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  • sillysadar 7w

    A gloomy flower

    Sometimes gloominess takes over the day
    And the flowers that bloomed
    Decay to find a way
    Inside a person's heart

    Where love will loom instead
    Not the darkened clouds
    Before a rainbow and sunshine

    Nor the greedy hands
    Who wish to pluck the roots
    Of a treasure not many see
    When their eyes are set on after
    Not the present

  • sillysadar 10w


    My anxiety sits in a corner
    Quietly whispering lies
    I believe to be true

    At night, it creeps inside of me
    Grasping the air, I'm gasping for

    Thoughts pace, my heart races
    The words I utter, mutter under my breath

    What if thoughts like the howling winds
    I fall for

    My anxiety stands
    While I crumble to my knees
    To a pit of darkness

    - Sadar

  • sillysadar 11w

    Tell me

    Tell me, were you the fire to my match?
    Or the ashes that flew away
    When I held you to stay

    Tell me, are your greeting's another way
    To say your goodbyes?

    Tell me, all the pretty lies
    You've told looking in the eyes
    Of a love that has died

    Tell me, is buried love
    Seen as hatred to the eyes
    Blinded to their wants

    - Sadar

  • sillysadar 13w

    Rotten decay

    "Deaf ears, blind eyes, greedy hands and tongues that speak of lies, are the rotten decay that never dies" - Sadar

  • sillysadar 14w

    A deadly wish

    Mornings bring endless battlefields
    Mindless people shouting for a war instead
    Like a soldier in midst of a battlefield
    With nothing, but his fear arising

    Nights bring decaying bodies
    Of those who died to save the lives
    That would die the next marrow
    The town now in sorrow

    Beratteld by arrows
    To what they love most
    Their hearts bleed out at the sight of it all
    And them to die alone

    - Sadar

  • sillysadar 14w


    Lifeless bodies lay
    Blood dripping every day
    When will it ever go away?

    When the cries out for help are heard
    When the eyes open to see the shattered mirror
    Now in pieces from the evil it bared
    For their ignorance is one that's the killer at mist

    - Sadar

  • sillysadar 15w

    An explosive secret

    Their ocean eyes
    Has sunken treasure
    Laying deep inside
    But what lies is not what an eyes seas

    For the treasure is secrets
    Buried under guilt
    That's not worth more than gold
    To be told of

    But the pressure of a silenced mouth
    Sinks the treasure further
    Making it explosive

    While a drunken sailor
    Drowns in their toxins
    They'd tell jokes
    And puns that never dared to be funny

    - Sadar

  • sillysadar 15w

    A separate nature

    Split between land and water
    Some flowers decayed
    While others blossomed without it

    Animals lay almost lifeless
    As the last bit of life in them
    Weathers away

    The birds all tried to fly
    To the other side
    But the earth split with the sky as well

    So thunder struck
    Leaving the birds stuck
    İn their homes with minds to roam

    Fishes lived freely
    Till they reached the abyss of nothingness
    İn which many have fallen into

    Humans walk the ground that can crumble
    Yet nature to them still remained the same
    Their eyes remained blind to it all

    None could be able to call mother nature
    So the world was soon to be in ruins
    By the hands of the blind

    - Sadar

  • sillysadar 16w

    A weathered chill

    The river stream flows against the current
    Heavily yet bravely a child with his mother
    Touches the water

    The cloudy weather
    Brought not only a feeling of coldness
    But coldness in the heart and gloom

    The flowers have yet to bloom
    But the ones that have are
    Luminescent flowers that leave me in awe

    I lay on the grass
    As I breath in the coldness
    Taking warmth from my beloved
    Who I hold dear

    - Sadar

  • sillysadar 16w

    Dear me
    I know those screams terrify you
    Make you run to your sisters for comfort
    But one day, you'll comfort yourself
    Yet they won't ever stop
    It'll become normal

    And I know you'll be given scars
    We will bury deep inside
    As we push it aside
    Hoping things will get better

    But the greatest things we had we lost
    Yet we risen even when we kept falling
    And all the bad will ruin us at first
    Yet rebuild us

    The hurt that burned us
    Will re ignite the fire of passion
    That will let it all out
    With words we were too silenced to say
    And happiness that was buried in sadness

    - Sadar