I am 58, married for 40 years. I am a mom, and a grandma. I love gardening and cooking. Writing is my therapy.

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  • shegram 1w

    You may never know
    The impression you have made
    And lives you have touched
    With your warmth, and your kindness
    Loving those lost and hurt souls

    You are unselfish
    Giving of yourself daily
    To those set adrift
    Just looking for a life line
    A kind word goes a long way

    You find good in all
    Looking deeper than surface
    To the core of things
    Loving the unlovable
    One broken soul at a time

  • shegram 2w

    Out with the old,
    In with the new
    Making changes
    More colorful hues
    What was dark,
    Is now so bright
    Step out of the shadows
    Live in the light
    Make each day,
    A gift to yourself
    Examine your choices
    Climb down from the shelf
    Step out of your comfort
    try something you fear
    Hold tight to your loved ones
    Your biggest fans, that's clear
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  • shegram 2w

    The smoke clears
    And the dust settles
    Just a glimpse of
    Our destruction
    What started as a ember
    Fueled by hate and rage
    Has turned to violent,
    Needless acts of revenge
    Who really wins at this
    This complete lack of
    Human decency, where
    There is no winner, just
    Piles of rubble, in ashes
    Nothing gained, but for
    The bitter taste of the air,
    We are erased, gone, with
    No one left to rebuild,
    We cease to exist,
    Barren land with no one to
    Tell the story of how we
    As a nation, chose hate,
    Over kindness, and self

  • shegram 3w

    A Haiku tribute
    to my dear friend Jack

    He was a kind soul
    A supporter and mentor
    Wise beyond his years

    Writing his own truths
    Amazing sense of humor
    Witty and playful

    Intriguing, and deep
    Glimpsing others potential
    A man of his word

    Our mirakee man
    We shall miss you immensely
    Your spirit lives on
    Copyright. Sheri Kucharek

    (@john_soloman) we all know as Jack
    He made a huge impact in my life and my writing.
    I loved him like a brother, he always treated me kind.
    Carolyn was the first to welcome me to Mirakee, but it wasn't long before I
    was waiting to see if he would comment on my posts, it meant so much,
    to hear what his input would be. Anticipation, and never disappointed.
    The poetry I have that Jack and I collaborated on, will forever be, priceless
    to me. He would spend hours making sure to answer all of his notifications,
    never wanting to disappoint or let down a fellow writer. He made me laugh when
    we would have little contests that always ended up with me, (crying uncle),
    cause he could totally out think me. It was fun and light and refreshing.
    I know I am not alone when I say my heart is broken, but I am reassured that
    he is happy, and in no pain. He will forever be watching over us. We can all take, and
    keep with us, a piece of Jack in our hearts and memories.
    Til we meet again my friend, I bid you adeau.

  • shegram 3w

    And just like that
    A life, loved by so many...
    Left behind, a borage of lives
    Touched by your compassion,
    And beautiful soul
    The memories of you, help ward
    Off the pain of losing you
    You live on in the corners of
    Our minds and hearts
    Your spirit soaring toward heaven
    Truly one of God's most beautiful
    You are loved and will be missed

  • shegram 8w

    Damaged goods


    The sun shines brightly
    Seems to be a perfect day
    Expectations, high
    Some voice lurking in my thoughts
    Changing my happy, to sad

    The clouds hang on me
    Drenching my soul in darkness
    A glimmer of hope
    I confront the nagging voice
    I'm damaged, but not broken

  • shegram 14w

    Life's Tragic Ruse

    I want to be real, for all that can feel
    When you lose yourself, a bit at a time,
    You find comfort in the little things,
    & on good days, you rhyme
    You have literally been with me through
    THICK and thin,
    Even when I'm trying to escape my own skin,
    Through my ups and downs, my highs and lows,
    You've stuck to me like glue, I don't mind who knows
    .You don't judge when I'm lazy, or when I feel beat,
    You just go with the flow, whether winner, or defeat
    My mind is still locked in the past, but some day soon,
    I won't know, it won't last
    My mind and my body, while in the same shell,
    Seem like strangers each day, like I'm in my own hell
    I want to hang on to each thread of my life, when I
    became a mother, and became my husband's wife
    If you see me around, and I seem lost or confused,
    Don't take it personally, it's life's tragic ruse.
    ©Shegram(Sheri k.)

  • shegram 18w

    This is a quadruple Haiku,(probably has a different name)lol
    I have been losing time, and sometimes I can't complete a full sentence,
    and on other days, simple words elude me!
    This is kind of what I feel as my family looks at me, like I could disappear at any second!
    Some days I don't remember that their looks scare me!

    Picture credit to rightful owner

    @john_solomon, @lovenotes_from_carolyn, @captainfatimahabiba

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    Do you know me?

    I feel beautiful
    Count today as a good day
    Most memories fade

    Step out of my skin
    Hover and watch my movements
    Strangers all around

    Who is this person
    Speaking of other person's
    Looks to be most kind

    I feel beautiful
    Count today as a bad day
    My memories gone

  • shegram 21w

    Call of the Wild, challenge
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    My imagination, runs rampant,
    Creative juices start to flow,
    The inner beast, growls so loud
    A strength, no doubt, not just for show
    This part of me, knows no fear, but...
    In fact, runs toward the broken
    My strength, and my catlike prowl
    Are enough, not one word spoken
    She lays in wait, purring oh so softly
    Luring those that prey on the weak
    She will pounce, with playful intent,
    Then, destroy you before you speak
    While the urges to run and hunt, seem
    Natural in the wild,
    I can't help but think, that somewhere
    Deep down, is just my frightened,
    Inner child
    There lies her bravery, running free,
    She gathers strength
    Her stealth and prowess, assures
    The conquest, the win,... at any length

  • shegram 21w

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    Fight or flight


    The shadows were replaced with shimmering lights
    My confusion, and disbelief, apparent
    Nothing was ordinary on this night, of all nights
    I would welcome, very much, a deterrent
    Something to distract me from the horrors I have seen
    Taking my thoughts to a better place
    I'm going to take a trip, somewhere, calm and serene
    Somewhere, I'm not ashamed to show my face
    Solitude, and self reflection, allow me to see
    Where mistakes were made, promises broken
    Time to beg for forgiveness, hear my plea
    Or.....we move on, leaving harsh words unspoken