Quoth the raven, "Nevermore".

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  • shilohlewis 151w

    Should I do more. If so, let me know.

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    Screams of Demons

    There was something in the water. I swear I can't be making this up. Okay, was that too rash of me to say or not, because, if so, then this conversation is done and over with.

    Anyway, I write to you all, not from my home in Las Vegas, Nevada, but from Heavenly Hollows, Oregon, a utopian society without any violence. At the time, I thought it would be fun, but, like all things manmade, it deceived me and my "friends". Allow me to tell you this tale, a tale of a place called Ylohnu, California.


  • shilohlewis 151w

    Trapped in a Rut


    Cursed be the day I was born
    let people look back on it and scorn
    The man who saith, "It's a boy"!
    let my mother look back in shame

    Why do I spit these things at you? It's all due to my ubquitous pessismism.

  • shilohlewis 151w


    I am so tired, oh so tired, I
    wanna go home, now,
    I don't wanna be in this place

    I am so tired, oh so tired, I
    wanna go home, now,
    I don't wanna be in this place

    Heartbroken, unheard of,
    breaking everything I touch
    Heartbroken, unheard of, killing
    everyone I love

    Cast down from, the Heavens, I,
    look to earthly pleasure to sate my joy, but
    nothing can fill this hole in my heart...

  • shilohlewis 151w

    Drunk and Confused

    Jesus, oh, I'm drunk on this train ride to hell. Meet me so I may be clean, or may I meet you lest I damage your kingdom? Forgive me, father, for you know I have been sinning. I take what I want and bring it in my grey world of imagination.

    Lord, forgive my mistakes. Forgive me of my confusion that I may be healed. This is not me and what I want is not relevant.

    Now, to you only, Lord, a poem of remorse:

    How did this happen to me
    How could I had not been set free
    Take me, O God, to higher places,
    or at least a place better than this.


  • shilohlewis 151w

    Dream On

    There've been a time where I used to love
    There've been a time where I was on the ark and the dove
    With the branch we call hope, O so little
    But dare not belittle me and our hopes as we dream on

    I used to wave the white flag at love's tranquil sound
    Locked up in my room as the earth spun round and round
    Meet me, Jesus, meet me in the middle of the morgue
    Take my hand and life ye hopeless from this scourge

    Sing with me, just as it goes, let us go to heaven in a handbasket 
    Sing with me, ye hopeless, let us go to that place and dream on 
    O come thou those who call themselves depressed 
    O come thou those who call themselves suppressed under this world'srule!

    Living life to its fullest isn't enough to get me by
    Living bisexually never satisfied my soul, I do not know why
    Call me a sinner, call me a saint, wash my sins away likewet paint on a canvas

  • shilohlewis 151w

    Trembling Hands

    My solumn heart keeps dragging me back
    to depths unknown and back again

    To hell and back and back to hell we go 
    on this emotional ride we call life

    Agorphobia got distressed in this mess
    that we can call our one and only home

    You know you're high on life when death
    never seemed so comfortable

    My, what a good day, for, a walk outside
    My shadow side never seen the light of day,
    nor has it seen the hell I've had to see

    My, what a good day, for a, rainy day
    Dreary as I may seem, I'm rather upbeat

  • shilohlewis 151w

    Don't Go To Sleep

    There’s a lot that goes through my mind

    Why do I play it on rewind

    I obsess over the littlest of things

    Whatever the night might bring

    It’s ten-o-clock when I look at you

    I realize that you’re my one and only

    Will you stay or leave like them, too?

    Stay awake with me and don’t go to sleep

    Woest me for your antagonization

    Forgive me, dear, for this disorganization

    I lie at night wondering when you’ll love me less 

    Maybe tomorrow or the next day would be my guess

    I just shot an angel, the shots ring through the night

    It nearly got away, but twas in my line of sight

    Say what you will, but I have no remorse

    As I ride away, my horse, carry me