i like to create quotes��it is one of my goal��

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  • shashi6 4w


    Life is getting very harder in some situations even how much u are controlling also at that time just try to give ur best to accept that hardness b'coz it not only gives u disappointments it also gives u the great courageness as an experiences so face it off✌️✊

  • shashi6 6w

    Life movie

    Do u know who is the hero and villain in ur life?? that is "situations" !!no matter how much the content is we have only one time chance to direct the descisions according to ur life then only it will shows results as create records or increase the loss so Focus on ur view✊

  • shashi6 9w


    I miss you so much dad i cant say how much but i was badly missing your presence i want to see you atleast once dad pls comeback


  • shashi6 10w

    Wenn das Herz vor Schmerzen zu schwer wird, weinen die Leute nicht. Sie verstummen einfach, ganz still


  • shashi6 12w


    When u love ♥️her truely u will miss her every second ,every hour,,every day,every month and everywhere no matter watever your condition you missed her always we propose her indirectly many times it an real love never end...forever

  • shashi6 13w

    Self motive✊

    When you are at low,sad and depressions, unhealed thoughts,pain in heart and etc watever dont do anything just speak with urself in ur heart "what?,why?which? &What to do? Just ask questions for urselves definately ur heart will give answers for proper explanation what you have to focus on... Trust me✊ its definately will workout at one day u are the best self motivator for ur life✊ it makes realises what only lost and it will makes changes to ur life slowly ur heart stop soaking slowly and feels happy so keep trying ✊
    ( (Trust me this is one of the best solution to heal ur pain))

  • shashi6 13w

    Move on

    Hey u heard this word "Move on" atleast one time in everyone's life right sometimes its hard to accept that but sometimes its better to accept that word but end of the life u have to accept it b'coz it is one of the strongest 'positive weapon "to live ur life✊ focus on it✊

  • shashi6 13w

    True love♥️

    Hey do u know the real meaning of true love seeing ur loved one was happy even your life is filled with sadness,unhealed pains,depressions etc watever happens to you her happiness is the real medicine for ur heart♥️

  • shashi6 13w


    When you are at kid :Those surprises,excitements,fulled decoration with lot of colourful lights & tasty cake,full of chocolates& we got Many Gifts&wishes it seems like festival at those days
    But now Everything is changed,we hate that day,not much excitement,missed those moments and life came to realise that its just a "Day" everything is routine after that only one thing just smile and move on....enjoy the real people wishes keep smiling

  • shashi6 13w

    Deep love

    Deep love gives u lot of happines,lot of expectations,gives reliefness from mind relaxation,gives u lot of enjoyment but there is already one villain which is ready to attack you that is "side effects" like depression,overthinking and overexpectations face it off✊ its ur "Life" &be strong✊
    ------ @shashi@----