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  • shepoetry 4w

    We are born in this world,
    with no knowledge, lessons or regrets.
    It's with our experiences that we acquire,
    that stay with us until death.
    The one who takes birth,
    is also bound to take their last breath.
    With every person that goes,
    it's their memories that are left.

    The soul may have departed long ago,
    and the body may have ceased to exist.
    But it's the difference they make,
    in the lives of people that stays.
    It's the way they influence people,
    that keeps them in hundreds of memories.
    It's the way they embrace their mistakes,
    and the impact they leave on Earth,
    that keeps them alive for centuries.

    Perhaps, death is a stage,
    that cannot be avoided.
    So this poetess wishes to be remembered,
    in a simple but certain way.
    Since all that arrive,
    are destined to depart,
    and all that make bonds,
    are fated to die apart.

    I wish to leave my essence,
    in this universe,
    the way a rose,
    leaves its fragrance,
    in a lover's soul.
    I wish to leave an effect,
    like the pleasing petrichor,
    that accompanies the Earth,
    with the first rain,
    after days of dry weather.

    Do not cry when I die,
    as if it's the last goodbye.
    I'll be greeting you,
    in the joy of my dear ones,
    in their warm smiles.
    I will meet you,
    when you take a glance,
    at the lofty sky.
    I will meet you,
    as hope that shines,
    in someone's eyes.

    I'll be there always,
    on both good and bad days.
    Maybe as rainbows tomorrow,
    or as tiny droplets on a rainy day.

    I may not be present as a body,
    but the nature will speak of my presence.
    For the birds will sing meticulously,
    of my eternal essence.

    I'll comfort you as warm sunshine,
    after series of cold evenings.
    I'll console you as light breeze,
    in the budding season of spring.

    I'll be there to remind you of me,
    in the light of my meaningful poetries.
    I'll be there to help you breathe,
    when you're tired of miseries.
    I'll be there to remind you of me,
    as the season of autumn brings fallen leaves.

    When you're engulfed with fear,
    and surrounded by grief,
    I'll sit as a butterfly on your shaking hands,
    and heal you with relief.

    I'll be there to wipe your tears,
    as the soft gust of wind.
    or at times of dawn and dusk,
    when life refuses to be kind.

    When you stand in a field of dandelions,
    with the wish to see me,
    I'll fall as a petal on your teary eyes,
    and send you a sign that I'm happy.

    When you see the sun rise,
    and wish to fall into my embrace,
    I'll ask the sun to shine brighter,
    and indicate my gentle presence.

    When you look at the sky playing with pretty colors,
    and the birds racing in airy clouds,
    When you hear a nightingale singing harmonic songs,
    When you look at a flower emerging from the ground.

    When you count the stars,
    and find solace by the moon,
    I'll be sitting right by your side,
    to admire the night sky with you.

    When you work your hardest,
    and achieve milestones,
    I'll be watching from above,
    and proudly smile at you.

    I'll be there to hold your hand,
    while the nature sends you my wishes.
    I'll be there to help you stand,
    when you lose hold of your spirit.

    Remember me as happiness,
    Remember me in my words,
    as I leave you with my poetries,
    and the gift of light and love.

    Read the words of this poetess,
    as she leaves a part of herself,
    in her words as life, and in sunsets,
    for as long as this world is left.

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    When I'm Gone


  • shepoetry 4w

    Someday, somewhere,
    I'll see you again.
    in the sky of divinity,
    and the certainty of union.
    Someday, somewhere,
    I'll meet you again,
    in the land of peace,
    in a land so surreal.

    It's been years
    since I last saw you,
    It's been years
    since I last heard your voice,
    It's been years
    since you left me forever,
    It's been years
    since I talked to you,
    for one last time.
    If only I had known,
    that you won't be here anymore.

    If only I could have realized,
    that I'd see your face for the last time.
    We probably would've talked for a longer time,
    if I knew I was fated to say goodbye.

    I could've thanked you,
    for all the care you ever showed to me.
    I could've thanked you,
    for the littlest gestures of empathy.
    I wish you would've known,
    that they were never unnoticed.
    I wish you would've known,
    that they form the warmest aspect,
    of my grieving memory.

    My memory still reminds me,
    of our final day together,
    when we sat on a swing,
    and applauded the pleasant weather.
    We sat mesmerized, in the awe of clouds,
    miles away from the heartbreaking truth,
    that you'd soon be a part of them too.

    I remember you being afraid,
    that I'd find it boring to be with you,
    If only you knew,
    that it was never true.

    Now I long for just a few seconds,
    of your safe presence.
    as you watch me from above,
    in the protection of heaven.

    I still sit on that swing,
    to believe that you exist.
    I still think of that last moment,
    and cry in your sweet remembrance.

    With weakness of grief in my heart,
    and strength of hope in my soul,
    I wish to erase the day you breathed your last,
    from my memory as a whole.

    I feel tears welling up in my eyes,
    as I fondly think of you,
    and a butterfly sits on my shaking hands,
    as though you're here to tell me,
    that you're watching me too.

    You pat on my back,
    for remaining strong and making it through,
    as the aura feels familiar,
    and the warm wind blows.
    It's as if you try to wipe my tears,
    and give me a sign that you're near.

    Now I patiently wait,
    with the wish to meet you again,
    as I think of the good old days,
    and hope to reunite with you,
    somewhere far away,
    in that blue sky we used to admire,
    or the land of clouds and angels.

    Oh my dearest friend,
    I hope to see you again.
    We'll talk of all things left incomplete,
    peacefully enjoying each other's company,
    in the surreal land of heaven,
    when their won't be fear of separation,
    we'll reunite when the universe calls me,
    in the abode where you now reside,
    we'll proudly smile and celebrate,
    when I'll see you again.

    #start #wod

    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    When I'll See You Again


  • shepoetry 5w

    I often wonder how,
    the first moments,
    in heaven feel.
    Do the deceased,
    deeply anticipate,
    a soulful meeting,
    with their loved ones,
    that they had once
    lost on Earth?

    When people are,
    at the verge of death,
    and just a few seconds away,
    from their final farewell,
    Do they ardently hope,
    to descend into heaven?
    Is it the memories of their lifetime,
    that they hold within,
    the depths of their hearts,
    as tokens of selfless love.

    Heaven to my eyes,
    is a land so surreal.
    A place where two souls intertwine,
    in the name of a much awaited union.

    Where devastated mothers,
    that once lost their beloved children,
    smile brighter than the stars,
    upon realizing they're not so far.

    Where parents that long for their child,
    finally get to reunite.
    Where dogs wag their tails,
    over the blissful sight,
    of their empathetic owners,
    whom they saw as family.

    Where a little girl runs to receive,
    a warm hug from her grandma,
    while the grandma stands with open arms.
    Where the entire aura calls for nothing,
    but the flame of love being rekindled.

    Where a poet still composes,
    soulful poems for its lover.
    Where a bubbly girl
    still dances in a garden,
    and inhales the rosy scent of fresh petals.

    Where the sky vividly flourishes,
    in sweet celebration of a fated union,
    of long lost soulmates.
    Where two lovers get to fulfill,
    their wish of uniting on the other side.

    Where the language of love,
    is taught to all.
    and the lesson of peace,
    is beautifully preached.
    Where the soft, white feathers,
    of doves and angels symbolize,
    the divine union,
    of separated and broken families.

    Where an aged couple gets to reunite,
    after one left the other too soon.
    The little kids that ran in playgrounds,
    now race against each other,
    in the fields of airy clouds
    and a tranquil sky.
    The enthusiasm remains,
    but the abode changes.

    Where the bodies become souls,
    but the essence of humanity remains.
    A land faraway from the darkness of evils,
    where the light of harmony prevails.

    As the gates to heaven are unlocked,
    and several souls begin their afterlife.
    The wholesome echos of ecstasy are heard,
    followed by giggles of pure innocence,
    and screams of absolute joy.

    Where everyone's story,
    seems to have a happy ending.
    Where no soul is required,
    to be bounded by suffering.

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    To The Loved Ones In Heaven


  • shepoetry 5w

    To be loved by a poet or to be loved by a writer is such a dreamy affair. The simple pleasure of being aware that everytime someone pays homage to what a writer wrote for its lover, it would also mean that their love is being reborn as newly blossomed flowers, through people breathing life into them with every read.

    The purity of the fact that their love would be cherished for eternity, with people getting inspired to establish a connection as divine as theirs, followed by the infinite possibilities of their bond being celebrated and remembered, as the lamp of everything they've written in their lifetime continues to propagate light over their acts of selfless affection, solely dedicated to their lovers, is a valid reason in itself for the same.

    The tendency of a writer to introduce its lover to the world in the most surreal ways, is what makes falling in love with them so special. Their exceptional ability to keep their lovers alive through their poetries for as long as the world lives is what sets them apart from the rest of mankind.

    Each time a piece of their work is read, the person behind their creation is honoured. This happens in such a way that a reader who may have never met the writer's beloved, is also prompted to develop a sense of profound respect for them. The idea behind this tends to be so philosophical that it may not resonate with many at times.

    A poet sees every action of its beloved as an opportunity to compose hundreds of poems about them, owing to which, several heartfelt compositions come to existence. That's the beauty of an artist and the thing with passionate creators. They love with such heart and soul, that their potential can never be measured.

    @writersnetwork @fromwitchpen
    @love_whispererr @lovenotes_from_carolyn @love_poet

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    Poets As Lovers


  • shepoetry 5w

    I wonder what the empty rooms speak,
    Do they talk of merry moments,
    or some wistful memories?
    When the people are gone,
    and the walls are all by themselves.
    Is it the giggles of happiness,
    or the screams of terror they represent?

    They say the walls can hear,
    I wish they could talk too.
    I wish we were reminded of our memories,
    that we once made in those rooms.

    When a family lived in that building,
    the house was called a home.
    As soon as that home was abandoned,
    in deafening silence the rooms stood.

    The place turned empty,
    so did the entire ambience.
    The place that once felt lively,
    now lay deserted amidst complete silence.

    The walls that heard our cries of joy,
    give evidence of our dark phases too.
    The room where we celebrated yesterday,
    is now a witness of all we've been through.

    The rooms that rejoiced with us,
    have also seen us shedding tears.
    The walls that heard our silent sobs,
    have also seen us conquering our fears.

    The walls that saw us dancing alone,
    to the tunes of pure happiness,
    have also seen us weeping in pain,
    in the embrace of solitary blankets.

    The walls that surrounded us,
    when we were breaking apart,
    have also seen us grow from,
    broken beings to bravehearts.

    All those hours we spent,
    by weeping our hearts out,
    are now engraved for eternity,
    as clocks on walls of the abode,
    we've bid our final farewells to.

    Does a house grieve,
    in sweet remembrance of whom it once belonged to?
    Does a forsaken sight think,
    of people it gave shelter to

    People may change places,
    but the memories stay,
    in the depths of hearts and walls built long ago,
    as rich history encased in vintage books.

    The feeling of every moment felt,
    and the eternal proof of every occurrence,
    continues to live on even in empty rooms,
    It's the people who go,
    leaving their essence in places they bid adieu to.

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    Empty Rooms


  • shepoetry 6w

    I look at the stars,
    And think of someone I love.
    I look at the moon,
    And think of someone,
    I wish to meet soon.

    I talk to the moon,
    As if it's someone,
    I haven't embraced in ages.
    I glance at the moon,
    As if the one that I'm thinking of,
    Is at the other side,
    Thinking of me too.

    I look at the sky at night,
    And welcome a peaceful state of mind.
    The darkness that once scared my soul,
    Now only makes me feel calm and composed.

    There's something so intriguing,
    About the way a night feels.
    The serenity that spreads,
    The silence that surrounds.

    The stillness that reigns,
    The volumes it speaks.
    The tranquility it offers,
    When the whole world sleeps.

    The freedom that makes it possible,
    To dream of all things imaginary.
    The way it creates the kind of ambience,
    To craft my supreme works of artistry.

    The way it offers comfort,
    To sleep beneath the moonlight.
    The way it envelops my anxious heart,
    Into the folds of its serenity.

    The hour of the moon feels like,
    A reunion with a soulmate.
    To invite your old mate,
    Over a warm cup of coffee,
    And reminisce about all things great.
    The way it allows my tired heart to breathe,
    The hours of the stars are a blessing indeed.

    #night #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Hours Of The Stars


  • shepoetry 7w

    Gone are the days
    when love was a modest display
    In this world of modern romance
    Old fashioned love is what I crave

    When love was pure and well expressed
    People were immersed in selflessness
    Take me back to the vintage days
    when men wrote letters
    with pure intentions
    When lust didn't attract lovers
    but the soul made connections

    When people portrayed their feelings
    by slow dancing in the dark
    And waiting for the rain or moonlight
    to swing in each other's arms
    when gestures were as simple
    as bringing each other fresh flowers
    when no grudge or opinion
    could tear two souls apart

    When lovers could share words
    while lying in the middle of grass
    when lovers could have heartfelt conversations
    and spend the night by counting stars

    When men would open
    car doors for their women
    and the women would stay
    with their men till the end

    When lovers could spontaneously start dancing
    in the middle of the street
    When reading books was a love language
    and they didn't mind a date in the library

    When bonds were founded by loyalty
    And eyes spoke of nothing but affection
    When lovers locked eyes that reflected sincerity
    and falling in love was not interrupted by imperfections

    From sharing an umbrella as it downpours
    to showing how much one cares
    When people lived and let people live in peace
    No evil eye would ever disrupt an affair

    When relationships were defined
    and people could die
    for the love of their lives
    When men would fight
    in wars with all their might
    and send letters to their lady loves
    Through pigeons in disguise

    When people would love
    without an expectation of reciprocation
    when they would not fear one sided love
    but admire their beloved with sheer dedication
    They knew how to let people go
    in the name of true love
    when people remembered to be understanding
    to establish an authentic connection

    When men would keep
    photographs of their ladies
    in their wallets
    just to feel their presence
    even when miles away
    as a symbol of their love
    and its soulful display

    When those in love
    would treasure their sweethearts
    when both ladies and gentlemen
    would make the first move without hesitation

    When she would smile
    and he would see his world light up
    When he would stare in her soul
    and she would see the whole universe
    When she would sleep
    and he would stare
    as if he had seen
    a jewel extremely rare

    When a strand of hair
    would cover her face
    and he'd lightly use his hands
    to sweep it away
    When such little gestures
    would mean the world
    When such subtle pleasures
    were pleasing enough

    When people could connect
    in a single sight
    the way long lost lovers project
    an urge to reunite

    When expensive luxuries
    didn't intrigue people
    even a coffee date
    or a view of city lights worked just fine
    when every gesture came
    from the depth of the heart
    from an inharmonious song
    to a poem that didn't rhyme

    when lovers brought out
    the best in each other
    and glaring at the moon
    was the best romance
    when company was
    the only thing that mattered
    and they stayed across borders
    fondly thinking of each other
    while playing songs on an antique stereo
    in the memory of a divine reunion

    When holding hands would give butterflies
    The time when love was innocent
    yet full of intensity and life

    The time when men would dress nicely for a date
    and bother to be polite and ask for permission
    when love songs genuinely made sense
    when lovers cared to become best friends

    when going for walks was as romantic
    as going for movies or being intimate
    when making each other feel safe and homely
    was much more heartwarming and important

    When people would see the world together
    and go for dinner dates
    They'd laugh wholeheartedly
    in ecstatic moments
    and cry over each other's shoulders
    at times of heartbreak

    When they'd hold onto a single soul
    Till the end of time
    When soulmates would stay bounded
    Till their knees would age
    and sights would weaken
    When they'd stay together
    until death would part them
    When people would express love
    by playing musical instruments

    Oh to be an old soul
    with a dream to grow old
    with a twin soul
    in this era of modern love
    I wonder if I'll ever find someone
    That comes as destiny
    and stays as the fate of the stars
    All I wish for
    is a vintage romance
    All I dream of
    is a vintage romance

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    Thank u for reading <3

    @writersnetwork thank u for the kind repost ❤️

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    Vintage Romance


  • shepoetry 7w

    All I Wish For

    All I wish for
    is to live a wholesome life
    A life full of not only ups and downs
    but also the desire
    to feel alive
    A life full of rain
    but also sunlight
    with days I feel
    the least like myself
    but also the willingness
    to survive
    A life full of rainbows
    A meticulous blend
    of good and bad times

    The sweetness of reading books
    The joy of comprehending different minds
    The curiosity to explore people's perspectives
    The spirit to reach towards the light

    The euphoria of
    getting lost in a world
    solely crafted on the foundation
    of self thoughts
    The urge to see fictional characters
    as long lost friends
    The urge to find someone
    dreamy to love

    The wish to have someone gift you books
    The wish to explore the whole world
    and unite it in a poetry loop
    The wish to doze off
    in the charm of an alluring scent
    The wish to roam in the countryside
    in a breezy summer dress

    The wish to inhale
    the woody aroma of trees
    The wish to swing around
    with open arms
    in the flow of tender breeze
    The wish to have someone
    read you a handwritten letter
    The wish to relive a happy memory
    through the words of a stranger

    The absolute joy
    of having someone express
    what you mean to them
    The simple pleasure
    of carrying home
    the fragrance of flowers
    from a lively garden
    The intimacy of being gifted
    with a vintage locket
    The wish to stumble
    upon an old photograph
    and feel nostalgic

    The wish to visit an old library
    And find yourself
    in the crinkled pages
    of a random book
    The wish to sniff its pages
    And get surrounded
    by the scent of old memories

    The wish to read amidst scented candles
    The wish to visit a museum
    and admire all the art it protects
    The wish to sit by the window
    on a rainy evening
    And let the energy evoke
    the poetess within

    The wish to have a lavish gown
    adorning my body
    With a crown resting on my head
    As I run in vintage castles
    Surrounded by the aura of royalty

    The wish to relish
    warm coffee in the cafe
    while some music
    that's therapy to the soul placidly plays
    The wish to let
    the warm rays of sunshine
    enter through the window
    while the heart begins to prepare
    for another day
    The wish to wake up
    with a happy heart
    in the morning
    and have peace
    as the first thing
    on the plate

    The wish to bake warm cakes
    in a cottage bakery
    and seamlessly admire
    constellations of stars
    The poetic urge to romanticize
    every moment that life brings
    The urge to pursue someone romantically
    but end up adoring them from afar

    The wish to leave
    all materialistic pleasures
    and reside in a serene valley
    with lush green grass
    as the land lies bloomed
    with sweet sunflowers
    while I devote daylight
    in the woods picking fruits
    along with berries of all kinds
    and wait for the night
    to gaze at the moon

    The wish to find
    a solitary sight
    and stay there
    for all years left
    The wish to be with someone
    who's good for the soul
    and admire each other's presence
    with eyes glued
    to a sunset
    and hearts grateful
    for each other's existence

    The wish to have someone
    remember little things about you
    The wish to wake up at the dawn
    and watch the sky turn blue

    The wish to end
    each day on a happy note
    The wish to get acknowledged
    for what I wrote
    The wish to form a connection
    with an alike soul
    The wish to fulfill
    every wish my heart holds

  • shepoetry 7w

    The Good Old Days

    Those were the days,
    When life was much more than a race.
    Oh! What a breath of fresh air,
    To be a happy child again.

    Things were simple
    and better as a child,
    Our happiness was genuine,
    so were our smiles.

    Our emotions were intense,
    But our hearts didn't feel heavy.
    We danced to the tunes of innocence,
    With minds miles away from agony.

    It's funny how life was easier,
    When we didn't know what it meant.
    The time when we could hide the darkness of worries,
    In the light of oblivion.

    I remember the fun I used to have,
    As a calm and curious child.
    The sweetness of joy was vehement,
    The heaviness of chaos was mild.

    When failing to complete homework,
    Was the only matter of concern.
    When things didn't make a lot of sense,
    The world looked colorful and fun.

    I remember being seven,
    And anticipating a day out
    Bringing home a trophy,
    And making my mother proud.

    Winning a spelling competition,
    And flaunting my certificate with great pride.
    Waiting for my father to get home,
    And going out for an ice cream.

    Waiting for a Sunday,
    To go for a weekend trip with family.
    To score well in a class test,
    And get rewarded with a day at the movies.

    To be the first one to wake up in the house,
    Only to watch that one 5 am cartoon.
    To race around the terrace with my grandpa,
    And consume the sweet elixir of childhood.

    My brother and I would take our grandpa
    To the sweet shop every day,
    And return home with bags full of
    Candies, chocolates and pure happiness.

    My favourite song would play
    on the TV before school
    And it would play on my mind till noon
    Times when we were forgiven
    and excused for our mistakes
    People used to be nice
    Because we were kids with cute faces

    The grocery cart would become my vehicle
    As I'd request my father to make me sit in it
    And no one would judge me for taking a ride
    For I was just a little child
    Books were light, so were our minds
    Those days were beautiful and bright

    To go for a walk
    with my grandparents every evening
    And spend it in the name of god.
    To perform the new choreography
    I recently learned in school
    And hear my family applaud.

    My grandma would tell me stories at night,
    And drift to sleep before I closed my eyes.
    I'd wonder what the next part could be like,
    While gazing at the face of her sleeping tight.

    We used to sit at the dinner table,
    And patiently wait for the treats she'd make
    The aroma of that warm carrot pudding
    Would instantly make us lose our senses.

    Grandpa would share
    some meaningful knowledge,
    And pat me on the back
    for my every achievement.

    My father would play
    classic music in the house
    And radiate the ambience
    with good old vintage vibes
    I'd take my father's laptop
    to find the song I fell in love with
    After hearing it play
    on the car radio for the first time.

    Our uncle would take my brother and I
    To our favorite place to relish street food
    We would sit in the car and observe the citylights
    While swaying to the magic of joyous tunes.

    To wake up for school on a rainy morning
    And stay at home because it's too cold
    To relax peacefully in cosy blankets
    And watch my favorite 6 am cartoons.

    My cousins would visit every year
    So I'd wait for my school to end
    And my vacations to begin
    only to meet them

    To discover a new Disney movie
    And wish to dress up like a princess
    To let our hearts and souls fly free
    In the sky of simplicity and childishness

    To play video games with my uncle
    And laugh if he would lose
    From borrowing his computer for playing music
    To buying my own smartphone.

    To climb up the terrace of the house
    And enjoy the late night barbeque
    To live with a sweet lady as the tenant with us
    And have her care for us like a mother would do

    To visit her with my little brother
    And feel extremely welcomed
    To have conversations with her in the balcony
    And get treated with delicious food

    To drape my mom's scarf and dress up like her
    To feel the urge to grow up and see the world
    To buy my favorite books at the school fair
    To get excited over fireworks and all things rare

    To come home from school
    on a hot summer day
    And receive my mother's love
    in the form of a homemade drink
    To watch shows like the dragon tales
    And listen to the songs that now feel nostalgic

    To take part in a school event
    And see my parents cheering for me
    Them sitting at the very front in the audience
    And me performing with the brightest smile
    and the most amount of energy

    To pull all nighters
    in the summers of June
    And go for a marathon
    of all my favorite cartoons
    Times were old, yet things were cool
    It feels like the years went by too soon

    To chase butterflies
    and smile anytime possible
    Back when times
    were happy and hopeful
    We were happy little hearts
    with light in our eyes
    Yet couldn't wait for ourselves
    to grow old and wise

    How innocent was I
    To live in a world confined to fairytales.
    Far away from the darkest truths of the world
    Yet to unravel the deepest mysteries of existence

    To reminisce all those moments of naiveness,
    And smile at the thought of reliving them.
    To wish for those times to return just once,
    And get another chance to enjoy them to the fullest.

    I may not pen down every memory
    For there are too many I've made
    This only counts as a mere poetry
    As it's the heart where each one of them stays

    Take me back
    to the good old days,
    Where peace is loud
    and the mind is still
    The heart is happy,
    the pain is far away
    It's the only impossible wish
    I wish to fulfill.

  • shepoetry 12w

    Dear Best Friend

    Someone once asked me,
    When have you felt the worst in life?
    I said it shattered my heart into pieces,
    When I saw my best friend cry for the first time.

    We would never really go,
    beyond a nice hello.
    She was someone I least expected,
    To get the closest to and call my best friend.

    It was once we allowed ourselves to connect,
    And completely put our trust on each other.
    That the storm we feared,
    Turned into a vibrant rainbow.
    Nobody could craft,
    the kind of bond,
    That our hearts were yet to know.

    Like a yacht in the ocean,
    Like a cup of coffee in the morning.
    Friendship feels like the purest form of emotion,
    To have someone standing with you,
    on days of both growing and falling.

    We're both somewhat similar,
    but also very different.
    If one emerges as the winner,
    The other celebrates the moment.

    Just when I feel like I'm losing myself,
    She reminds me of who I am.
    From being there for me,
    when I feel at my lowest,
    To engaging in heartfelt conversations at 3am.

    From rooting for me,
    when I bring out something,
    that's close to my heart.
    To wiping my tears and making me laugh.

    From pulling me back,
    from making regretful choices,
    To letting me know where I've gone wrong.
    She calmed me down at times,
    I couldn't fight those voices,
    And helped me bounce back strong.

    She held my hand,
    when I felt broken.
    And made me realize,
    that I was never alone.
    All that she's done for me,
    will never go unspoken.
    It's because of her,
    that this is how much I've grown.

    I forget things for her,
    and she remembers them for me.
    We share giggles over stupid stuff,
    And laugh until we struggle to breathe.

    I share new words with her,
    And she approves my pictures.
    She rightfully annoys me,
    and I remain patient regardless.
    We say hundred things to each other,
    but never let it go serious.

    She remained patient with me,
    Even if I disappeared for weeks.
    She became the light at the end of the tunnel,
    And our bond turned stronger with every tussle.

    She taught me to take a stand for myself,
    And stood for me when I lacked confidence.
    I certainly changed as a person,
    Because I had her standing by my side.
    She walked in when everyone else left,
    And taught me how pure real friendship felt.

    She brought out the best in me,
    While being the best one.
    She never judged me for who I am,
    But accompanied me,
    in being raw, real and weird.

    If comfort was a person,
    It would be her.
    They say people can feel homely,
    It feels true after befriending her.

    We can be as weird,
    as the greatest clowns with each other,
    And not worry about,
    the greatest things when sitting together.
    When we go down, we go together,
    For today, tomorrow, now and forever.

    She has what I lack,
    And I know things that she does not.
    We share knowledge together,
    But never make each other feel dumb.

    I hype her up and she becomes,
    my biggest cheerleader in return.
    It's her you get everything with,
    From an awesome friend, advisor and supporter.

    We're so different yet so similar,
    And that's what makes us special.
    If we decide to group together,
    Then nothing's difficult to tackle.

    Nothing breaks my heart,
    Like seeing my best friend heartbroken.
    It's the way my heart naturally tends to respond,
    Or the fact that I intensely feel every emotion.

    We share giggles at times,
    At times we shed tears.
    But if there's one thing we never forget to do,
    It is to share all that we do together.

    We can be as real as we want,
    When we're with each other.
    Whatever we do it doesn't matter,
    For nothing feels too weird.

    We can share everything we wish to,
    Without having to think about it for one time.
    She's everything I'd ever wish for,
    From being someone who takes care of me,
    And becomes a partner in crime.

    On days we strongly relate,
    And sometimes engage in heated debates.
    But the connection never turns weak,
    It's when we meet,
    That our happiness is at peak.

    It feels so refreshing,
    to have her as my safe place.
    To be heartbroken and then be able,
    to jump into friendship's embrace.
    At times she guides me like a mother would do,
    Then appreciates me as if,
    I'm the most special dream to pursue.

    How amazing are such people,
    Who have seen you at your worst,
    and still believe that you're the best.
    Who know things that their closest don't,
    From your darkest moments,
    to your darkest secrets.
    Yet they're never afraid to accept you,
    And feel so sure about the person they've chosen.

    The way she passes all the tests of being a worthy best friend,
    It compels me to ponder whether I really deserve to be her companion.
    Am I doing as good as she does as my best friend?
    Do I give her the kind of fellowship she genuinely deserves?
    Or am I the only one receiving the most amount of love?

    In a room full of dear ones,
    She's the first one to applaud.
    When I'm the one to get awarded,
    She's the one to smile the brightest.

    My heart feels the happiest,
    When I watch her grow.
    She's the one to see the pain I feel,
    When other people don't.

    The more words I use,
    The less I'm able to describe.
    The intensity of this connection,
    And what it really feels like.

    Best friends are probably,
    The ones you expect the least.
    The simplest way I can put this in is,
    That my heart feels free when she's with me.

    We could be thinking of the same thing,
    And behave like polar opposites,
    at the same time.
    She's never afraid to say,
    what's exactly on her mind.
    And I know how to say what I feel,
    while being sweet and kind.

    We spam each other with messages,
    And talk on phone till hours.
    Even if we say things that don't make sense,
    It's the energy between us that matters.

    Words can't explain how grateful I am,
    To have her by my side.
    All I wish from the depth of my heart,
    Is to be with her till the end of time.

    May we dance to the tunes of amity,
    Till our knees have aged,
    and our sights have weakened.
    Let's laugh over our jokes and everything stupid,
    Till our connection has been completely deepened.

    People are never promised,
    And life is too unpredictable to assure bonds.
    God forbid even if it doesn't last forever,
    You can still share good old music with me.
    No matter how wrong things might go,
    I'd still want you to stay with me.

    Let's never reach to the point,
    Where there's need to end it all.
    Let's hope that we stay for years to come,
    And nothing ever distances us.

    Let's treasure the times we've spent,
    For as long as our destiny allows.
    Let's continue to stay united,
    for the love of friendship.
    Since there will always be,
    a void in my heart.
    If you ever wish to leave,
    and end what I'm proud of.

    I came to this world not knowing,
    I'd find a sister like you.
    But I'm sure enough that I'll be taking,
    all your lessons and memories with me,
    once it's time to bid adieu.

    At times I wonder what I must've done,
    To receive you as my best friend in return.
    My fortune has been so kind to me,
    For this bond feels so rare and otherworldly.

    May we continue to be there for each other,
    At times we feel the lowest.
    And even when it's time,
    To clap for our success.

    Best are the friendships,
    That are sudden and unexpected.
    Losing people like these,
    Is like missing the first spring breeze.

    Let's hope we see each other fulfull our dreams,
    And clap for one another,
    when we reach great heights.
    For all the moments you gifted to me,
    Will stay safe and engraved
    in the deepest part of my heart,
    And form the sweetest part of my memory.