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  • silentwriter_21 1w

    Not everyone is able to match your Vibes !! ✨⭐

  • silentwriter_21 1w

    Bad Day !

    Today it was really bad day .
    In the morning my teacher asked me simplest simple question and I wasn't able to do so , even though I KNEW The ANSWER !!
    ( Sometimes my luck is really fuc*ed up )

    Then in the afternoon my another teacher insulted in front of whole class because I was looking in textbook .
    He said me " have you read entire book then tell me whether everything is right or nor ( sarcastically) .

    Then in the evening the same first teacher gave a lecture on career because we were talking even though I wasn't participated

    Already told you sometimes my luck is fuck** up !!!!

    Feeling Neutral , empty from inside

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  • silentwriter_21 6w

    The one who gets jealous of you start copying you !!

  • silentwriter_21 7w

    By unknown writer

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    There is epic battle between me and inside my body when I am sick !!!!!!

  • silentwriter_21 7w

    I hate it when people makes fun of word like depression ..
    Bcoz these things are real and more than that dangerous !

  • silentwriter_21 8w

    It's my birthday !!!

  • silentwriter_21 9w

    Take things simple .. otherwise universe aslo can't help you !!

  • silentwriter_21 9w

    Showing off is the fool's idea of glory .

    Bruce lee

  • silentwriter_21 9w

    Writing post should not be for likes and followers but It should directly come from heart and reach to the reader's heart .