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  • shivangij 4w

    Don't expect

    I breathe, wait and hope
    With all those expectations

    I had from close one
    I had with my efforts

    I don't know but the hope,
    Again smashes me with zero results,

    I keep on trying the same,
    But I see, it never happens

    Resulting in good even one,
    I realised that just do and forget what happens

    Just don't create expectations,
    Cause these kill you if not happened even once.

  • shivangij 4w

    Beauty by heart

    Beauty is upon the softness instilled,
    Within your heart pouring out

    Without anything in return towards the world,
    The crystal intent of pure socialization in it

    Coming out like flowing river neither end,
    Comfort you will to offer in dept

    Well, not your physical appearance nor financial in world,
    Determines but how diamond you are at

    By your soul and heart I'm this world,
    Determines your beauty coming out.

  • shivangij 4w

    Song felt written

    A lone girl and a familiar song,
    Wandering around like still inside

    She feel as she listen familiar song,
    It is played again and again on eve

    It started long before eve but the song,
    Seems repeated by her again and again

    She feel the song,
    As she plays avoiding the world around her even

    Maybe that's the reason she feels the song,
    And then connects what she feel within

    Turning into scribbling by writing,
    Like a piece of literature even

    She knows she is trapped in loop doing,
    These things again but yet she became addicted even,

    To this kind of living,
    As she hears song feeling the same again

    Either by song's tone, lyrics or way being sung,
    I even know others like her exist even.

  • shivangij 5w

    Me being speck of dust

    I was never a speck of dust,
    Just felt like getting into the world

    The more, I get into it
    The more I feel isolated

    I was an unknown creature to look at,
    Landed in this very planet filled

    With other ones looked alike at,
    Till I know by how world

    Brings me down all the time at,
    Still thinking of those stars at sky twinkling to be looked

    I felt that the moon, leaves, wind, plant
    It's what soothes me and so to others when looked

    But now, I may seem a speck of dust,
    To look alike to them all over world

    But, I never wondered nature complaining about dust,
    So she didn't when I became one in the world

    So, I preferred to value nature around to look at,
    As unknown creatures may come and go around

    Which is barely valuable to me and just alike about,
    Just speck of dust value itself and nature enough in world

    I realise it's better to be speck of dust,
    Cause you live for yourself blessed with nature once in the world

  • shivangij 14w

    Essence, Smoothness and Magic of raindrops

    Gazing at the raindrops, falling down I can only think of how things changes, our surroundings, we but not these raindrops.

    At times, I liked to interact but after interacting at all, I realised the loneliness is much better as it is easier to handle. I interacted less, well felt a bit odd but it is better then none or a crowd of people to interact.

    I look over the raindrops, the trees, the cloud,. the sunlight while raining, I felt nice within me. The drops falling down in seconds like the blink of the eyes. Some drops are visible at time, while some we cannot see as background atmosphere covers the look of raindrops.

    As I was wondering, I felt if raindrops where not there, I see the atmosphere around only but the essence, smoothness and magic of raindrops would be rare to see and remind how I feel the same calmness everytime, everywhere not of atmosphere but because of raindrops I see from little me to big me.

  • shivangij 16w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Chaos

    Read More

    Noises of past actions, words and memories decaying me within.

  • shivangij 17w

    Silent Love

    Love like silence is sometimes too comforting, Especially when you have been subject to chaotic wars in past going on

    The relief from those voices and faces in past coming,
    Which feels and continues to hurt you and hollow you deep down

    You know these words turn into war of emotions crumbling,
    Wants to break this chain or trying to get rid off anyway upon

    But these words just right into your head fighting with heart going,
    It eventually affects your self as you cling on

    Just hook yourself and make yourself a free tag,
    For others even ones who ripped you in past within

    These people hurt you and the one who causes it going,
    Comes up again and ripp you off like hell within

    Making you worst than you ever thought it going,
    Just value yourself and stop going to them on

    Just feel nothing about them when sometime special come along,
    And values you of who you are within

    Feeling that soft side of love unknown to you going,
    Inside you and let it be silent instead of waking upon

    You feel like world if that person is imaginary to you be comforting,
    With the silence of love you have for him within

    Cause you know that love is going,
    To show eventually later on

    To that person in terms of disguise going,
    Inside you as you without contacting person even

    You protect, look for his good and do what you can be doing,
    For that person in the silence of letting known

    Cause actions speaks louder than words as we see going,
    To live on and so silence in love is precious to have on.

  • shivangij 17w

    Handful of sky

    "I borrowed a handful of blue sky from my last lover and I realised it's not worth to be taken. From the shackles of oasis of love which played a part in my life earlier. I borrowed the same from my first lover but alas! it is not worth it. From the first one, I borrowed to take my suffering.

    Now, this could not lighten the burden I had which I realised later on. It's the complexities making noise in my mind which needs to be calm down by myself cause no external help would do that. From my last lover, I borrowed to flow with the life but I couldn't cause I was running away from problems instead of facing it. Now, I realise that go with flow but solve the problems of my life by myself enjoying every moment.

    Now, I can only say things borrowed were a handful of sky cause I have to built sky of my own in my life to live on peacefully."

  • shivangij 17w

    True to inspire

    I wanna led down and step ahead,
    Despite of breakdown

    You went ahead with loneliness instead,
    You stated optimistic upon

    The future though obstacles came indeed,
    Affecting mentally, physical health and so on

    But you stayed phenomenal and strong indeed,
    Inspire that emotional is not bad at all even

    Winning millions of heart and helping ahead,
    People in need portraying on

    A classic example of good and strong of you indeed,
    Which I admire and want to be on

    Well, you never let your career affect and be the best ahead,
    Instead of competiting and comparing on

    You just be what you are and indeed,
    Proud of that ahead in

    Your life and so I inspire you instead,
    Of your songs, as a person you are upon

    An admirer, ideal and beautiful with confident indeed,
    Just be true to self that matters within.

  • shivangij 17w

    Passion taken away

    I don't know what makes me happy now
    I don't know what makes me relief now,

    I feel like my soul is taken away now
    I feel like living is not my thing now,

    The one passion that makes me alive anyhow
    The main source of joy I had,

    The one which makes my day earlier anyhow,
    Is snatched away from me now.