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  • shikha_pandey 53w

    तू किसी और छोर का

    मैं किनारे सी
    संग तेरे चलती रहती हूँ,
    तू किसी दरिया सा
    मुझे लहरों सा छेड़ जाता है ।

    मैं मैदानों सी
    तुझे ताकती रह जाती हूँ,
    तू किसी अब्र-सा-बरस
    मुझे चूम जाता है ।।

    मैं किसी ज़र्द पत्ते सी
    तेरा इंतजार करती हूँ,
    तू बहार सा लहरा अपनी शख़्शियत
    मुझे संग उड़ा ले जाता है ।

    मैं जब भी तितली सी
    हारी-हारी आती हूँ,
    तू अपनी नशेमन सी आँखों में
    मुझे छुपा ले जाता है ।।

    मैं जब भी किसी बे-ज़ार-शाम सी
    उबासी लेती हूँ,
    तू शमाओं सा
    मेरे अँगने में जल उठता है ।

  • shikha_pandey 102w


    आपकी तारीफ ?
    जी, कौन ?
    हम !?
    सुलझे हुए इंसान हैं,
    ज़रा उलझे हुए मिजाज़ के ।

  • shikha_pandey 194w


    Moral values are not taught to children through books, instead we ourselves have to set examples in front of our children.

  • shikha_pandey 197w


    नीरव सा साहिल, हल्के हिलोर लेता
    धुंधलाता सा, उब डुब सा, अधबूझा अस्तित्व
    जुहू के दूर किनारों पर ,
    जहां कदमों के निशान भी संभल ना पाते
    डूबती उतराती रात के सन्नाटों में करती भांय भांय सी लहरें
    नहीं भाता मुझे
    वो रेतीले किनारों वाला
    काला नीला समंदर
    चमकता हुआ क्वीन्स नेकलेस
    धड़धड़ाता सा अरब सागर ,सी लिंक वाला
    काले से नुकीले पत्थर, कुछ कुछ घिसे हुए(शायद किसी ने घूरा होगा,सूखे पपड़ी वाले होंठो पर रही होगी कोई प्यास)
    और दे मारा होगा नारियल(जिसका पानी स्ट्रॉ डाल कर पीते हो तुम मरीन ड्राइव पर,प्रिय की आंखों में डूबे)सा सर,
    और डूब गया होगा अस्तित्वहीन सा
    खुद के ही बोझ तले
    रात का स्याह समंदर
    प्रेमियों की प्रेरणा
    शायरों का गीत
    चिराग-ए-बहारां परदेसी सी ख्वाहिशों का
    गेटवे ऑफ इंडिया के पीछे का बिना रेलिंग का चिकने पत्थर का किनारा
    पैर(या ख्वाब) फिसले
    यह महानगर का समंदर
    उतना भी सुंदर नहीं ।।

  • shikha_pandey 198w


    Some people have dangerous viruses in their mindset, which resists their development !
    I pity them.

  • shikha_pandey 198w


    बेवज़ह की खुराफातें,
    और कह गए सारी बातें।

  • shikha_pandey 198w

    बम भोले

    वो लम्हा ज़िंदगी का अनमोल होता है,
    जब महाकाल का साथ, उनकी बात, और उनका माहौल होता है।

    फिजाओं में भांग, धतूरे, बेलपत्र की खुशबू का बोलबाला होता है,
    बोलबम के जयकारे से माहौल मतवाला होता है।

    हवाओं का रूख भी कुछ अजब ही निराला होता है,
    जब जब महादेव का त्यौहार आने वाला होता है।❤️

    हर हर महादेव ।।

  • shikha_pandey 201w


    If we truly want to be respected by people we love. We must prove to them that we can survive without them. What one say, may not be the truth. I was fool who believed in each and everyone. But not the one who believed in me. It sucks how some people use you when they need you and then they put you aside like you didn't even matter to them from the beginning. You help your best friend the best you can to make them feel happy, you'll be there for them when they need you but in the end you'll be left alone with your pain without anyone there to help you when you need them the most. When you needed someone to talk to, or a shoulder to cry on, I was there. You were never lonely because even if everyone left you, I'd still be there to make you feel like the center of attention. But you never did that for me. All I wanted was your care and you couldn't give it. I was used by you, and cast aside. Sometimes I fear that I might be lost in this crowded city. I might end up losing my dreams and that will be almost like losing my life. I trusted "HIM" like a fool and he proved me fool. Thanks for one more lesson. Hope, this time around I'll learn from it. Life alone is best, neither we've to wait for someone's comeback nor for their excuses. Trust is the hardest thing to find and the easiest to lose. Fooling me once is okay as I've faith in our friendship. Fooling me twice is fine, as I don't wanna lose one of my friend who is more than a friend, what else I can do when you will keep repeating of fooling me except befriending you, it's difficult but I know how to do it. Life h so I've to accept whatever comes in my way. Ab har jagah complaints to ni kr skte na. People love you. People adore you. So, there must be people who will gonna do the opposite of these two. I need to learn each of these lessons neither I'll end up being at the wrong side all the time.


  • shikha_pandey 204w

    Antithetical Juncture

    I've learned how to sing while falling
    how to shiver in the summer
    how to build bridges in the eye of a forest fire

    I've learned how to pull against gravity
    how to count against the current
    and let the moon hear me scream

    I've learned to walk when there's no ground under me
    to smoke out things that love the flame

    Maybe I'm teaching myself
    cracking apart just to crush parts back together
    I'm magnetic
    I will never be visible power
    this girl inside me is barely an acquaintance
    But I'm so proud of her
    she has learned how to sing while falling!

  • shikha_pandey 204w

    Peregrinate through life's journey

    To be honest, people appear much sexier and confident about life when they're confident about themselves. So, instead of looking for someone with a candle in your hand (or a huge light), why don’t you work on your own self ? Get busy creating a life for yourself that is so awesome that the best people get attracted to you! Your confidence will be that magnet that attracts the most shining people.

    Get an aura around yourself and do not let any creepy insect dare to poke into the shining light of that aura.

    Use this life as a singleton to explore the world, to travel wherever and whenever your heart takes you to. So that when you do come across the right person, your life will have taught you enough to identify him/her out of a crowd of the not so right people.

    I'm not saying you close your heart and walk like a zombie. I think the major reason why people rush into whatever they can lay their hands on is–they don’t know how to spend time with themselves. ALONE. It’s like an enpty room would just bite them. And I blame the ‘Lack Of Hobbies And Passions’ for this sort of a behavior. Now explain me this–if you really have engaging hobbies that totally consume you, will you be afraid of being alone ? Never!

    It is only the sheer lack of ambition and passion in life that leads to loneliness~~~and this loneliness leads to hurried decisions when it comes to relationships. The best relationship that you can have today is the one with yourself. Only someone who has that much amount of confidence in their being can truly and totally accept someone else in their lives. Until you have been alone with yourself, you will never know whether you are choosing someone out of love or loneliness! For the rest of them, I would say, quit looking (Don’t even Keep Looking). If you really have to look somewhere, look within and understand what is it that you really want from life ? An incredible way of living on your own terms which you then share with someone equally awesome or settling with less than what you deserve and then trying to adjust your life around that decision ?

    I think we're a **SMART** generation to know how to not get our steps all jumbled up!

    What if we just let the sun go down on all our mistakes this year ? Our losses ? The times we wanted so badly for the answer to be yes but it was no ? The times we tried our hardest and still failed ? The tears we cried, the friends we lost, the missed deadlines, the “Almost” lovers. The dreams that didn’t come true, the broken promises, the disappointments, the deferred hopes, the sleepless nights. The wrong turns, the detours, the setbacks. The rejection, the misdirection. The people who hurt us and didn’t deserve us. The times we almost gave up on ourselves. The times we forgot who we're. The times we wondered if we would be forever alone.

    …What if we just let the sun go down on all of it ? What if we simply refuse to let the darkness and the losses and the hurts and the letdowns win…

    I too have been facing obstacles, challenges, things that go right, then go wrong. People that are undeserving of my attention after I realized that I was chasing my own tail. The whole point is to be in 'CONTROL' of the way you think, and build new memories to erase and fade the bad ones. Hurts and letdowns cannot ever win, if you choose to not let them. It's a choice. We all have that ability. It's not so much as strength, as is it courage and common sense. I can assure most that nothing is predicable.

    If you build a wall, then be prepared to stay behind it. If you 'CHOOSE' to take the wall down, expect the unexpected, the good, the bad, the great, the not so great. Life is not a perfect science. Fantasies of how we want things to be are just that: FANTASIES. Reality is knowing that things just may not go exactly as planned. Just expect change and ACCEPT it. The journey of life is beautiful knowing that you've the ability to not participate in a bad relationship, for whatever 'EXCUSE' you may have. Always, always, always, there are options. If it does not feel right, ABSTAIN !! This year is a perfect time for soul cleansing and a rude wake up call to those still hanging on to Cinderella dreams.

    Life presents many obstacles during various season in all of our lives, regardless if we're single, engaged, committed, married, divorced, etc. The key principal to always remember is when life hits hard, we've to make the conscious decision to let god teach us how to turn lemons not just into lemonade, but lemon pie, lemon custard, lemon ice cream.

    Sometimes closed doors are actually sealed blessings, for example, the bf/gf that rejected you, who you thought was a dream of a life time, who turned out to be a fool! It leads to a set up of being placed in the right places, at strategic times where you connect with valued encounters that contribute to your future.

    Know that god loves you immensely throughout this year and the coming ones...!