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  • shivangi_gawande 33w

    Taqleef Khud Hi Kam Hojaegi
    Jab Apno Se Umeed Kam Hojaegi..!


  • shivangi_gawande 34w

    सबकुछ मिल जाता है दुनिया में मगर,
    याद रखना की बस माँ-बाप नहीं मिलते,
    मुरझा कर जो गिर गए एक बार डाली से,
    ये ऐसे फूल हैं जो फिर नहीं खिलते।


  • shivangi_gawande 34w


    हर रिश्ते में मिलावट देखी
    कच्चे रंगों की सजावट देखी,
    लेकिन सालों साल देखा है माँ को
    उसके चेहरे पे ना कभी थकावट देखी,
    ना ममता में कभी भी मिलावट देखी।


  • shivangi_gawande 34w


    उनकी आँखों में मैने अपना सपना देखा
    सारी दुनिया को मेने अपने पापा में देखा,
    मैं सदा छांव में रहूँ इसलिए वो धुप सह जाते है
    मेरे अरमान पुरे करने में उनके ही अधूरे रह जाते है,
    वो पिता है जो हमारे विधाता है
    मुझे कोई कष्ट ना हो इसलिए वो सारे कष्ट सह जाते है।


  • shivangi_gawande 77w

    Panademic Fear!

    When The Pandemic Came, It Was Invisible
    Human Casualties were the only sign
    Oppositions Warned Of this Deadly Transmission
    All Our Indians Should Be Under Supervision
    It Was Just a Crafted Illusion

    Now Rich People Are Having All Days As Sunday's
    And The Poor Are Waiting For Their Monday's

    Skies Are No Duskier But,
    The situations are a little riskier

    It Is just a cause for the worldwide pause..!

    I Just Sit & Think,
    How Life's Changed In A Blink,
    Now We Should not get into a fright
    As it is the reversal of our careless times
    Precautions Set In,
    Hopes That It Could Be Averted,
    Schools/colleges close, Offices Shut
    All roads stood deserted,
    Business suffered, Markets went into meltdown,
    The virus was ruthless, forcing a lockdown.

    But But,
    Social media still covers the Roar of the immortals,
    They said no human interaction,
    But what about those forced actions?

    It's All About Trial & Tribulation
    It's the test of our patience

    As we lost some stability
    We gain some humility
    There's just something in the air
    You need to take care,
    Avoid rumours that scare
    And if you see symptoms that are rare,
    it's time for us to prepare.

    Dear World, Don't Panic
    Just Take Care!


  • shivangi_gawande 94w

    Kya Hua Jo Tera Mijaz Badal Gaya Hai,
    Mujhse Baat Krne Ka Andaaz Badal Gaya Hai
    Ya Koi Baat Hai Jo Tere Dil Mein Ghar Kar Gai Hai ,
    Ya Teri Zindagi Kisi Aur Ka Ghar Bhar Rahi Hai ,
    Main Jaanti Hu Mil Chuki Hai Manzil Tujhko
    Meri Hi Ye Zindagi Hai Jo Ab Tak Safar Kar Rahi Hai ,
    Kya Kahu Ab Tujhko , Teri Hi Saasien Ab Mujhme Pal Pal Chal Rahi Hai
    Bita Hua Lamha Ab Dil Mein Shor Sa Machata Hai ,
    Vo Pass Aakar Tera Dur Chalejana Kuch Raas Sa Na Aata hai .
    Tere Laboon Pe Mera Aana , Apne Laboon Se Phir Tujhe Shaant Karana ,
    Unn Aakhon Ke Aasoon Ko Jhhaat Se Tere Chehre Se Hatana , Yaad Hai Tera Mujhe Vo Kisi Aur Ke Sath Dekh kar Khudka Dil jalana
    Ab Jab Koi Aur Tujhe Choota Hoga Toh Tu Hi Bata Ye Kambhakt Dil Kitna Rota Hoga ,
    Yuhi Toh Khatam Hua Nahi Hai Rishta Apna , Kyu Sabkuch Ek Afsana sa Lagta Hai ,
    Rukja Thoda Roo Lene De Kyuki Ab Har Apna Kuch Begana Lagta Hai .

  • shivangi_gawande 105w

    Jab Pyaar Mein Pyaar Na Ho,
    Jab Dard Mein Yaar Na Ho
    Jab Aasun Mein Muskaan Na Ho
    Jab Lafzoon Mein Zubaan Na Ho
    Jab Ye Saasien Bs Yuhi Chale ,
    Jab Har Din Mein Raat Dhale
    Jab Intezar Sirf Wqt Ka Ho
    Jab Yaad Sirf Uss Kambakt Ki Ho
    Kyu Hu Mein Raahi , Jab Vo Manzil Kisi Aur Ki Hai
    Kyu Hu Mein Wafadar Itna ; Jab Uski Raza Hazaron Ki Hai !
    Meine Wqt Ko Roka , Zamane Ko Usi Ke Liye Toka
    Meine Apna Dil Beecha , Aur Jasbaaton Ka Tamasha Dekha !
    Mene Sirf Usy Dekha , Aur Usne Mujhe Chodh Hazaro Ko Dekha!
    Dil Tow Kuch Iss Qkadar Tuta hai Janab Ki Awaz Tak Na Aae ,
    Ham Jese Jee Rahe Hai , Vese Koi Jee Ke Tow Batae⚡


  • shivangi_gawande 110w

    Logo Ne Ishq Ka Sahara Diya , Bewafai Se Phir Usi Ka Tamasha Kiya ,
    Wqt Beet Gaya , Par Hamne Unn Lamho Ko Jakad Ke Rakha ;
    Sath Unse Hamesha Ka Manga Tow Unhone Daga Diya ,
    Koi Aur Parwana Na Apna Kehde Hame Apna Isliye Hamne Khudko Sabse Dur Rakha
    Par Jab Paya Tujhe Kisi Aur Ki Bahoon Mein Tow Khudse Nazare Mila Na Saka

    Logo Se Lada , Apno Se Bhida
    Tere Liye Sab Kuch Kiya ,
    Par Phir Tere Laboo Pe Meri Bewafai Ka Pegam Kyu Mila?
    Wqt Roklete Ham Tum Bewqt Milte Tow Sahi ,
    Teri Yaadon Se Zindagi Kat Lete Tum Ekbar Wafa Karte Tow Sahi !

  • shivangi_gawande 110w

    Sometimes In This Lifetime
    We Meet A Special Soul
    Who Fills Our Every Essence To Overflow,
    That Very First Sight Of Connect
    Was The Essence Of New Revive
    Not A Myth ,
    But Recollecting Those
    Goosebums Vibes
    Love Seems To Be A Hungover ,
    Just For A Span Of Time
    They Say Love Is A Fairy Tale ,
    But Its Just A Journey Based
    Upon On Fate. You & I Should Be Together
    To Cross Upon The Bridge
    Made So High With The Customs Of Earlier Goodbyes ,
    Lets Be In Unison And
    Spend The Rest Of The Life ,
    Just Fantasizing The Nostalgic Vibes,
    Better Than I Was
    More Than I'Am
    Just By Holding Your Hand ,
    And Spending The Nights Side By Side❤

  • shivangi_gawande 117w

    The Teardrops Runs Down,
    And Falls Of From Her Nose ,
    She Cries In Dark Corners ,
    Where Nobody Goes ,
    You Can Follow The Tracks ,
    From Eyes To Her Chin,
    Days Upon Days , of Letting Them Win.
    And Guess What Her Eyes Tell A Story Of Anger & Pain ,
    You Think She Is Happier ?
    Just Look Again , Into The Scars Of Her Past ,
    Hidden Under An Wrapped Broken Heart ,
    Her Smile Is Facinating ,
    She Has Became A Master In Hiding Her Feelings ,
    Just As A Disguise .
    All You Need Is Just Look Into Her Eyes .
    Sobbing All The Way,
    For That Shitty Sake Of Betray .
    Eyes Popping Out In Pain ,
    Still Lips Giving A Count On Your Name!
    HOPES Are Getting Shattered That One Day He Will Stay!
    The Love Was Unconditional
    The Memories Were Unforgettable
    The Feeling Was Unpredictable ,
    But , But Things Are Not All The Same
    Lets Just Stay Apart And
    Resolve The Past ,
    Coz Staying Together Can Harm Our Way Of Beating Hearts!
    And All Of A Sudden Guess What , This Broken Heart Still Beats On Your Call !

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