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  • shrimika 5w

    Life without you is
    Worse than the concept of hell.

  • shrimika 6w

    Will you be my Mr. Bean?

  • shrimika 7w

    In today's world
    I had heard it alot of time that
    Everything and everyone is replaceable
    But I can give you assurance that
    "You" are irreplaceable

  • shrimika 9w

    I am lost in space of US✨

  • shrimika 9w

    You proven me worng but
    Still some nights,
    I use to write "YOU"
    From core of my heart

  • shrimika 9w

    न जाने क्यू....
    पीछे छूटी कहानियों के कुछ पन्ने याद बहुत आते है

  • shrimika 9w

    Enjoy every phase**,,..**..
    Result is just an elusion.

  • shrimika 11w

    Treat me right,
    I will treat you the best.

  • shrimika 14w

    If your presence make me forget food.
    Then ya you are important for me

  • shrimika 15w

    I don't have any issue with people changing with time,
    I just want one thing that,
    The bond I shared with them remain same with time.