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  • silentprayers 95w

    Edit: Gratitude towards writersnetwork for the repost.

    Recent events on Mirakee led me into writing this post.

    This is a blessed platform, filled with much love & respect; what are you doing people?!

    Everyone here is either a writer or aspires to be one. Writers are sensitive people, why would you want to target them with insinuating oblique remarks that pierce them like blunt yet fatal shards?

    My dear fellows & friends, let's learn to love.

    "Shun hatred, it grows
    Spread love, it glows."

    PS: Many of my friends here have been concerned about my whereabouts, safety & well being. To all of them, I owe both apologies & an explanation. First of all I thank you all for being thus concerned. The reason for my absence is that there've been devastating floods across various regions of India & my team is trying it's best in the direction of disaster management & mitigation in some remote villages. We have to procure stuff, prepare, nurse, feed, travel, take notes, inform, relocate people to safer regions.... the list is quite long & I hardly get any free time. As they say, First things come First & my first priority is the well being of innocent people here. I hope the situation clears soon & things fall back to normal again.

    Second, many of my friends, upon reading my poetries have lately been curious to know about me & how my life has been. And though it's been filled with nothing but pain & despair, I assure you that I'll soon come up with a post describing it all. The name that my mother gave me when I was born means 'light'. The name I got later on means 'prayers'.

    Lastly, I request you all to spread the message of love.
    Be the harbinger of hope in the darkest hour of night.
    Be the first ray of sun.
    Be the soothing word.
    Be the love.
    And love.

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    Hate None But Hatred

    And in the dark hours of hatred
    Darling you be someone's light
    When this world appears bleak
    You be the effulgent sun bright!

    Instead of building those walls
    Come let's together walk a mile
    One that feeds joy to the heart
    You could be that joyous smile

    Be that silver lining o precious
    When skies seem cloudy dark
    Thunder though hollers as fear
    Must you chirp as hopeful lark!

    Whenever the sea turns parlous
    Brimming with malice and brine
    Dear you be some glorious aura
    & gleam on horizon as sunshine

    Come let's all live in lap of peace
    Where there's no hate or disgust
    Let flowers bloom & nature sing
    Leave the weapons away to rust

    Rivers run dry to mourn the loss
    Her child's blood has been shed
    And we've all cried in pain when
    A man's heart and soul has bled

    It's time pray come feed on love
    Water to thirsty to hungry bread
    And silently pray you hate none
    But hate the devil.. that's Hatred

    And promise to be that sunburst
    Ending the horrid hours of strife!
    Kissing sierra warming the heart
    Writing a blissful new story of life!


  • silentprayers 97w

    Monday morning, my ethereal stage is divinely set
    Oblivious old odyssean peaks in their snow reflect
    Nature nurtures new ardor, only the sky is the limit
    Dieties dawn day heralds wish thou O! and so be it
    Another adventure about and out hey do your best
    Yesterday yearn you not brave stand for times test


  • silentprayers 97w

    ..the dawn breaks thus the world wakes
    come let me weave you dear coat of joy

    and the sun shall rise aft dark's demise
    feed warmth all day so make love cloy

    when dusk shall fall in my ethereal hall
    weave you a shroud of stars so bright

    at night shall sing as cherubims bring
    beaming pure in glory of elysian light

    heavenly nectar wine for you to dine
    smile with a longing in soul we drink

    as nature sleeps heart silently weeps
    passion thus surfeits a morbid brink

    on a starlit sky we both yearningly lie
    for we lost our love but our tears won

    never we meet pain ours blesses rain
    you sun me moon you the Ra me Eon



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    Sun, Moon and Love


  • silentprayers 114w

    This sentence speaks of the pain that she keeps hidden in the abyss of her beautiful soul, feeding joy to the world. But even though her resilient soul can hide the pain well, her azure eyes sometimes overflow, beguiling her, when they can see the world in the light of kindness.

    PC: Pinterest


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    "...and then there is blue
    in the depth of the ocean
    and there is blue
    in the expanse of the sky..
    but hon, it is the blue
    that I can see in your eyes
    and can feel in your soul..
    which is unfathomable
    and insurmountable...


  • silentprayers 114w

    Portrait of a Whore

    When I first learnt that word..
    I barely had teeth in my mouth
    I hardly knew how to speak..

    "What kind of dress are you wearing,
    are you a WHORE....?"

    I giggled in the foolish innocence
    that childhood is all about
    "What's a whore, Mom, am I one too?"
    "Oh be whoever you like, just don't disturb me",
    she said, busily feeding my younger brother.

    and since then, I've been painted
    in so many forms.. and colors,
    worn many such crowns, titles
    and with each crown
    came a new form of mine.
    A new portrait.

    I became a BITCH when I refused to sleep
    with a man thrice my age, when I needed
    a job to pay for food, rent and clothing.

    When I could pay my own bills and refused
    to chip in for the love of glass my friends shared,
    I became a CHIPPIE.

    When my husband raped me every night
    for as long as I was married to him,
    I was a SLUT.

    Soon I was thrown out of my own house to
    become a STREET WALKER.

    There was no one
    whose shoulder I could cry upon.
    Because I was a WOMAN OF THE STREET.

    Animals, yes animals that looked like people
    lecherously gawked me, calling me a TART,
    a HOOKER, a profane woman,
    an abomination to the society.
    Some even cleped me a PROSTITUTE.

    Today as I lie on the cold street,
    waiting for the warm embrace of Death
    as Life has been nothing but pain for me,
    scenes from my previous lives
    flash before me...

    I see so many lives,
    so many colors..
    so many portraits..
    so many different forms from the past
    where I have been a SLAVE,
    I have been... a HARLOT... a WENCH..

    But no..
    It doesn't just stop there.....
    I can also see glimpses
    of what my future lives hold in store for me...
    I shall be a SEX WORKER, a CALL GIRL,
    an ESCORT, a HOE....
    a woman of ill repute..

    As Death comes near,
    wearing a sweet smile of pity
    my eyes well up with tears..
    Whether they come of pain,
    disgust or more pain
    I know not...
    I have forgotten all those feelings..
    I no longer know the taste
    of insult, of shame, of abuse or torture.

    As I leave this world,
    and this life
    I pray to the only One I know..

    And I pray........

    "I have already been so many things.
    and I shall again be so many things..
    so many portraits, I am seeing.....
    Oh Lord, my Almighty God...
    when shall I be a HUMAN BEING..?"


  • silentprayers 114w

    I want to be magic
    I want to be bread

    Bless me not Lord
    with Midas's touch

    But with hunger so
    to keep hungry fed



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    Magic.. Hunger & Bread


  • silentprayers 114w


    PC: Sanna Hormander

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    Dipped my feathers inked blue in blood
    thus painted the dream wrote the story

    My soul wept and red words were shed
    bled and sang the heart dripping Poetry


  • silentprayers 114w

    slowly silently some soulful clouds
    forlorn float upon the sunlit skies
    carrying within their hollow hearts
    tales of weary tales of woe...

    scorched pleads the dried earth
    few drops of that pain..

    that pain unspoken that lays within
    speaking volumes to it's self
    of fire of water of revenge of pity
    naive soul silently seeking redemption..

    ask lofty peaks stoically serene..
    do we plead in vain...

    come bearing mist drops of life..
    come revive these hearts now cold as marble
    pour your nectar kiss those cheeks
    pitter patter replenish these empty lakes

    implores the world prays my soul
    Oh Father.. shall it ever rain...

    as I solemnly summon my prayers
    soulful clouds gather to weep
    full of sorrow yet their grief
    satiates the thirst purges the dross

    look! majestic Sun shines as well..
    there's that bow of the God of Rain..

    O Lord God my Heavenly Father Divine
    In Thy Hallowed Name I say...


    blessed #clouds

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    Blessed Clouds

    clouds though you cry in pain
    your tears shan't ever go vain
    grief unspoken speaks as rain
    oh blessed be you, I say Amen


  • silentprayers 115w

    Fool's Day #Challenge

    April 1st is considered to be fool's day.

    But it's no more special than any other regular day unless you're absolutely happy with everything going on in your exciting life, have wonderful friends, loving family & are almost sure that it'll be that way forever.

    If that is not the case with you then nothing is fun about this day as we get cheated directly or indirectly every day. All friends but one thus leave us one day or another for someone better.
    And that friend is your BFF, your lifeline.

    Who is your BFF (Best Friend Forever) ?
    tag with #BFF & share.

    let's see who has the best BFF!
    Happy Writing!

    PC: Pinterest

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    one by one, they all went away
    only Poetry stayed........ forever.


  • silentprayers 115w

    said some strange musings that art for no reason
    "let's cry our hearts out to the sun
    the heartless cold moon to listen,
    ..weep few drops of fire on our cottage of gloom
    haunted by those memories of love lost long ago
    that make us wonder how could we not sing
    or write after what we heard the cherubs chant
    ...that night".