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  • shubhi__vishwakarma 5w

    I have lived alone
    I have lived apart
    I was lonely
    I had a broken heart
    It aches alot
    My heart beat runs fast
    It's happening again
    Like I am going back to the start
    It's not that easy to explain
    Nor its easy to share
    I am blank again
    With no one to tell


  • shubhi__vishwakarma 16w


    Mai aata hun teri gali mein,
    Rozana yeh soch ke,
    Ke kl agar beetein to kuch malal na reh jaye !

  • shubhi__vishwakarma 25w

    Yh choti si umar
    Yh chadhti jawani
    Lockdown ki kahani
    Bhai Bht pareshani

  • shubhi__vishwakarma 25w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short write-up on Intend

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    Morals change everything into good

  • shubhi__vishwakarma 25w

    Love Doodling


  • shubhi__vishwakarma 25w


    It's all my pain,
    I've been writing from the start.
    Its all my fears,
    I have shared pouring my heart.
    My shattered pieces,
    My screems under bed,
    My love for all,
    My Kindness is dead!!

    I died every moment,
    I tried to be fine,
    I stood up like nothing matters!
    Endless tries
    I Was mocked for my beliefs,
    And morals i have,
    I was tourtured by them!
    They wanted my dreams dead.

    I dreamt of painting,
    And letters running around.
    Sun by my side,
    And moon at the dawn.
    I had to make it real,
    I want to have this world,
    Peace in my mind,
    And a kind world.

    Where the tips of my fingers,
    Are pleased as rose petals.
    My mind is honoured,
    As the owls and elephants,
    I'll shine as the star,
    And I'll have my own place,
    No cold surroundings,
    Just blue sky and warm air.

  • shubhi__vishwakarma 26w


    happiest of all
    cries alone
    mad who seems
    have past unknown
    the most talketive
    has the most Secrets
    And the prittest
    have the most scars
    it's never the same
    for every one
    Its always a story
    Pain and hardwork
    Its never only luck
    For eternal glory

  • shubhi__vishwakarma 26w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Fury

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    Anger annoyed
    Sadness and pain
    Emptiness with hate

  • shubhi__vishwakarma 27w

    Shiney as those stars
    I will shine
    Be unbreakable
    I will be fine
    I will always help others
    I will never be mean
    Spreading happiness all around
    And be real
    Hard times pass
    I will never let them inn.
    I was broken
    Marks on my skin
    It did hurt but
    Not more than this
    I felt numb
    I am scared of dreams!
    I have died every second
    And still i fight
    But now i am okay
    happier every moment
    like blue sky.

    I was angry
    I felt dead
    I felt loneliness
    Was stabbed in the back
    But i stood up
    I am rising like that sun
    Making everything brighter
    It is my turn.
    I will spread kindness
    I will help all
    Spreading peace
    I will make people strong
    Help them grow
    Above all those worries.

    Keeping those pieces of your broken heart
    You can still make it pretty !!
    Combine those as some art
    You will become unique
    Not at all ordinary.

  • shubhi__vishwakarma 34w

    I can do whatever i want and no one have to tell me not to... And now i am not letting them rule my head... I am going to do what i want and will not ask for permissions.