hopeless romantic, always a poet

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  • simply_me_jd 13w



    I held your child,
    he did not woke,
    I held your memory,
    that moment froze,
    Forgotten things,
    a time at still,
    I no longer remember,
    My heart has broken,
    and it’s over,
    I knew nothing would change.
    In shock, I go through life,
    lost and unprepared.
    challenged and destined.
    Only the future will tell,
    I hope no more sorrow,
    for it is tomorrow.


  • simply_me_jd 23w


    By J Bondoc May 21,2014

    As I look around, there was darkness,
    I called out, I felt helpless,
    I longed for light to come through,
    Yet I all I saw, was nothing new.
    When will this crossing end,
    When will the light show and bend.
    Breakthrough the darkness and sadness,
    Alone, alone, I stand alone.
    I wish to strengthen my faith,
    For I seek happiness and can not wait.
    This crossing showed no mercy, Tested, my wits about me.
    I hope one day I can say,
    It's all for the best, because it was a test
    Rejoice! I reminded myself,
    Time, is but another tool on my shelf.

  • simply_me_jd 24w


    Anong kailangan kong gawin,
    Ikaw ay para maging akin,
    Ngiti, kislap, ng yong mata,
    Hangad makasama ka,
    Puso’y lublob sa pagibig,
    Irog, sana sa isip,
    Kailan, saan, mahanap ka,
    Ikaw lang ang mahal,
    Paghanga, pagmahal,
    Sa iyo lang laan ,
    Hiling ko lang ang puso,
    Sana ipag ubaya ng may kapal,
    Mahal na mahal ikaw Lang,
    Sana tanggapin ako,
    Puso kong wagas.
    Para sa iyo.

    May 12 2021

  • simply_me_jd 25w


    I’ve looked in your eyes,
    I see no hope,
    I feel there’s no life,
    No chances , no change,
    I miss the kisses,
    I miss the past you,
    Life is not the same,
    Time, slow and tamed,
    Hope the morning could be better,
    Birds chirp and signals together,
    I hope I can see the sun,
    The morning without fun,
    I’ve had everything I wanted,
    Lost, a new morning started.

    May 2 2021

  • simply_me_jd 27w


    The day I met you,
    I felt butterflies,
    A strong knot,
    In the deep of my core,
    Your piercing eyes,
    Bore through my soul,
    I knew then,
    that you were the one,
    I fell in love with,
    Heart of gold, my sun,
    I hope someday,
    We meet again,
    My true and last love.
    Because I know,
    One day you will be the one.

    April 22 2021

  • simply_me_jd 27w


    I think you are imagining
    these things. Our friendship
    has been a whirlwind of
    ups and downs I don’t know happiness...
    I only remember hurt
    but I think it’s ok
    because it sets a stage
    for what’s to come.
    You showed me the
    path out of the dark...
    Let me walk the path
    out of it.
    April 19, 2021

  • simply_me_jd 28w

    Closing time

    Your eyes closed,
    You don’t see me,
    I say it out loud,
    You don’t hear me,
    My words have cut,
    My tears have salt,
    Anger burns inside me,
    Do you even care at all?
    Was there truth to all of it?
    Are you a liar and a thief?
    You stole my heart,
    Walked out, and laughed,
    I’m not afraid,
    Because now I’m brave.
    It’s closing time.
    Get out! My heart exhausted,
    None to yield.
    Wishing there was peace.

    14 April 2021


  • simply_me_jd 29w

    Happy Birthday

    The day you were born,
    The rooster crowed,
    The sun shined in the sky,
    Your mother held you,
    Tight in a roll,
    Your cheeks red as a rose,
    Your smell so sweet,
    Like fresh strawberries,
    You whimpered and cried,
    Your father’s eyes,
    opened in delight,
    A new beginning,
    A happy day,
    Welcome home,
    Enjoy this day.

    April 7 2021

  • simply_me_jd 29w


    I am screaming,
    On the top of my lungs,
    I am grieving,
    My heart broken,
    I am desperate,
    The hurt keeps coursing,
    I am in pain,
    My whole body disdains,
    I cry myself to sleep,
    Thinking of the urge,
    I don’t want to be alone.
    But here I am forlorn.
    Screaming, screaming,
    at the top of my lungs.

    April 5 2021

  • simply_me_jd 30w


    I feel cold, distant,
    Silent, still, darkness,
    No signs of life,
    I am dead deep inside,
    I see people’s mouth move,
    No sounds, no words,
    I see people’s eyes cry,
    No tears, no sadness,
    I am supposed to feel,
    But I don’t, I am dead,
    Dead and buried,
    Do not cry for me,
    Do not waste your tears,
    I am not worth it.

    March 31 2021