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  • shriya_pande 11w

    Hey there!

    Plz check out my YouTube channel by the name 'Verses by Shriya'
    A little bit of advice or appreciation would be a great help

  • shriya_pande 14w

    Kindness is contagious, spread it
    The world becomes better!

  • shriya_pande 18w

    You've got all it takes to fly, all you need is a bit confidence to spread your wings and get going

  • shriya_pande 18w

    Collaborating with @_anshika

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    Wish I'd know magic
    To turn the time back
    All those things that are lying
    I'd cast a spell and place them as a stack

    If I knew to use a wand
    I'd use it to strengthen all bonds
    I could meet wizards and withches
    And correct all of my glitches

    I could make my dreams come true
    With just a spell or two
    I could fly high on my broom
    And also make all the flowers bloom

    I could follow people on places
    Without leaving traces
    Hope my wish comes true
    Just within a day or two!

  • shriya_pande 20w

    Hearts of stones and rusting minds
    Stop humanity to find one of its kind

    Though kind fairies and humble princes do not exist
    Still merriness on this world can persist

    If gracious acts are done everywhere
    And affection would float in the air

    Then it's possible to make a better night and day;
    A finer world to stay

    When insanity and inhumanity would be defeated by purity
    Then it would be obvious to say
    That we live in a
    Better place to stay

  • shriya_pande 20w


    The evil is growing kick it out
    It'll leave you destroyed, no doubt

    Maybe you're fighting with it from long
    But it's grip might be super strong.

    Positivity is the key
    To defeat and flee

    This battle is yours and you have to fight
    It's the only way to get things right

    The road is long
    And the goal is far
    But it's really important to leave a scar.

  • shriya_pande 25w

    World of flowers

    Ever wondered how would be the world of flowers
    Where there would be floral towers
    And superheros with flower powers

    There'd be forests
    Pink and wild
    Where the weather would be pleasant and mild

    Oceans of blossoms
    Trees of varying flowers
    Everywhere you go, you'll find soothing bowers

    There'd be rain of nectar
    And army of bees
    This floral world is mine
    No one visits
    No one sees

  • shriya_pande 27w

    In the forest of darkness
    He was looking for a ray of hope
    But sometimes he thought
    For positivity there's no scope

    He walked and walked and walked
    Walked into the deep
    To look for the light
    He started to peep

    Then roamed into the sadness
    To find truth and delight
    Started to look into the woods
    Where his thoughts started flight

    Then at a place
    He wondered
    That for your happiness
    No one cared

    So he left the forest
    And travelled in his smiles
    Where he came to know that
    Satisfaction takes us miles

  • shriya_pande 27w

    Hey happiness

    Hey happiness
    Do me a favour
    Hold my tears
    Grab my fears

    Hey happiness
    Come to me
    Help me smile
    Let the sorrow go to exile

    Hey happiness
    Did you know
    Everyone one wants to have you always
    To find you they have different ways

    Hey happiness
    Why do you hide from us
    Sometimes you banish
    Sometimes you vanish

    Hey happiness
    Conquer the despair
    Because you are the one
    Who's difficult to find but not rare

  • shriya_pande 28w


    Hey you with the phone !!
    Would you ever know
    The feeling of getting lost in a book
    There's a phone in your hand, give it a throw

    Have you ever travelled
    In the world of books
    In the stories of mermaids
    And pirates with hooks

    Did you ever get lost
    In the kingdom of fantasies
    And ever moved away
    From the world of realities

    There are stories of witches and wizards
    Fables of fairies and bears
    Kings with swords and scabbards
    Stories of thieves and shoe pairs

    Why don't you leave the phone
    And read a book
    So that you experience happiness on your own
    So get a break and have a look!!