear
    Just like water, you'll slip
    Off the brim, into the distance,
    With newly found nestle.
    So in a different story
    I wish to meet you again
    Until then stay with me
    Forever alive, in my pain.

  • simranbawa 9w


    As long as time itself, as deep as depth itself, as wide as vision itself and as firm as strength itself; my faith in you shall never falter, it will last until love itself. This is the truthful malediction I have brought upon myself.

  • simranbawa 10w

    A very Happy Independence Day to all the Indians out here ����

    #independenceday #celebration #india #freedom #indian

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    Tryst with Destiny: Coming of a New Age

    At the stroke of midnight hour
    There blooms a flower,
    When the world sleeps
    It takes its leaps,
    India awakes to life
    Strangled in a strife.
    Seven decades and a half,
    A country, once subject to laugh,
    Now springs fierce and free
    Both, in virtue and victory.
    A jubilant diamond jubilee
    Of a fantasy fulfilled in a glee;
    A frantic yet fierce flight
    From servitude to constitutional delight.
    Years elapsed while drawing a map
    To condemn soiled stripe and strap.

    In one such solemn moment,
    A pledge was undertaken;
    A pledge of dedication,
    An unmet obligation
    To serve the nation.
    Today, I revive these due actions
    Going beyond some candid captions.
    To quench the thirst,
    To satiate the hunger,
    To ease the pain
    And to eradicate the vain.
    I shall walk a mile ahead
    To educate the misled,
    I shall strive a day more
    To extricate blood and gore.
    At the dawn of history,
    We yearned for unending quest
    I shall still strive for
    India's grandeur and success.

  • simranbawa 13w

    I love writing prose. They're so fun. Please show some love <3

    @miraquill @mirakee @writersnetwork

    #pod #wod #prose #startwith #challenge #lovepoems

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    Presen(ce)ts of Love

    I would rather weave poems with your leftover memories than question your commitment for centuries. I don't know if you ever felt the click of our connection or it was just another conspiracy construed beforehand. I don't know if you had a spark running down your spine when our fingers first met or it was just another skeptical move scripted well. Because I heard that click of connection resonating with the beats of my heart when we first talked. I can swear that hysterical spark running down my spine at the touch of our fingers was swifter than my reflexes.

    I don't know if your soul eloped and met mine at the tip of our tongues or it was just another trivial trick. I don't know if your poems were as faithful as mine or a mere fallacy of falling inks. Because my soul was at content to have sealed a bond with the edges of our lips. I do read those verses written in your praise and even in the hindsight they paint beautiful portraits of you in my head.

    I don't know if your presence was purposely perky or just another presumptuous prompt acted out. I don't know if your words of comfort came out of conviction or just another casual conversation. Because I can recall my laughters coming out the loudest in your presence. Everytime I shed tears I repeat your words to myself over and over again.

    I don't know why you are not here anymore. I don't know if you're ever going to come back. All that I know is to write poems with your leftover memories than question your commitment for centuries.

  • simranbawa 13w

    Posting after a long time. Missed you guys <3

    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #pod #wod #life #love #poetry #poems #empty #lonely

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    Feeling a little empty
    I wrote a poem last night
    Complete one with words plenty
    Yet something didn't fit right
    Silent similes screamed for hours
    Mixed metaphors maneuvered the past
    Last verse completed like story of ours
    With a comma but no full stop at the last,