aaye ho to HARE KRISHNA bolke jana�� Krishn ki diwani❤️ Radhe Radhe ��

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  • shatabdi_das 17w


    Someone is here who remembers me?

  • shatabdi_das 68w

    Thank you my laddu @suryarock for the correction.... love you ❤️

    Happy women's day ❣️

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    कमजोर, लाचार, अबला, बेबस
    नारी आज भी इन शब्दों से परिभाषित होती है,
    पर अबला शब्द में ही बल निहित है
    और कमजोर में जोर।

    नारी जल समान शांत है तो तडित समान चपल भी,
    और पुष्प समान कोमल है तो पासाङ समान अडिग भी।

    नारी मनुष्य है तो पार्वती का रूप भी
    और अगर ब्रम्ह है तो रुद्र भी,
    नारी रचयिता है तो विनाशक भी
    और अगर अंत है तो आरम्भ भी।

    शक्ति ना पहचानें तो नारी दुर्बल कहलाती है,
    और आभास होने पर यह शक्तिशाली बनजाती है।

    कभी स्वयं को दुर्बल न समझो
    अपने अंदर झांक कर देखो,
    भीतर की महाशक्ति को जगाओ
    एकबार तुम महाकाली बनजाओ।

    निर्बल नहीं सबल बनो तुम,
    स्वयं की क्षमता से प्रतिष्ठित हो तुम।

    नर-नारी, पुरुष-प्रकृति
    दोनों से मिलकर ही सृष्टि बनती है,
    दोनों का सम्मान समान है
    दोनों समान है।

  • shatabdi_das 88w

    Follow me on Instagram I'd: shatabdidas72
    (Link is in profile)

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    Hey guys I'm not able to stay active here coz I'm so active on Instagram
    So please do follow me there

    My I'd: krishnapriya__72
    (Link is in profile)

    And after following me there, send me dm that you're from mirakee and I'll be able to connect with you
    I really miss you guys so want to connect with you
    Lots of love

  • shatabdi_das 94w

    Wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY my laddu mera Bhai����❤️
    May God fulfill your all dreams and keep the ravan wala smile on your face �� okay today I'm not going to make jokes on you coz today is really so so special day ��

    Yeah it's your birthday mera Bhai, I'm so so grateful to you and God that I've a brother like you.... and I wanna thanks and congratulations to aunty (your maa), it's a special day for her also as she got a son like you ❤️❤️❤️

    Aasu khudka chupake jisne mujhe hasaya hamesha
    khushi ho ya gam usne sath nibhaya hamesha...
    Rab se dua hai tujhe wo har khushi mile,
    Rab se dua hai tujhe wo har khushi mile
    Jo tune mere liye manga hamesha...

    Pata nhi teko yeh acha laga v hoga ya nhi par jo v ho dilse likha Yar❤️

    Happy Birthday mera Bhai tu meri jaan hai khush reh hamesha aur mujhse milne aana bohot jaldi aur haa chocolate jaroor lana����

    Again Happy birthday mera laddu enjoy your day ����❤️❤️���� love you bohoooooooot Sara❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • shatabdi_das 95w


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    True Love is the foundation of this world,
    That is hard to get and more difficult to handle.
    Everyone can't bear it

  • shatabdi_das 96w

    Sometimes negative people
    come in our life
    and then we realize the value of
    positive people
    and how much is that treasured to us...!

  • shatabdi_das 109w


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  • shatabdi_das 109w

    Happy Birthday to the sweetest cutest and most caring loving girl my daughty @queen_f_loyalty ������

    Your love
    Your care
    Your respect
    And YoU
    Always stay in my heart ❤️
    I love you my daughty ��
    May God bless you, may you live long, may your all dreams come true, may you be happy forever.

    I wish only the best for you in life, may you overcome every problem life throws your way and may you always be confident in the face of adversity ❣️

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DAUGHTY @queen_f_loyalty ����������

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  • shatabdi_das 113w

    This line is from Bengali song "preme pora baron"

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    মনে পড়লেও আজকে তোমায় মনে করা বারণ

    প্রেমে পড়া বারণ.....!

  • shatabdi_das 113w

    It can be so precious or be so toxic...

    Yeh jod bhi sakta hai ❤️
    Aur tod bhi sakta hai ��

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    The only thing which can give us the feel of Heaven and Hell
    That is