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  • shrustii 36w

    My lover's Aroma

    I lighted the candles you gave me
    I relished it's soothing scent....
    The fragrance swirls here all around
    Making my mind calm;
    Feels all good and ground.
    Taking your name,
    I smile while I set it....
    It lights the brighter,
    More beautiful than ever.
    Your aroma is still hidden here,
    I smell it to the core and
    feel your presence
    My friends say;
    ' I have gone insane smelling candles'.
    How should I tell 'em it isn't just
    a scented candle; it's a "Fragrance of love"
    Delightfully addictive one!
    I soften whenever i get a whiff
    of your "Delicate Love odor"
    For this world does not know,
    My lover's Aroma is divine and Magical


  • shrustii 36w

    Lover's Farewell

    Kisses and Cuddles
    Stories and giggles
    Smiles and Caresses
    I miss all those secrets
    we hide from the world.....
    Just me and you
    wired together in our Daisy world.

    Starry sky and lovely moon
    Those days and Magical nights
    Warm beds and cozy hugs
    Wish could have taken you to my world;
    to my paradise and let you stay
    Always in my arms and never away.

    Fondled hands and locked fingers
    Moist eyes and murky smiles
    Eventides and dull skies
    It was the time to bid a goodbye.
    Secretly hoping the time to just pause
    So that I could dive again into my lover's eyes,
    Abduct him and take him to my world.

  • shrustii 45w

    Lovers world

    How could I express
    the flowery touch of your lips,
    the gentleness of your caresses,
    The depth of your eyes I look
    and the love I have.
    This World still lacks the beautiful words to delineate this feeling.......
    My Darling, come to my world, world of love geeks,
    where you can just feel the presence of love
    I shower upon you.....
    No words, no talks....
    Just hold my hands and read
    the unsaid feeling that are trapped in mine.


  • shrustii 54w

    If tooth had a tongue !!!!

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    Sad Tale of a Tooth

    Once in the morning
    I was up before sun
    Unusual and wondering
    Cause I was never a early bun.

    Mr. Brushie made his way on us
    His duty of cleaning and wash
    Flossy wasn't happy though
    Cause she gotta clean really dirty tooth

    We all were groomed like a cute white shell
    Happy and excited as well.
    Crunching delicious toast and jam
    Sipped sweet juice and germs swam

    Ouchh! said the Miss Molar
    She cried out when food on over
    Ahh! said her neighbours
    freaked because she was roving

    Later after some hours
    In a bright white light
    Girdling with cracks and clatters
    Seems like we were on some planet mars

    A huge monstrous man
    Peeps into us
    Inspecting each keen
    with some not-so-spoon steel that are lean.

    Looking at eachother
    Terrified and worried
    Miss Molar was all dry and sad
    Cause she knew what was coming

    A gaint headed bar
    heading towards miss Molar
    Caught her around mercilessly
    And plucked out from her nest.

    Baffled on what just happened !
    we all were quite and mourning.
    She was taken out forever
    And gotta never see her once more

    The day next was all doom and down
    Grieving on her death again
    But isn't this life a game
    Ultimately to be
    part of this birth and death chain.


  • shrustii 58w

    My Ordinary Mother

    My mother is an ordinary woman
    Simplistic, Charismatic and Wonderful
    A metonym for Patience and Sacrifice
    A cheerful being
    carrying rucksack of unconditional love.

    Imperfect being but an imperative one
    An epitome for Courage and Dedication
    We love how she rectifies us, modifies us;
    evacuate us to make us realise the warps.
    I admire her, in midst of all world wickedness how she never forget to
    choose righteousness.

    My mother is a fighter ;
    Determined and Valorous
    Also a spiritual soul jewelled with kindness, compassion and liveliness.
    With all these astonishing traits,
    She is simply ordinary human being
    with zeal to make extraordinary things.


  • shrustii 62w


    It's Amazing how
    everything around you feels so right
    when the real love brings you
    such a bright
    The more you see yourself dreaming
    in daylight
    The more you fear of smite.

    Falling in love with all those pretty sights
    And more than day; the beautiful nights
    How many times your name do I recite
    The love poems which we share are infinite

    This heart is now like a kite
    Flying in the sky at much height
    with no strings holding it tight
    Because our love can only sense the flight


  • shrustii 65w

    A Good girl

    Once upon a time
    I was quite
    So I was called good
    I followed the orders
    And did as I was asked to.
    Never spoke my mind,
    Never let my inner voice intertwined.
    Framework loved me because I adhered to it.
    And I was called a 'good girl'
    But now
    I'm just Me❤️


  • shrustii 71w

    Dear You,

    It's fine to do what you want
    And less care about other peep's rant

    It's okay to experience these emotions.
    Let's explore, acknowledge and accept them.

    It's fine to fall in love and fall out of love
    Because being genuine about how you feel is
    important all above

    It's okay to be you, the real you!
    Just don't accept to be liked by everyone too

    You are what you think about...
    You are how you deal with your thoughts...
    So for once a while you be for yourself too❤️


  • shrustii 73w


    the most intimate
    and splendid romance
    is to fall in love with their thoughts.
    How beautiful it is to look into their
    eyes and realise their forethoughts!


  • shrustii 76w


    I'm in love with
    The Rich hue of greens
    The water ripples and shines.
    Golden-yellow twigs and
    their parched leaves.
    Flowers of mango trees
    The symbolic arts on
    Smokey clouds
    Bright morn sun and
    Blessed eventides
    Dullness of old pages
    with comfy smell .
    Those deep brown eyes.
    Warmth in mom's hug
    And her soothing voice.❤️