she was and will be my lifeline 🌈 unedited thoughts about me and her

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  • shewasmine 45w

    Yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever, I say her name and remember.

    My Dream, My life happy birthday

  • shewasmine 51w

    Past is scratching my Wound,
    Dark nights are getting Darker,

  • shewasmine 59w


    तू वो
    पूरा ना हो ने वाली जान ने की बाद भी
    हज़ारों बार माँगी हूवि मनत,

  • shewasmine 70w

    My love was endless for her but she chose to end the relation and make me less of her

  • shewasmine 74w

    Your silent kills me as much as your lies

  • shewasmine 93w

    I will not be able to love her from same heart that i had on day one .... unless she open up and says truth

  • shewasmine 93w

    He still comes online as soon as she comes .....

    His GF stays online for mins and mins but he will not come online

  • shewasmine 93w

    She will walk away again, she will make me suffer again

    I really wish she understands me one time and love me without any question and be truthful for one time

  • shewasmine 93w


    I have only loved her most from my soul

  • shewasmine 93w

    In any relation transparency, communication, emotions, feeling and respect are vital and that makes a beautiful relation

    The first condition is share and don’t hide anything