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  • silvermoon86 6w

    Self love is best love, Love yourself there is nobody like me, Be strong enough to fight with you.

  • silvermoon86 6w

    Every new day is a new beginning to move forward and face the difficulties in life.

  • silvermoon86 6w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Insecure

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    Insecure is like our Conscious part of our Human mind.

  • silvermoon86 6w


    My Favourite Dream City is Paris. It has always been my dream destination to travel in my bucket list. Since my childhood, I always wanted to go to Paris because I love it. Paris is a Colorful city of lights. Paris is especially famous for Eiffel tower and it's different cuisines and great hospitality. I love traveling to new places and meeting new people it inspires me a lot. Paris, basically is a city of romance. When reading literature, or watching movies, Paris, France is always a popular city. It is a destination people all over the world love to travel and admire it's beauty. It has a lot of beautiful attractions and amazing places too. The food cuisine in Paris is a big thing and it's celebrated from all around the world. The food there is so special and interesting. Paris is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world.


  • silvermoon86 28w

    There was a Plethora of choices for me.


  • silvermoon86 28w


    Into Night - Haunted Nights.

    Moonlight Blooms as Day Grows Slight,

    Clouds are shifting, Changing Skies,

    Into darkness, into night

    Through the forest, left or right?

    Is it Truth or just more lies?

    Moonlight blooms as day grows slight,

    Black and purple shroud your sight,

    You Could follow Plaintive cries,

    Into Darkness, Into Night,

    Which is Dark and which is light?

    Which Path is your soul’s demise?

    Moonlight Blooms as day grows slight,

    Grasping tendrils hold you tight,

    Clutching Shadows drag their prize,

    Into Darkness, Into Might,

    Falling, diving from the heights,

    Will you drown or will you rise?

    Moonlight Blooms as Day grows slight,

    Into Darkness, Into Night


  • silvermoon86 49w

    DIWALI. ❤️


    A Festival Full Of Sweet Memories,
    A Sky Full Of Fireworks,
    A Mouth Full Of Sweets,
    A House Full Of Diyas And A Heart Full Of Enjoyment...
    The sweet smell of flowers,
    The array of beautiful colorful Rangolis,
    We pray to the gods, Diwali is here !!!
    Diwali is the Festival of Lights,
    Festivals of my life is...
    Filled with Positivity and happiness around,

    The brilliance of Colours..
    The elegance of attire..
    The resonance of lights..
    The flamboyance of richness..
    The essence of laughter..
    The sense of happiness..
    The fragrance of love ..
    The immence feeling of Joy..
    The Perseverance of culture..
    Its all about Our India..
    The whole country is filled with lights..
    From earthen lamps and LEDs to beautiful Diyas.
    To Celebrate the win of Good over evil..
    To celebrate, The homecoming - after the win..
    To fill the Atmosphere with Sparkles and Divi
    To hand them over sweets and presents,
    Diwali is our splendid chance.
    When you can make someone else smile,
    True joy is when you see someone else smile!
    True charity gives joy in Heav'nly style.
    Happy Diwali !!!
    The festival of lights..!!

    Soundarya Mohan.

  • silvermoon86 53w

    Dreams. ❤️

    "My dreams are the Essence core of my life".

    "Follow your dreams and you will be happy."

    "A very beautiful Message - I am inspired to live my dream. One critic If may - I'd align the meaning of dream with the beginning of hope in life."

    What do I want, is so much better question than just saying "I don't want this or that" ! Much more empowering as if focuses your mind.
    Your dream is the reason for the way you are. Your dream is not a coincidence. Your dream IS who you are. You SHOULD pursue it! Your dream gives you a sense of meaning and purpose, and drives you on into your chosen future. Your dream IS the meaning of your life! Get your dreams off the shelf! Focus. Strive. This is how things were meant to be. What you are dreaming of accomplishing in your life is God’s way of getting you involved in his Master Plan.

    Everybody has goals and dreams. These dreams are at the center of who you really are.
    As long as your dreams appeal more to you than your fears, you will find the energy and courage to move on.
    The more you pursue your dreams, the more exciting your life becomes!
    God is going to use you in ways you never imagined possible. And the only side effect is: feeling GOOD!

    Some people are born with tornadoes in their lives, but constellations in their eyes. Other people are born with stars at their feet, but their souls are lost at sea.

    "There is strange comfort in knowing that no matter what happens today, The Sun wil rise tomorrow."

    Soundarya Mohan

  • silvermoon86 54w


    She wanted to fly up in the sky.
    With big dreams in her eyes and passion in her mind...

    She never looked back; she never looked down.
    She kept on walking, even on a rocky ground.

    She felt broken and almost gave up midway,
    But it was her courage that supported her night and day.

    She wanted to share her emotions and feelings
    That were making her weak with problem dealings.

    She tried to express in thousand ways she found,
    But thought it easy to just keep quiet and lie down.

    She never knew those hurdles were making her strong.
    She just thought her decision went wrong.

    But she continued to take her baby steps...
    Toward the dreams she once felt.

    With passion in her mind and courage in her heart,
    She was again ready to build her own future dream art...


  • silvermoon86 56w


    Be grateful for the lord God has brought you through the trials and tribulations. The lord God has given you a home and place to lay your head. The lord God gave you the blessings of being his people and his presence is life changing. When we enjoy what God touches inside and outside of us. I am blessed to have a purpose in God. He is my strength and my peace. I give him glory and honor for he is there for me. I see as gratefulness takes us a step closer to being who God calls us to be. Be joyous in his spirit and his words the words the lord God spoke is honey good for the spirit. Each time we are Grateful God bless us. Ezra 3:11

    With praise and thanksgiving they sang to the Lord:
    “He is good;
        his love toward Israel endures forever.”
    And all the people gave a great shout of praise to the Lord, because the foundation of the house of the Lord was laid.
    Psalm 7:17

    I will give thanks to the Lord because of his righteousness;
        I will sing the praises of the name of the Lord Most High.

    Psalm 9:1

    I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart;
        I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.

    Psalm 35:18

    I will give you thanks in the great assembly;
        among the throngs I will praise you.