We all are mere reflections of each other...

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  • siddhant_scribbles 1w


    काश, लोग अपने शब्दों को भी उतना महत्व दे पाते
    जितना अपनों के शब्दों को देते हैं।

    ©सिद्धांत श्रीवास्तव

  • siddhant_scribbles 1w


    While life is an enormous possibility with millions of variables, death continues to remain the only constant!

    Decipher the meaning of being alive, before this road hits a dead end...


  • siddhant_scribbles 1w


    What is black?
    It is hopelessness smudged with despondent flavours of debacle, and also the darkest moment before that first ray of light that brings along a new day!


  • siddhant_scribbles 1w

    No answers!

    I am a ghost
    Whispering death in your ears
    I am also a mirage
    Carrying the mirror of your desires
    I am the quintessential inquest
    You will never get the answers
    You all shall continue to wander
    This doomed planet
    In a cyclic motion
    Year after year, birth after birth
    Beyond time, and space
    Into nothingness
    And past that...

    And I will see it unfold
    For I am a ghost, a mirage, an inquest!


  • siddhant_scribbles 1w

    A fulfilling life...

    Isn't it true that we, as humans, have always been confusing memory with intelligence. If I don't remember what you do just because you have a sharper memory, I become a good for nothing being? Then again, sharp objects are used to cut through others...

    This whole education system has been designed to derive pleasure out of others' pain. I am first, and I celebrate.. because you all are behind me. The one who is fifth celebrates because there are still two dozen behind them. Such a sadistic approach to education...

    Success, a measure of one's own materialistic supremacy over others, has been the most damaging aspect. It deters one from being compassionate, takes one on path of compulsive apathy towards society at large. Success is no more a measure of inner state of joy...

    Yet, our dictionaries define memory, education and success as necessities of modern world...

    Do they actually lead to a fulfilling life?


  • siddhant_scribbles 1w


    I like that peculiar smell of unconfronted guilt in your breath, when your eyes stick to the floor and those hands fiddle around with a pen while you talk to me. Those lies, one after the other, have become your version of truth.

    It is as if there is a parallel universe out there, hidden from me. Only you can dive in and pick pieces of mouthwatering sweet deception, mix them with your words and feed my emotions.

    Despite knowing the hidden truth, I let myself fall into the trap once again. The delicacy becomes too lucrative to deny, even if sprinkled with venom...


  • siddhant_scribbles 2w


    There are times when I am an open book, waiting to be understood and interpreted. Finding amusement in mischievous ways this human brain perceives simple things and twists them into memories.

    Then there are times, when I am the reader!


  • siddhant_scribbles 4w


    Its the most appropriate indication that you're part of a crippled system, when spineless souls act as if they have your back and weak links try to break your spirit.

    Moving away from such negativity is not cowardice. It is as if you are trying to eat what has already turned stale, hoping to digest the rancidity.

    Eat healthy, stay healthy!


  • siddhant_scribbles 4w


    Have we really lost the art of understanding the only thing that separates from other beings?

    I see humans around me, giving in so easily to ego, envy, anger, condescendence, vanity, false sense of achievement (money), sense of joy in squeezing out purpose from others' lives.

    Where is this empathy everyone keeps talking about? Is it really an extinct emotion? No one even tries to understand reasons behind reactions that others have to external stimuli. People are too busy plotting obstacles for others, neglecting the added burden they carry on their soul with each negative thought that one concedes to.

    Empathy enables us to understand that this life is not a competition. In this race of becoming number one, we have gotten used to looking down upon all if we succeed, or turning sour toward others if we don't.

    Each one is fighting their own battle, let us not make it more difficult. This journey of life is meant to be covered in tribes, not alone!


  • siddhant_scribbles 11w


    Don't let them worldly desires entrap you. They will push you to compete, to give it your best shot every time. That you have to be better than everyone else, outshine them with your might. That there are good and bad hearts out there, and you need to be good in order to leave the bad ones rotting in dark.

    Well, mind you.. There is no good or bad, but only happy and miserable. Souls that are eternally happy, create an environment where everyone else shines, in the same light. Miserable ones, on the other hand, rub against all others and leave a scar.

    Also, you do not need to compete with the world outside. Souls don't compete to acquire a state of higher understanding. Its a path everyone has to take, at their own pace with their own tribe.

    The goal, after all, is not to be the first one, but to make sure that no one is left behind...