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  • sheena 3d

    Sprouting from depths

    I am still learning the way to go on even if the storms wash away the castle I have been building for so long

    |It's hard and tiring|

    I am learning the need to let go of things and people
    when they become a burden for the heart, and burn you until you get over them

    |Letting go is harsh|

    I am learning the art to forget, if that soothes the heart which holds a million memories in the name of treasure, making it heavier and lacks space for something new

    |Forgetting is a long task|

    I am learning to unlearn the way the heart slips out of the hold to reach for things which doesn't seem to help you grow, holding onto such things leaves
    you to pause and repeat the same track over and over again

    |Unlearning is tough|

    I am also learning to go on,with the flaws inked onto my soul, and walk ahead even if it takes time

    |Time is all you need|


  • sheena 1w

    The Love Tale

    //A Big, Deep Fall//
    Where are we heading now?
    Will this lead us to somewhere?
    Or end up into nothingness;
    My queries beat against my wishes
    I want to leave myself sane enough
    I repeated this a million times

    So I ran away,
    While you pulled me in
    And we fell deep

    //The first smile//

    Autumn walks in leaving parched stories,
    Crushed against feet, in hushed sobs from the leaves
    However, I was in awe with it
    Losing myself in those autumn hues
    I found my spring blooming in the name of you
    I wonder if this was destined,
    Us igniting like those twin flames, people talked about

    And when you smiled at me,
    It was all in colors new
    Luminous enough to bloom spring in my heart

    //Wishing on a star//

    “I love you”; you said to me and my heart believed
    Like it was the best thing I ever heard
    We were all smiles, and shy stares
    The corridor there reeked of our story blooming
    The morning air carrying the sillage of first love
    And a wound you told me was starting to heal

    I believed we were written,
    Maybe on a dead star as it collapsed on the ground
    For us to meet and end up together

    //All those “firsts”//

    The remembrance still makes me smile,
    You holding my hand with the consent of mine
    A smile, a shiver down my spine
    And the fluttering of those butterflies
    I was painted in your hues, while you gave me the first gift
    The one my heart remembers like my mother’s touch
    Too pretty to sink down in history even if time passes by
    I remember the kiss under the summer sun,
    Your lips grazing mine, a softness written with perfect smiles

    Those firsts seem like just yesterday,
    I am still in love with them
    Even if time passes by swiftly

    //A scratch, a fight, was it the end? //

    The first time we stopped was dreadful enough,
    The cold rain tapping on my windows made me miss you more
    I forgot why we started the ruckus, yet I remember my ego
    The only thing that stopped me,
    I was waiting for you to step ahead
    Foolish we were, as we held onto our egos tight
    Letting us suffer all night

    I was scared we will end,
    I was afraid to lose us
    Yet, egos are toxins we hold on tight

    //Going down the hill//

    Things churned and I knew it was time,
    Maybe this was all that we could be
    Strangers with memories of known moments
    The crash was deep leaving scratches indeed
    As we ended up what we once cherished
    Letting everything go away,
    We let our love sway

    While we were over,
    I still kept your memories
    Indelible on my heart scripted deep indeed


  • sheena 4w

    Arcadian: simple, and untroubled- free of worries
    Trefoil: clover type plants
    Serendipity: goodluck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries

    #symbol #wod #balloon ( hopes n dreams) #fourleafclover (good luck & fortune) #treeblossom (spring)

    @miraquill @writersnetwork thanks for the Editor's Choice ��

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    Arcadian Muses

    The silhouette of those balloons,
    that I left to hang in those skies
    talks about the snippets from my tale
    coloured in my favourite shade as I
    muse about them,

    ~a rich cobalt ultramarine

    In the lush viridity, the lone four leaf
    clover sways to the rhythm of the wind,
    it's infrequent; yet I search for it often
    amongst the crowd of similar looking
    trefoil growing uncared, in my lawn,
    they seem to be in a deep chromatic shade

    ~a shade of forest green

    I'm waiting for the tree blossom,
    for it to tickle pink my days
    in serendipity,
    to uplift me from my days spent
    in uncertainty,
    the blossoms in a shade of something

    ~a shade of blush pink


  • sheena 4w

    Terrified !!

    What's more scary?
    The way people doll up for Halloween,
    or the way people have turned scary?
    The way they get dangerously close
    blurring the boundaries in your heart
    just to leave us scarred is scary,
    The words they throw against you,
    to break you in a million ways is scary
    They are scary;
    Scarier than the ghosts that seem to be
    People themselves are scary


  • sheena 5w

    A Game Of Hearts...!

    They told me,
    love is a game played incautiously
    letting hearts be winded together
    in the most rakish ways as they
    interweave together with knots
    that ends up being complicated to

    It's more like a double edged knife,
    you are safe until you adjust to
    be on the flat surface of it, hurt when
    you lose your foot by the edges
    once wounded it doesn't heal
    physically you are just fine,
    although the internal turmoil, merged
    with the incoercible pain that's inflicted
    upon you each day

    I agreed to it, and yet I fell for the game,
    crashing down the river of pain and comfort
    I let my heart break and heal, and even if
    I go back a thousand times yet I would
    like to repeat the game all over again


  • sheena 10w

    Word dic:
    Carmine: Red
    Orphic: Beyond ordinary understanding
    Pallid: Pale
    Chatoyant: Varying in colours when seen in different lights or angles

    #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    A Spectrum Of Your Kind...

    My love for you is a soft,orphic carmine red
    the one that bursts out while drowning
    into your shade of a daring red just like a
    drop of colour being poured into a glass of water
    that's too pallid to have it's own identity

    The trust is a muted blue,
    that which coincides with the viridian shades
    of doubt, and leaves behind a cerulean hue;
    so deep that your dark eyes seems to reverberate
    the colour, like the open skies on a sunny day,
    that makes the ocean waters shine in a bright hue

    Greys are the numb emotions, unheralded as always
    delving in the lacunas within my heart;
    I wonder if they will ever face the brightness
    outside those dark spaces where they breathe in
    for you have kept me in serenity that creates
    a fuzzy feeling deep in me that makes them fade away

    I don't know what we will be tomorrow,
    will we be shaded in all greys, pallid and numb
    left with the melancholic shades embracing us,
    or will we be so chatoyant; that we will shine
    brighter than those stars, but even then,
    I still want YOU to be the paintbrush to colour me
    in your shades


  • sheena 11w

    Word dic:
    Pandemonium : An extreme state of confusion or disorder
    Ephialtes: Nightmare

    #wod #start @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Go Back...

    When the leaves turn brown,
    and the spring turns into another
    moribund tale for the year, drowned
    and burried in unnoticed history; I will go
    back to our promises which still delves
    in the cracks of me, kept in between
    my pandemonium feelings which refuses
    to let go of your existence even if my mind
    knows you were that reality which was
    more like ephialtes too hard to forget


  • sheena 11w

    Word dic:
    Gossamery: delicate
    Traipse: walk pointlessly or tediously
    Carmine | Refuscent: colour of blood
    Flavescent: yellow
    Nigh: near

    Hanahaki( 하나하키병): A fictional disease where the victim of unrequited love coughs out petals and flowers of a flowering plant grows in their lungs which eventually grows to render breathing if left uncured. Cured by surgical removal of plant roots, but the side effect being unable to love after being cured

    #fictional #wod #poem #unrequitedlove #love #miraquill #pod @miraquill @writersnetwork @yaish__ @soulfullwriter

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    Pierced Through Flowers-Hanahaki (하나하키병)

    The petals, gossamery and stained in carmine shades,
    maybe were reminders of my incomplete tale
    unreturned feelings that paused my time
    are now reasons; why I can't move ahead

    Like a cobweb of hurt, pain and dusted emotions,
    I see petals coloured in a pale flavescent shade
    each time I cough them out
    while the striking lacuna deepening within

    I'd traipse my way back to you,
    I told myself a million times
    giving out reasons why I don't want a cure
    that robs me away from feeling love yet again!

    The days are now slipping by softly,
    as I've lost count of the petals that I shed
    all stained in refuscent colour, the yellow gradually diminishing
    as I left hopes now for you to requit my love,

    I wonder if this is the end,
    the spring that harboured in my lungs
    suffocating my breaths as I count back
    to my end that's nigh


  • sheena 12w

    TORIMODOSU : To get back and recover after a loss in life

    #torimodosu #wod #poem #sliceoflife #pod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Winter almost felt long and tenebrious,
    The ambiance dipped in the albescent shades
    Cold and numb fingers, replicating my stoned heart
    As I was sinking deep into a cave of silence

    I'm teleported back in time,
    As those memories rush back, unheralded
    And the raw emotions bleeds again
    Yet I found an escape within the words I shed
    Over crisp papers, letting tears sway

    While the seasons changed I was moulded back,
    The apricity of the sun that welcomed me each day
    While, the wounds started to heal
    And the pain coagulated somewhere deep

    My elegy was coming to an end,
    Little snippets of me was nurtured amidst unsaid verses
    Thus I'm letting go of that last piece of my scathed reverie
    The one I have held enough as my cherished memory

    ....for the longest time


  • sheena 12w

    Word dic:
    •Clarion: Medieval brass instrument with a clear shrill tone
    •Delineate: Represent accurately or precisely

    #ificanmakeyoustay #odetolove #lovepoem #freestyle #mirakee #wod #random
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    T O M A K E Y O U S T A Y

    If I keep writing,
    will you be here forever?
    to delve into the ink stains left
    on those blank sheets
    to evolve like the magnum opus
    that's my most cherished piece,

    I wonder if you will stay,
    even if our hearts broke like
    ceramic plates clanking against
    the cemented floors, leaving a loud
    echo that still rings deep in my mind
    like a clarion, with a defeaning voice!

    I wish to keep you here,
    in my verses and metaphors
    as you shine the brightest in between
    my words, I've chosen just to speak all
    about you; perhaps that is just my way
    to show my emotions in the most
    delineated way