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  • silent_thinker_farha 93w

    And this disease is best thing ever happened💋

    Image credit goes to the rightful owner.❤️

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    You gave me a disease called “love” and it can’t heal until you promise a forever.

  • silent_thinker_farha 93w

    And you don’t need to change for anyone.🙃
    Just a reminder to all blissful souls.❤️❤️

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    Be you❤️

    Wear and cherish your scars, flaws with delight;
    Because you are dazzling as you are.

  • silent_thinker_farha 100w


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    People who have arrived in my life a long time ago and still there with me,I just want to say “I don’t want to tell you how much I love you because you know that Just want to thank you and plead you to stay with me forever.”

    Happy 2k20

  • silent_thinker_farha 117w


    Dude please!!
    I am not astonished for you are bitching fake things around,
    Coz I am used to it.
    But the fact that's astonishing me is, you are the person who promised to save me from all bitches when I was in my good time.

  • silent_thinker_farha 118w


    She wasn't beautiful for all,
    But for him, her soul slayed.

  • silent_thinker_farha 118w

    And this talent is beyond everything ��

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    Yes, she wants to be the centre of attraction,
    No, not because she was beautiful or attractive;
    But because she has a "talent of expressing herself through words."

  • silent_thinker_farha 118w

    Calling me a stodgy girl, they chuckled hardly.
    Refused to collab their throng for partying nightly.

  • silent_thinker_farha 118w

    Random tip by me����

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    Why be so brittle?
    Present a new person instead.

  • silent_thinker_farha 118w

    Old one��

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    Holding her out a dulcet rosette floret;
    She offered a quiescent girl to amalgamate,
    Trothed to take her away from that maladroit enclosure;
    With no cognizant, she showed her exposure,
    But who knew that was her end forever.

  • silent_thinker_farha 118w

    Dedicated to all women out there who are fighting daily with this so called society for their rights, for the way they look, for the way they dress, and even for being women.
    Yeah uh deserve everything good my pretty ladies����

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    @laughing_soul @kosachaya @sumana_chakraborty @writerstolli

    Image credit goes to google. ��

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    Foisting on her such dissentient expounds ,
    The so called society is chuckling around.
    Remarking her as ugly, "ew" and fatso,
    You are misshaping her life although.
    Just take a seat and ponder over your act a minute or few,
    You will definitely know who preordain that "ew".
    Making her sluggish, you think is a hoax,
    Dude!!✋✋ catch one's breath and think on your flaws.
    Whatsoever blemishes you will give upon her,
    She's gonna smear them all and rise higher.