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  • shimmerycorners 11w

    By unknown writer

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  • shimmerycorners 12w

    Secret meeting

    That shady dim-lit cubicle space
    Our innocent lingering glances
    I had scarf around my face
    As you stood and held
    My hand and I

    I couldn't look into your brown eyes
    When I untold my unscented lies
    Our love is deeper it's spiritual
    But it lacks physical touch
    I shoveled it more than
    I ve ever intended
    Time lapsed
    Bill's here


  • shimmerycorners 13w

    This love ( original song)❤️

    I wrote a poem about you
    But making a Melody became difficult
    I wrote a thought about you
    But quoting it now would be stereotypical
    I wrote sad songs
    Fantasized about our love

    But it remains
    A timeless
    One-sided love

    Oh this love
    Is beautiful.

    Oh this love
    Is beautiful ...


  • shimmerycorners 13w

    I grew up now I feel lost
    Didn't know caring comes with a cost
    Now I fear everyday
    About the well being of my loved ones


  • shimmerycorners 13w


    Look !
    Like the Bees swarmed
    to the honey shells
    Now they Hovering
    around like satellites
    Look !
    The Discarded queen
    Now throwing a banquet feast
    They've gathered back
    Crumbling over my feet..

    The ugly duckling
    Is made again the

    Now I wield
    This power


  • shimmerycorners 15w

    Pizza was made

    We had a fight in the morning
    She said some words
    I threw in few as well
    Her ego got hurt
    So she made pizza
    Just for fun(nah)

    You know the one
    With all the toppings
    Onions, sweet corn,
    Tomatoes , bell peppers
    And loads of cheese
    Literally dripping cheese

    It looked really tasty
    This fight is now nasty

    Called all the family
    Even friends
    So I guess her game
    Has begun
    Gotta play my bet now
    Let's see what to
    This sister's quarrel

    But for now
    I wanna eat it too


  • shimmerycorners 16w

    Sappy Birthday Poem

    You're funny
    And snooty

    Your white
    Is amazing
    I would
    Die for
    Your booty

    You voice
    Is manly
    It gets me
    Your humor
    Is quirky
    As our weird

    You've got
    Me as your
    No need to

    My love
    It's our
    3 rd


  • shimmerycorners 16w

    Birthday Boy

    I know I don't say it much
    But you're amazing
    I know I don't show much
    But I wish you all the world's

    Significant prosperities
    Maybe a PS or Nintendo


  • shimmerycorners 17w

    Male friend

    Old school boy
    Sweet as sloppy terrain
    Buck - teethed smile
    Pure, unadulterated lullaby

    You are a true friend
    It's not the lust I am sure


  • shimmerycorners 17w

    Arranged Marriage

    Would it'd be better
    To undust those letters
    Written with sorrow and pain

    Waiting and miseries
    Unjust ceremonies
    Years later still cuts you deep

    If you give lesson to you back in the day
    To say 'no' when you're heart says 'not to'
    To let go of boundations if you want to
    To shout out all those queries and insecurities

    Cuz 10 years later you'll be wrecked by the wreath of your youth
    Cuz 15 years later you'll be strangled by those whimsical myths
    And physically you'll be falling pieces by pieces as 30 years come...

    You should've said no..
    To the married life to be arranged
    To the love to be manifested upon you
    Would have been much better
    for you..