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  • shelagh77 57w

    If you were to make a wish this year, what would it be?

  • shelagh77 58w


    I kept needing your touch until it became a need I can live without
    Time kept ticking and you slowly faded to nothing but a dream
    A dream that I realised will always be just but a dream.

  • shelagh77 64w

    #broken #confused # disappointed

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    What I thought was.

    Am disappointed in me for believing in you.
    Always being there for you yet when I needed you u weren't
    Trusting you with my everything to only realise you didn't me.
    Loving for all this while yet you never me
    How do I heal
    How do I fix me?
    How do I let go?
    Of a lie I thought was love?

  • shelagh77 69w

    Here I am again
    In tears
    Because just again I imagined
    That we are still what we were
    That I could move past it all
    I know I should let you go
    Because our past is way stronger than our future
    And yet here I am
    In tears
    because I can't let my self learn
    To leave the past to dwell in the past
    Where you meant the world to me.

  • shelagh77 75w

    Love is over rated
    Don't you think?

  • shelagh77 75w

    In a world of despair uncertainty and death
    Remember the few nice things that kept you sane in a time when things were great.
    And yes, I said GREAT.

  • shelagh77 76w

    #farewell #byes #politeleaving.
    What if farewell was a trap?

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    You should leave, you should run away and you should pretend to stay more than telling me the word that ends it all.
    When we lose people, shifting to a new town, giving up on love, and letting go its "farewell".
    The word that stings because even when we think its the best for us, it is only but a trap because I have to learn to live in a world without that one that I bid farewell.
    The ship that sailed and hope that them not looking back is for the best.

  • shelagh77 77w

    Love is the best thing and yet the worst
    The pain that is delayed for all man kind to feel.

  • shelagh77 77w

    As I try to reach for your hand and you ignore me. I am slowly drifting further away and now more than ever I accept a world that you aren't in.

  • shelagh77 79w

    The pain of losing you may never fade away

    Can lose ever be healed?
    Can I ever stop hurting this much?
    Its like every time this day comes forth, a healing wound is opened afresh.
    Its like I am in a 'live die repeat' situation where I have to grieve your lose like it just happened.
    Its like I just came back from school hoping that I run into your arms only to find you asleep.
    Asleep with no rising up again.