hopeless romantic, always a poet

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  • simply_me_jd 36w

    Sunny Day

    Oh look what’s that?
    Is that sunrise?
    A glitter of hope,
    A new beginning,
    A place to go,
    A shoulder to cry on,
    Another day of change,
    A time of endless possibilities,
    A love longed, yet not heard,
    A music to my ears,
    My darling dearest, it’s me.
    A sunny day indeed.

    March 27 2021

  • simply_me_jd 36w

    Empty bowl

    I am an empty bowl,
    I am empty deep inside,
    I know not what a spirit should have,
    Should I fill ashamed,
    Should I fill remorse,
    When life bestowed such an empty soul,
    I only feel my pain,
    I am surrounded by nothing,
    I will do nothing,
    Beware, stay away,
    An empty bowl,
    therefore I am.

    March 27 2021


  • simply_me_jd 37w

    Feeling Alone

    I dreamt of the day,
    I wouldn’t miss you,
    But it keeps coming back,
    Like the plague,
    Like the darkness,
    It takes a hold of my being,
    It pains and stings,
    To the core of believing,
    I am no longer yours,
    Wishing you are still mine,
    The heartache bleeds,
    The suffering unappeased,
    I’m all alone,
    Silence is dear,
    The sound and the beat,
    I wish this heart would stop,
    For it has none to give.
    The sorrow, the dejection,
    It doesn’t have to be.
    and it’s the truth.

    March 20 2021


  • simply_me_jd 37w


    The face of a thousand beauty,
    The thoughts deepened,
    The beat of my heart,
    My love, my darling,
    Why do you look so sad?
    Are you hurting?
    May these words sooth thee?
    Emptiness besieged,
    Unveil, unleash,
    this disheartened soul,
    Be that person,
    One and whole.

    March 19 2021


  • simply_me_jd 37w

    Love thoughts

    I guess everyone always say they deserve better... but you know what makes a relationship good... it’s the work you put in to stay together. When you love someone you’ll never let them go.

    You will not give up

    March 16 2021


  • simply_me_jd 37w

    Na miss kita

    Wag kang magalala... di ako umiiyak habang isinusulat ko to... na mimiss kalang natatakot na mawala kasa buhay ko

    Mar 14 2021

  • simply_me_jd 38w

    I Yearn

    I yearn to feel free
    and float like a balloon,
    In the early sky,
    stars and moon,
    clouds and birds
    Wherever it goes,
    the ebb and flow of freedom,
    The wind and sunshine in someone’s eyes,
    a story to tell my dearest heart.

    March 13 2021


  • simply_me_jd 38w

    Bakit mo ko mahal

    Ok alam ko, hindi mo na tanda bakit minahal mo ko. Ipapaalala ko sayo. Dahil sa simula palang tayong nagkakilala minahal mo na ko. Pinangako mo namamahalin mo ko kahit anong mangyari. Na nung nagiisa kasa buhay mo dumating ako sa buhay mo para bigyan ng saya. Bigyan ng buhay. Bigyan ng tanging direksyon. Na kahit anong mangyari tayong dalawa ay magtutulungan, sa hirap, sa ginhawa, kahit magkasakit, basta’t magkasama tayo, habang maybuhay, habang may hininga pa sa mga labing to... na sa puso na ikaw lang ang magpapatibok


  • simply_me_jd 38w

    Troubled Mind

    I have my eyes closed but I’m not sleeping.
    My head hurts from overthinking.
    My mind ran wild in the mountains of despair.
    My tears dried up, the waterfall of disgrace.
    The fall of heavenly gaze.
    Adorning eyes lost in haste.
    Weary, shaken, lost, foiled.
    All emotions unfold.

    Mar 10 2021

  • simply_me_jd 38w

    I’m here

    This is me,
    I am yours,
    You are mine,
    Take me,
    Hold me tight,
    In your arms,
    I am safe,
    I am loved.

    March 10 2021