We all are mere reflections of each other...

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  • siddhant_scribbles 4w

    Change the Definition...

    Careers have taken such an overdrive in our urbane lives that everything else either remains at the periphery, or worse, wanders outside the myopic zone. We are enchanted in believing that fulfilment is derived only through professional excellence. It could only hold good for a certain phase of life, or till the charm lasts. Eventually, the incantation fades away and what remains is a hollow lifeless sculpture.

    While it is a reality that having a successful career has become a significant part of a fulfilling life, varying definitions of this success is what I am scared of. You work your way towards climbing a ladder full of splinters and snakes. Limbs jarred of this constant scuffle with an unknown enemy.

    Sleeps reduced to mere getaway from this unscrupulous reality, you start despising the one you'd aspired to become. They easily take credit for achievements supposed to be yours. Defaulters comfortably dodge the rebukes meant for them. Work directed towards them is diverted towards you with subtlety, all in the name of efficient managerial delegation. One is made to shoulder workload of two, calling it opportunity. The working world has graduated from being a place filled with warmth and emotion, to one brimming with despicable corporate commotion.

    The way out, is but through the river of fire. Hence, strive not to end up becoming the person you've despised till now. But that is what happens, when this venom accumulates within one over a period of time, it eventually transpires into one becoming what they never intended to.

    Trick lies in breaking the chain. Invest your energy into not letting you fall prey to this insidious game of shadows. Be that one soul who swims against the flow and ensures that kindness and empathy become the norm instead of rivalry and turmoil. Work towards changing the definition...


  • siddhant_scribbles 4w

    Who's the Boss?

    How often does it happen that the opressor is totally oblivious to the fact that their tyrannical acts may lead to a mini-revolution within the opressed group of individuals...

    "As they say, boss is always right"!


  • siddhant_scribbles 5w

    Scars n Kisses

    I don't mind if love is all we have
    But you can't weigh me down with the exceptional love you have for me and let me struggle under its enormous weight
    If I am struggling, you have to hold my hands
    You need to feel the heat, drench yourself with the storm
    Don't leave me watching you from a distance, pouring all the love you have on me
    This apathy towards the battles I am fighting weakens me more than the wounds inflicted by others
    If you can't handle the scars
    You don't deserve the kisses either!


  • siddhant_scribbles 10w

    The Shrine!

    The uproar of a majestic magnanimous sea
    Called upon the monsters hidden in the womb
    A naive me, playing along the shore, couldn't see
    All dreams were swept away, enshrined in a tomb!


  • siddhant_scribbles 11w

    Love, Satan!

    The way you looked in to my eyes, sent chills down this misconstrued heart I keep hiding away from the entire world.

    Contrary to the popular comforting notion that I am a byproduct of this scathed social fabric, this wounded soul cries in silence when you all ask me to smile for a photograph.

    I try not to utter a word when these feminist ears hear an inappropriate anecdote, although millions of wars are fought and lost within this apathetic mind.

    What have I done to deserve this loathing with a deserted voice echoing at the top of its pitch...

    "You either live with what I give,
    Or die fighting you demons"



  • siddhant_scribbles 12w


    Memories, of our dream, are the season most cherished
    Endless anecdotes, all reminding me of your scent
    My mornings, reminiscent of times not predisposed
    Or of those we lost track of, as two mortal beings
    Rising in love, we found wings, astonished at being pulled back
    Indignated and suffering, forced to tear ourselves apart
    Establishing permanent refuge in memories, as we melted away
    Sometimes, I still feel the zephyr touching me where it hurts...


  • siddhant_scribbles 13w

    How do I put it? Let us say I was ignorant of the fact (it is a fact for me, my own reality, and I think reality has different versions) that nothing happens in this world without a reason. There is a sequence of events that lead us to play our part in this enormous journey our souls have embarked on. Endless lives are lived, memories created and then erased as sand is washed away with receding waters.

    Talking of time, it has been such a powerful illusion. For us humans, time is always running out because for us a lifetime is all that we think we possess. But is it only a journey of finite years that makes us an enlightened being? Or we are merely playing our infinitesimally minuscule part in this prodigious journey that shall help our spirit fulfil its destiny in the truest form.

    Then why do we feel attached to materials, both dead and alive. Above all, this reality that we so vividly separate from fantasy is so elusive that we never seem to comprehend the triviality of our existence. That is the only reason behind us fearing death so much, because we think that it is real. Whereas, our soul just changes its form and moves ahead on the inevitable journey. What would happen if our soul develops attachment to this world and refuses to move ahead? Shall it not wander into the abyss and fail to fulfil its destiny? What is the purpose of behaving in a certain way, loving others, respecting their emotions, maintaining relations and leading an ideal life then? Isn’t is all a waste? Isn’t it a form of felony?

    Maybe, or maybe not! Because then you shall be derailing your soul off its path while your purpose is exactly the opposite. It is to give an impetus to this cosmic odyssey because you, as a human, possess the ability to mend and amend the path more than any other life form. Vedas have it that there are around 8.4 million life forms and a soul wanders from one form to another with a sole purpose of meeting its fate which is ideally to lose all forms and merge with the universal energy.

    I am still ignorant of reasons for most of what is happening in my life. One thing is for sure though, there is a higher force working out there. I am bound by my karma in the same way as we all are and we have to fulfil our destiny in this limited time we have got so that we reach the final destination and rest in peace.

    If not anything else, this realization makes me a fearless doer!


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    Something that I wrote long back, as part of a manuscript that still bites dust in dark... Somewhere under the busy present, lurking behind a hopeful tomorrow!

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    There is a sequence of events that lead us to play our part in this enormous journey our souls have embarked on. Endless lives are lived, memories created and then erased as sand is washed away with receding waters...



  • siddhant_scribbles 14w


    The quest for perfection more often than not leads to a cage of obsession, making it impossible to comprehend that there lies an open field where imperfections flourish into perfect journeys...


  • siddhant_scribbles 14w


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    do 've been up to!


  • siddhant_scribbles 14w

    Happiness and contentment...

    ...are two confused lovers. They like each other so much that they eventually end up fighting for the moments they could not spend together rather than cherishing ones they celebrated!

    They often find themselves intertwined in the exact same emotion, holding each others' hands, feeling wind blowing across their smiling faces, drying off tears which emerged from heart but couldn't leave eyes!

    I am happy
    But am I content too?
    Who knows...

    May be they do!