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  • shay80 49w

    Missing you

    I wish i could say I know what your going through.
    I wish I knew a way of helping you .
    When you are ready I want us to start again.
    I wanna fall in love and become your best friend.
    I want warm summer nights holding me by a fire.
    I want to make love to you and be your only desire .
    We aren't perfect, but I know what i feel .
    All I felt, felt right and it felt so real.
    Let me in your world and ill let you in mine .
    Let's stay close together are hearts intertwined.

  • shay80 94w


    My heart breaks in a million peices... Trapped in a diseased ridden mind..
    The loneliness takes over consuming my every thought ..
    Never finding the pieces to fill the hole that was once my soul..
    I close my eyes and fantasize of a better tomorrow... only to wake with the same pain and sorrow.

  • shay80 94w


    Laying in my dark cold room...
    Reaching out my hand for you ....
    Feeling nothing by my side...
    I wipe my tears I try to hide..
    Waiting for my heart to heal....
    But it's only you I wish to feel...
    Missing all that made you mine...
    I lay here and think of ways to die...
    Alone and cold is all I feel....
    Your love for me it felt so real....
    But here you left me ,no reason at all..
    I pray for god to let me fall...