#Shayeq Reza # A naughty romantic teen poet,latent talent #medico💉💊🩺 #Author of “Spellbound fantasies” and “Somewhere between dream and reality “

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  • shayuu 2d

    I Dress bizarrely
    and that give me flamboyant character


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  • shayuu 5w

    In a world full of sorrows,
    Find someone who can say “ You are all mine”

  • shayuu 5w

    I miss the sound that still beats while I sleep,
    The breath when we kissed,
    The warmth when I wake up,
    And the care while we cuddle,

  • shayuu 6w

    No bounds

    In a Dark and silent night,
    Missing my limelight,
    How long will you be apart?
    I have been waiting and waiting,
    My hairs has turned white,

    I know what is love,
    And I wanna shout out loud your name from the top of the mountain,
    I walked million miles to get here.
    The most silent place holding the serenity,

    Love is a disease and disease knows no law,

  • shayuu 9w

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  • shayuu 15w

    Happy Doctors Day

    Happiness is in calling ourself to be a life saver,
    Sad to see saviour getting beaten up,
    Going through every moment, we never felt hopeless in saving life,

    Through crest and trough,
    We left family home alone,
    Just carried the heroic feeling with us,
    We gained the feeling of patriotism,
    We are Doctors 🥼
    We are saviour

  • shayuu 17w

    I feel so relaxed in your arms
    Hold me like midnight hold the stars completely and forever,
    Make me yours
    you are my need,
    you are my blessing
    Not a wish.
    You are my life

  • shayuu 20w

    Weapon of Zeal

    To bleed out
    or to ink out
    the better feelings
    the emotions,
    Happy or said
    just you need to be motivated and inspired to write,
    All you write is the fluency you grab,
    The easy is not to write up what comes,
    But that comes from the deep of your poetic world