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  • shreyanshii 2w

    CUDDLES ki umar mein bus HURDLES mil re haii

  • shreyanshii 7w

    The 6 Fs

    Fuck the Fucking Fuckers before the Fucking Fuckers Fuck you

  • shreyanshii 7w


    I just love the way he hates me

  • shreyanshii 7w


    Some day is such a beautiful word....

    Some day, I'll stop loving him
    Some day, He'll start loving me...

    Doesn't it says it all???

  • shreyanshii 7w


    She wrote a long paragraph,
    expressing all her feelings towards him.

    After few hours he replied shockingly...
    What's going on ?

    And why wouldn't he be shocked,
    after all, dey met 6 years ago
    And never met after that,
    never even talked after that...

    She said :- It's a DEATH SEASON going on,
    Who knows when I would die
    But I just can't die with all the regrets....
    I won't be in peace....

    N It was the BEGINNING of another EPIC LOVE STORY......

  • shreyanshii 8w

    Demons inside me yearn for YOU

    Angles scorn YOU

    But who have seen angels winning in this ERA

  • shreyanshii 8w

    You promised me MEMORIES
    and left me with SCARS