Bachpan se "Chhota muh aur badi baat" Fir bhi na aye harkaton se baaz ��

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  • shubhadamahure 138w

    Everybody wants to be in denial of their reality and in denial of the NEED for Equality

  • shubhadamahure 143w

    When I find out that the beauty that I love
    And oh! So dearly that I might die of love,
    Is loved by another
    Who's dear to me too,
    And I just cannot comprehend that this too, could be true;
    I gather myself up, calm my mind down
    I say to myself, "Okay, this is all alright. This is reasonable."
    My heart tells me reminding me of the time it has happened before
    And how it broke itself into a million pieces
    Bleeding, burning and breaking all at the same time.
    It tells me, "Alas! One more strike.
    One more story that couldn't be mine."
    So now I'm thinking about how it actually is all okay,
    How I shouldn't expect anymore to seek happiness
    How I can be positive and support my dear one,
    That they love the beauty that I love.

    I believe, I do not deserve such love,
    I believe, that this is the reason I keep getting rejected and thrown away.
    But as I hit my head trying to head back into reality,
    I tell myself, "No! You're NOT undeserving. You've got nothing to prove.
    You're not a bad person and you've got nothing to lose"
    I tell myself that I will not and I will not
    Try to intimidate anyone so that they like me.
    Or let them know that I too, am deserving.

    I decide I'll be the rock here,
    Stand tall with my values with magnanimity,
    With not a single dart of hatred
    But a glass full of love wine. Positivity.
    I'll say to you with my whole heart,
    To be with the one who loves you and let you know that
    I am leaving my love behind, but somehow always there in my heart.
    I'll say to you that I care for YOUR happiness and tell you that you'll hear this from me no more
    I'll tell you that I love you
    And I am setting you free.

    My dear, my beauty,
    You'll always be in my heart
    Yet I know that I'll never ever be in yours
    I know this,
    I accept this,
    And instead of explaining myself asking you to hear me out once,
    This time,
    I'll be the one
    Who'll walk away.

    #love #settingyoufree
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    I'll tell you that I love you
    And I am setting you free.


  • shubhadamahure 152w

    I have the exact same playlist as yours, a year back.
    The exact same because you sent me so I could enjoy the songs later on
    When I'd be not there with you.
    I cherish it like a rare diamond, more rare than what the Queen of England has.
    I cherish it as a kid clutches a candy bar in her tiny hands
    I cherish it as though it's you, the ever-so-sweet YOU.

    So every morning, just after I wake up and while I take a bath,
    And while I'm on my bed reading, lying or dreaming, as I hear your playlist,
    I think of you.
    The wires of my earphones laying on my shirt near my heart, vibrates to the rhythm of an earthquake as my heart palpitates.
    Sometimes when I'm in a jolly mood, I dance in front of the mirror
    Assuming I'm dancing with you,
    Other times, when I'm finished with the dancing, I retrieve into your memories. The memories that make me happy and sad at the same time.
    So I now quietly slip back into my bed,
    Put on the earphones and delve back into what it was when
    I was
    With you.
    I wish you could hear me too.

    #Mirakee #writersnetwork #writerscommunity #writersofmirakee #poem #theplaylist

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    The wires of my earphones laying on my shirt near my heart, vibrate to the rhythm of an earthquake as my heart palpitates.

  • shubhadamahure 161w


    Kuch log manzil hote hain
    Aur kuch us manzil tak pohochne ka raasta.

    Par dekhiyega aap bhi ki
    Manzil se kahi zyada noor
    Us tak pohochne ke raaste me hota hai.

  • shubhadamahure 163w

    See the light in your eyes
    See how the sun hugs you with it's rays of love
    You get the purest form of a sweet smile, as a toddler has,
    When you're unfiltered,
    With every other thing that asks you to explain and prove your existence
    With every other feeling that makes you look down upon yourself;
    For you've got to prove absolutely nothing
    You are a miracle
    On your own.
    I want you to remember this.

  • shubhadamahure 163w

    In a world full of awesome combinations
    I'm that distorted canvas painting


  • shubhadamahure 165w

    I believe in love.
    But love is proving me wrong so as to not believe in it.

  • shubhadamahure 166w

    Tried a little bit of story-writing instead of the non stop storytelling that I call blabbering ��
    Tell me how it is?? ��


    Today was a particularly dark evening by Pune standards. It wasn’t even 6 pm and it was already cloudy and gray with hints of rain and thunderstorms.

    I started my scooter and was about to head home when suddenly
    I saw something that stunned my eyes and my heart skipped a beat. What I saw was the most unexpectedly beautiful contrivance, based on the recent turn of events in my life. For a moment, I wondered if it was all true and if it was a dream, because it sure did seem like one! A rather beautiful one. As I brought myself back into the realm, I began approaching that magnificence. To my absolute suprise, it all turned out to be true. Standing at a reluctantly approachable distance was the love of my life- my dog Roger!
    Roger had gotten out of the house to have a walk around the neighborhood a few days back and unfortunately never returned. I search for him in every possible way I could, but to no avail. Today, I saw the most amazing thing happen in front of my eyes as I saw Roger sitting on the ground beside the seats at a bus stop. Seeing my sweetheart was the astonishingly beautiful thing that happened in my life. I was only thankful to God for bringing him back into my life and in such a wonderfully surprising way! I now believe that 'Miracles do happen when you least expect them to'!

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #writersofmirakee #writerscommunity
    #miracles ��❤️

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    I now believe that 'Miracles do happen when you least expect them to'!

    (Full story in the caption! )

  • shubhadamahure 166w

    That was the best time of my life!

    But it seems like the best time of my life was fake, unreal. It was like it wasn't meant to be perceived as the best time of my life. And it just destroys the joy that it gave me and upon which, I still live on.


  • shubhadamahure 171w

    The 'some' in 'awesome' stands for just a few people.
    Only 'some' special people have a heart the size of a million whales and a smile like an all-rounder medicine.
    It'll heal all your scars..