��But I'm a Poem, a little funny If I were a Song, maybe you'd hear me!��

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  • sharmee_m 64w

    An escape from the reality via fantasy fiction✨

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #fantasy

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    What are we?
    - Mortals with a chaotic mind
    tired of existing
    What do we want?
    - An escape from reality
    How do we get that?
    - By diving into books and movies
    of magical fantasy


  • sharmee_m 64w


    I am stuck in the cycle of 9-5 and eat sleep repeat.
    The thought of being stuck here scares me.

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    Cupboard Under The Stairs

    I wish I could escape from this cupboard under the stairs.
    I have heard of the world that I am born into
    With deep oceans
    Hidden canyons
    Impossibly steep hills
    Magnificent northern lights
    Cities buzzing with color and life
    Stories of witches and knights
    Maybe nothing can help me other than a magic lamp or broom

    And here I am lying on my bed
    In this cupboard under the stairs

    I am scared
    What if I never even get to see
    An ounce of this world's mysteries
    What if I am stuck in this cycle
    Of eat sleep repeat
    What if I continue to be a speck of dust
    In this teeming world of possibilities
    What if I see a star and never be able to tell
    Which constellation it belongs to
    What if I always keep counting my what ifs
    Until death do me apart from the misery
    What if all that I know about the world
    Would just be Google's courtesy!

    I know not the count of books I am yet to read
    I know not the tunes that would be stuck in my head
    I know not how many sunsets I would pin to my memory
    I know not how many cuisines I might love and devour
    I know not the feeling of having another country's, another land's wind in my hair
    For now.

    But all I know is that I need to get out
    of this cupboard under the stairs
    And see the magic unravel itself to me!


  • sharmee_m 79w


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  • sharmee_m 79w

    I know I will be waiting forever.

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    I'll Wait

    Name something more fragile than dreams
    I'll wait!

    Name something more peaceful than satisfaction
    I'll wait!

    Name something more beautiful than acceptance
    I'll wait!

    Name something more ephemeral than forever
    I'll wait!


  • sharmee_m 93w

    At this point I am just existing on the final traces of my writer self!

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    These days
    Everything about me
    Is temporary
    I smile, I laugh

    I look at the withering flowers
    I look at my reflection
    Seems similar
    Made of the same energy-

    I cry in the bathroom
    Step out and hum melodies
    The songs seem dull
    So lifeless-

    I munch
    On the cookies
    Near expiry date
    I wait for a show
    To be renewed
    That got cancelled

    Getting pulled
    Towards temporaries
    Is a disastrous trend
    Wishing that this
    Hovering over
    Self-destruction button
    Is temporary

    Is there anything
    That's lasting
    Anything other than


  • sharmee_m 95w


    I am a mess.

    P.S. too deep into fantasy novels... Inspired by a series called Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater!

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #dreams #reality
    @writersbay @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    How badly do you want to
    Bring something out of your dreams
    An otherworldly flower
    A rare book
    A lost friend
    All that you conjured up
    In the unending space inside your head

    What if you dream about a place
    That doesn't exist
    And you wake up to believe in it
    You rummage through GPS
    And maps and globes
    You will yourself to trust
    That it wasn't surreal

    What if you saw yourself dead
    In a dream closer to nightmare
    You would wake up
    And check your pulse
    How would you interpret it
    A wish or a fear
    Or mirth or a silent slipping tear

    What happens if you catch
    A falling star and it turns to mist
    Would you pinch yourself
    To make believe that it is a dream
    Or keep stargazing
    Until the sky seems to scream
    And clue you in on the joke

    Would you want to never sleep
    Would you want to never dream
    What if a dream seems too good
    To be just a dream
    Which side would you tip towards
    While walking on the thin line
    Between dreams and reality


  • sharmee_m 99w


    I just felt the need to tell you this but I haven't murdered someone, in case you got any ideas! ��

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    Who do you tell your deepest secrets to?
    Where do you hide your dark past?

    Is there an alley that leads you to a land so barren where I can just bury it once and for all?

    Is there a sea so wide that I can throw my bottled up confessions into and not worry about it ever reaching any land?

    Where can I find a mountain so high that will not give me echos back of what I scream out of my lungs?

    How much more do I have to suppress it within myself?
    How long have I got before it bursts out and lays everything out in the open?
    How long before the truth spills out itself?

    How many more times do I have to lie to everyone?
    How many more times do I have to lie to myself?

    Or can I just keep it like this forever?


  • sharmee_m 100w

    #sunshine #raindrops #season
    Let's not forget that the bad times have an expiry date and they make you fall in love with the good times.

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  • sharmee_m 100w


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    Without You

    Remember the nights when we had a 'Harry Potter' marathon and screamed 'Expelliarmus' alongwith the characters?
    We laughed and cried like idiots, didn't we?
    You made me sing along to the lyrics of 'Senorita' throughout a busy week.
    Now I can't get enough of that song.
    Oh and the selfies, which I categorised into five types always made us scratch our heads for captions late until midnight.
    The bitter watery coffees and burnt pancakes, that we claim to have perfected, still are my favourite.
    The spot in the garden below our apartment still has our name engraved as we dropped our lattes and left a stain forever.
    So many things to remember you by, but not you.
    So many things I call mine, but not ours.
    So many mornings to wake up without you.
    So many nights to sleep without you.
    So many topics to write about,
    But all my poems stop at you.


  • sharmee_m 101w

    Ugh! This lockdown shmockdown!!

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    It's been a whole day, a 24-hour-period, that I haven't gotten a single meme sent by any of my friends on Instagram. They just double-tapped my last message and left. Huh!
    I have been left on read by my best friend for, let me see, ahh, a good 20 hours.
    What is this feeling that I am getting - anger, disappointment, insecurity or, damn, anything but that, loneliness?
    *Awkward laugh* How can I feel lonely in a span of a day, I mean, my friends would not and CANNOT just avoid me or forget about me or worse get bored with me. Some friends, huh!
    I wish I could go out and sit with my friends in our regular spot at our regular café. I just wish I could video call at least one person a day. Ugh!
    What am I? Why though?
    Yeah, yeah, right, extrovert blood!

    The walls are closing in now. I am feeling too many things at once. The latest episode of my favourite running series was so amazing that I wanted to talk someone and tell them what I thought of it. The novel I am reading took a gut-wrenching twist and I wanted to send the 'blue-headed shock faced' emoji to someone and cool down before turning to the next chapter.
    I just tried a new cake recipe and I wanna tell someone in person how good it turned out, instead of just putting it up on my story on Instagram.
    But now that I have no one, and feel like I am suffocating under my own weight of silence and thoughts, I feel lonely.

    I know I have friends a call away but sometimes it feels too clingy to text first all the time. Or seem a little to desperate. Or seem like an attention-seeker. Well, am I categorized as any of of them? If I am, I will be damned. Ugh! Am I losing it finally?

    //Oh wait, my best friend's caller ID just flashed. This is gonna be a long call, finally! Not all's lost, I see. (Was I overreacting or is that just my normal way of reacting?)