im the valour of my mind , strength of my soul , im the words that describe positivity , the sentence that oozes optimism , im Me ..!

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  • shara_emlyn 10w


    My heart desired for some peace
    Amidst the Chaos that happened around me
    Two days of apprehensiveness
    Two days of prayers
    Two days of aching
    Two days of waiting
    Came to an end..
    No more breathing to live
    No more pulse to check..
    After a long struggle
    He gave up his life
    He couldn't fight anymore with the building
    Pressure that burst his nerve and
    Bled through his ears with the
    Blood that filled the spaces between his
    Scull and the brain...
    I know he would have wanted to see me ...
    I know our family picture would have been in his vision..
    Before he closed his eyes to be asleep forever ...
    I wanted to hear his voice one last time
    Yet he left me before I could say good bye..
    He left me in the most unexpected way..
    Yet I know he loved me like no one else could..
    I was his princess , his hope ,his lucky charm
    He always said so ..
    I miss you daddy more than I ever imagined
    The void you left can never be replaced
    I was silent without you challenging me
    I was silent like never before
    The silence I hold now is because
    You are no more here to break it...
    You can't break my silence now daddy ..
    You won't be able to ..

  • shara_emlyn 10w


    When will I get to ride again ??
    When will I get to see you work a vet case again?
    When will I get to see your name on news for saving wild animals again ?
    When will I get to talk random stuff nonstop until u bet or challenge me to be quiet for five minutes ?
    When will i get my fav food as peace offering after a fight??
    When will I get to see you again ????
    Why did you go so soon??
    Why daddy? Why ????

  • shara_emlyn 28w

    Depression poems

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    What if I Die Tommorow?

    What will your biggest regret be?
    Will it be that I lived sad life?
    Will it be that my last wish wasn't done?
    Will it be that we couldn't spend time together?
    Will it be that a lot was left unsaid?
    What will your biggest regret be?
    Will it be that the last memory of me is sad?
    Will it be that you couldn't pet me with names?
    Will it be that you couldn't express your love?
    Will it be for my tears was all you could remember?

  • shara_emlyn 30w

    Marriage and dowry in India kills many woman.

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    Under the Veil

    Under the veil lies a thousand emotion.
    Happy for she's to be married,
    Sad for she's to be married,
    Anxious for she's to be married,
    Nervous for she's to be married,
    Excited for she's to be married,
    Scared for she's to be married
    Off to a stranger in big colourful circus.
    Arranged marriage in itself is
    A barter system , a market
    A business , not that love is any less
    Or more , a women abused in the name
    Of material possession is and
    Always toxic whether arranged
    By parents or by yourself
    Walk away holding your
    Head high than hanging it
    In mere piece of rope..
    Survive and thrive ...

  • shara_emlyn 48w


    I fancy Love
    Love that so dreamy like 18's
    Love that's still steamy in 40's
    Love so passionate like the novels
    Love so heart wrenching like the Tele novellas
    Love so dramatic like the soaps....

    Love that makes your eyes glittery
    Love that makes your heart fluttery..
    Love that makes you joyously pant..
    Not the one that make you rant...

    Love that heals ur scars n pain
    Love that seeks no gain..
    Love that makes you happy
    Not the one that makes ur smile droopy

    Love like everything yet
    Alike nothing...
    Love like oldschool
    Yet that feels so fresh...

    Love in it's own fleshy form yet
    That fulfills my soul and Spirit...


  • shara_emlyn 51w

    Spreading positivity amidst a sea of negativity

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    I want to be..

    I want to be the Poem
    You are reading
    Amidst the unread pile of prose..
    I want to be the smile
    You are longing
    Amidst the stressful frowns..
    I want to be the happiness
    You are aching
    Amidst the valley of Sadness..
    I want to be the Company
    You are craving
    Amidst the abyss of loneliness..
    I want to be the light
    You are seeking
    Amidst the chaos of the Darkness..


  • shara_emlyn 51w

    Mother love

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    You are the poet in me..
    You are the writer in me..
    You are the motivator in me..
    You are the chef in me..
    You are nature lover in me..
    You are the science enthusiast in me..
    You are the Christ Freak in me..
    You are power in me...
    You are the motherness
    Everything I am today
    Is because of your genes in me ..
    All that I am is because of you in me


  • shara_emlyn 51w

    Self doubt and insecurity..

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    How do i know?

    How do I know if its the right choice
    That Im making?
    How do I know if there will be any
    Positive consequences ?
    How do I know if the right thing to do
    Is also right for others?
    How do I know if my choice doesnt hurt others?
    How do I know if I can still be myself
    Even after all the downs I faced ?
    How do i know if I am myself now?


  • shara_emlyn 66w

    When your dad Is an alcoholic.. The whole family becomes dysfunctional....
    #alcoholic #lostlove #family #sad

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    For one Day

    For one Day can I be happy?
    For one day can I not fake smile?
    For one day can I see sunshine?
    For one day can I just be me?
    It's been so long since I slept peacefully
    It's been so long since I felt happiness
    It's been so long since my dad was sober
    It's been so long since my mom smiled
    For once can I have normalcy ?
    For once can not my family be dysfunctional?
    For once can my daddy be sober
    I miss smiling as a family
    I miss eating dinner together
    I miss laughing till our mouth hurts
    I miss being a family...
    How long should I wait?
    How long will it take?
    To be normal...

  • shara_emlyn 70w

    Growing Up

    I wish I was mature
    Enough to Handle
    All this that is happening...
    All of a sudden
    Everything seems so grandiose...
    Colourful Exploits of my life
    In a flash looks like mere
    Graying affair..
    The simple things of life
    Looks like a magnanimous feat..
    Can't I just crawl back.
    To the fetal life?
    Can't I just feel everything
    Instead of this numbness?
    Can't my elephants be rainbow?
    Can't my horses be unicorns?
    Why should my crayons
    color inside the lines?