Law student Hum bihari hai���� living in kolkata 18 years.. ❤❤

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  • shr_1806 16w

    New year

    Let the past be in the past,
    Let the future gives it's way.
    Let the flaws be in the past ,
    Let the future sun shine it's ray.

    Collect all your mess,
    And buy a new dress
    Take a resolution,
    To be everyone's solution.
    Welcome this year with a smile,
    And forget negativity for a while☺️


  • shr_1806 17w

    Someone asked me to define love in just few words-
    I replied with a smile......................☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
    Our 8 years of bond with her I said❤️

  • shr_1806 17w


    Still panicking about the changes around you..keep calm and feel the good thing coming in your way.. the new you will adapt everything for sure and the old you will remain happy with the same ppl around you.. don't worry

  • shr_1806 18w


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    What I have experienced from my life so far is that if you are giving your hundred percent to anyone irrespective of the relation you are having with them... don't expect back from them because they are not worth it

  • shr_1806 21w


    How do you feel when someone's touch gives you butterfly ?
    How do you feel when his smile kills you every time?
    How do you feel when someone's voice make you feel like heaven...and you know he is the one.
    How do you feel when you listen to any romantic song it reminds you of him?
    How do you feel when his one word can make your whole mood?
    How do you feel when you share your feelings with him after the whole hectic day?
    It's overwhelming right?
    But you know what's hurting is that when they start to change..... it's when they give you expectation and break it so badly that you start to believe that you are not good enough.
    It's his changing behaviour that is more painful.
    You want to leave him but can't...why?
    Becoz you love him so badly that you are afraid of loosing him.
    Baby don't do this will end up getting hurt.
    He is double timing believe that he is in love with you but in reality you are just his timepass. Don't depend upon him.
    You are your own role know what's rights and what's wrong...leave that toxic person and move will be much happier than before ❤️

  • shr_1806 22w

    Someone asked me to define true love in four
    Words.......I smiled while looking at the picture and said- "his weird pouty face".✨

  • shr_1806 22w


    Sharab se jyada nasha toh mohabbat Mai hota hai janab,
    Sharab se jyada nasha toh mohabbat Mai hota hai janab.

    Sharab ke Nashe Mai toh logo ko aabad hote dekha hai,
    Mohabbat Ka nasha asa jisme logo ko barbaad hote dekha h.

  • shr_1806 22w

    Mann mohana

    Dil ke jajbaat panno pe samet rhi hu,
    Jo chize dabi hui hai Sare khol rhi hu.
    Mann machal rha tha Mera,
    Tann dahal rha tha Mera
    Purani yaado Mai uljhe iss dil dimag ko rokk rhi hu.
    Dimag khi aur Dil khi aur hai mera,
    Andheri raato mai dhundh rhi hu vo sawera.
    Ek diin vo roshni bhi aayegi,
    Mere zindgi Mai ek chasni si chayegi.
    Bujh Jayega vi andhera
    Jab thamenge vo haath Mera❤️

    Naam hai unka kanha,
    Sab khte h unko mann mohna.
    Ab Sharan Mai unki Jana hai,
    Sare dard bhul aana h.

  • shr_1806 24w

    Raavan ke naam pe Bolne wale log
    Phle Apne andr ke Shaitan namak
    Prani ko mare
    Fir dusre ko updesh de☺️☺️☺️

  • shr_1806 27w

    Love yourself

    There are times when you will feel alone, devastated....even if everyone is around you will feel that some part of yours is taken away with that situation what you need to do is take a deep breath and thank god for what you are blessed with✨ppl will come and go but what remains is you yourself ❤️